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'Is there DVD burning software allow me to burn a video to DVD on my Mac (Sierra)?' If you want to burn DVD on your Mac, you can find many DVD burner for Mac (10.13 macOS High Sierra included), such as Burn, iTunes, Disk burner, Disco, etc. This DVD burner for Mac can do the basic task on writing a disk quite easily. However, it is hard to decide which one is the best for you to create DVD and CD. No worry! Here we pick up top 10 best DVD burning software for your Mac OS X. They can work well when burning DVD on Mac and come with great compatibility, writing speed and DVD quality.

Top 11 Best Mac DVD Burning Software for Mac (10.12 macOS Sierra)

Oct 27, 2012  When you are burning stuff to optical disk, the software does not know whether you are going to put more stuff on the CD/DVD (more files or more music). So it usually will leave the disk OPEN.

#1. DVD Creator (Mac)

iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac (macOS High Sierra) provides all the features that all DVD burning software has and works better with more new features. It's a professional app that can help you to 'create DVD and burn to disc' with ease. You can enhance your video, transform photos to slideshow with transition and music, design a professional-looking DVD menu, and more.

The software has a very easy to use and user-friendly interface so that it can be easily used by a novice and a professional user. You can simply drag and drop the videos, select DVD menu or edit videos, and then click 'Burn' to start burning DVD. (iSkysoft DVD burning app for Windows is also availale.) Enhance your DVD burning experience with below wonderful features:

Key Features of DVD Creator:

Disk Burner Software Not Found Itunes Mac
  • Brand new designed friendly-user interface.
  • Burn DVD with high speed and no quality loss.
  • Edit video including cropping, trimming, merging.
  • Provide hundreds of DVD menu templates.
  • Newly added slideshow maker and dvd ripper features.

#2. Filmora Video Editor (Mac)

Filmora Video Editor for Mac is not only a video editor, but also a DVD burner for Mac users to burn the edited video into DVD. You can import videos, photos and audio in any format, do video editing and effects applying, and then export the video to DVD for playing on TV and DVD player.

Key Features of Filmora Video Editor:

  • Burn high quality DVD with videos, photos and background music.
  • Apply free effects to the video including text, title, transitions, elements, overlays, PIP, etc.
  • Edit video with tools like trim, split, copy, rotate, crop and join.
  • Support all popular video formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, and more.

#3. Burn (Mac)

Burn is another Mac DVD burning app. It almost burns all types of files you throw at it. By dividing into 4 modes: Data, Audio, Video and Copy, you can burn data DVD for backup purpose and burn playable CD/DVD without any hassle. In Copy mode, you're able to copy DVD files (.dmg, iso, cue/bin, etc.) to DVD.

#4. Disk Burner (Mac)

CENTROMEDIA has not built a good looking website, but its DVD burner product - Disc Burner - is a useful DVD burning application. Different from other Mac DVD burner, Disc Burner not only lets you burn your music, photos, video and data to DVD, but also pay much attention to the data security. With it, you can easily protect your valuable data on CD or DVD.

#5. Disco (Mac)

Disco was formerly charged for $19.95. Good news is that everyone now can obtain the license for Disco, and bad news is that from July 2011 development and support of Disco have been officially discontinued. Disco was a popular DVD burner app with an elegant user interface. It lets you burn playable CD/DVD by dragging and dropping files to the program.

#6. Simply Burns (Mac)

Simply Burns is another DVD burning app for Mac. As its name indicates that it has a simple interface that allows you to burn DVD with no fuss. With Simply Burns, you can burn videos, as well as images into DVD. And it has the function of creation of audio and coping media. Simply Burns now supports Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.6.

#7. iTunes

iTunes is a program to burn DVD on Mac that not just allows you to easily organize, buy, play media files, but also lets you burn your media files including iTunes Radio, TV shows, movies and music to DVD. You can create a new playlist on this Mac Mavericks DVD burning tool and drag the files you want to add to the playlist. Then control-click on the playlist and select Burn Playlist to Disc to start burning.

  • Pros: Improved search capability. New Colorful interface in new version.
  • Cons: Heavy consumption of resources.
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android

#8. Finder

It is the default file manager found as well as burning software for DVD and CD in Mac. To burn discs with your computer, you do not need a third party program. To do so, you can insert empty disc into the SuperDrive. A window will show up on the screen, select the Open Finder and click OK. On the left side, under Places, you will find a list call Untitled DVD. You can rename it. Now, drag and drop the files you wish to burn to the list. Control-click on the list and select Burn option. On the pop-up window, click Burn button.

#9. iDVD

iDVD is a popular Mac Mavericks DVD burning software from Apple. This tool can work well for the creation and authoring of DVDs. iDVD gives the user the capability to author and burn music, photos and movies to widescreen DVD using the internal Mac DVD burner or external device. You are able to preview your creations before burning, which will save you many wasted discs.

  • Pros: Easier to include DVD menus. Easily integrates with iTunes, iMovie and iPhoto.
  • Cons: Does not work well with huge video files. Not suite for the professional.
  • Platforms: Mac OS X

#10. FirestarterFX

Written in Cocoa for Mac OS X, FirestarterFX allows you to duplicate all types of CDs (even those that are not recognized by other Mac OS X applications), burn to SVCD and VCD as well as providing access to a unique set of features like overburning. FirestarterFX is the ideal tool for burning disc images created in the PC world and is able to handle bin/cue files perfectly, which are common on Windows but hard to burn using other tools.

  • Pros: Burn at high speeds, utilizes buffer under-run technology that helps avoid wastage of media and access to CDDV for CD-Text automatic creation.
  • Cons: FirestarterFX will not copy DVD-Video or encode your videos to other formats like DivX, MPEG1, MPEG2 or MPEG4.
  • Platforms: PPC/Intel, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

#11. LiquidCD

LiquidCD is another DVD burning program for Mac. It is easy to use and allows you to import photos and videos and burn to DVD. You can add music files and burn to CD. Besides, it also helps you to burn the data to DVD and burn Dreamcast CDS.

  • Pros: It is simply to use and support many formats.
  • a Cons: There might be manu bugs while burning DVD.
  • Platforms: Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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Disk Utility is an essential tool in the Utilities folder to reformat or re-partition a hard drive, mount or create a disc image, repair disk permissions or perform other disk “first aid,” in Mac OS X. In El Capitan, Disk Utility was improved with a more colorful edition providing at-a-glance information of how you use your disk. In the new macOS Sierra system, the new design of Disk Utility is still here. And there is more things improved for Disk Utility in macOS Sierra.

Improvements made to Disk Utility in macOS Sierra

The disk partitioning tool in Sierra is much better than the one in El Capitan, making it easier to tell where the system partition is and how much space is available on the disk. Another improvements made to Disk Utility in macOS 10.12 Sierra is Resizeable Disk Utility. The Disk Utility app in OS X El Capitan cannot be resized. Whether this was intentional or a bug remains unclear, but Apple has fixed this issue in Sierra as the Disk Utility window is once again resizeable.

Disk Utility Missing Feature in macOS Sierra: Repair Disk Permission, and the Solution

The Disk Utility app has long contained the ability to verify and repair disk permissions on a Mac, but in Mac OS X El Capitan, this feature has been removed. And the feature isn’t brought back in macOS Sierra. Since El Capitan, there are some essential changes to the way it handles files. In El Capitan and Sierra, the macOS will automatically repairs file permissions during software updates and changes.

So there is actually no need to repair file permissions any more. Though, it’s still often a useful troubleshooting step for remedy an ailing Mac, it’s a pity that the command line of repair file permissions is has been completely removed from macOS Sierra. If you open up Terminal (Applications > Utilities) and type in:

Corsair k70 software mac. I have full RGB effects on MAC which is far more better than the default mode pre-installed. Hey everyone!I recently got a corsair rgb mouse and keyboard that are icue compatible.I tried downloading ICUE on mac but it downloaded as a MSI file, when extracted there was no installer file.I was able to successfully use the keyboard/mouse on my windows computer.You should give a try to the solution for RGB on MAC, its not an official Corsair's software but somebody posted it on the Keyboards and Mice forum and users are reporting its working with different peripherals.I myself use it with my K70 RGB Rapidfire keyboard on MAC OSX and its working without any issues.

sudo /usr/libexec/repair_packages –verify –standard-pkgs /

You will get sudo: /usr/libexec/repair_packages: command not found.

Disk Utility Missing Feature in macOS Sierra: Burn CD or DVD disc, and the Solution

Another important Disk Utility missing feature in macOS Sierra is the ability to burn CDs and DVDs from Disk Utility as no Mac now ships with an optical drive.

However, if your Mac has a built-in optical drive, or if you connect an external DVD drive (for example, an Apple USB SuperDrive), you can burn files to CDs and DVDs to share your files with friends, move files between computers, or create backup files. Discs you burn on your Mac can also be used on Windows and other types of computers.

The Solution: Follow these steps to burn a CD or DVD in macOS 10.12 Sierra:

Itunes Disc Burner Error

  1. Insert a blank CD or DVD disc.
    You will see an dialog that asks you what you want to do with the disc.
  2. Choose Open Finder from the pop-up menu.
    Open Finder is the default choice unless you’ve changed that default in the CDs & DVDs System Preferences pane.

    Your choices are:

    • Open Finder: Mounts the blank disk in the Finder
    • Open iTunes: Opens iTunes automatically when you insert a blank CD
    • Open Other Application: Lets you choose the application to use when you insert a blank CD or DVD disc
    • Run Script: Runs a specified AppleScript when you insert a blank disc.

    Pick one or click the Ignore button to leave the disk in your drive without doing any of the above or the Eject button to eject the disk.

    If you didn’t ignore or eject the disk, if you want to make whichever action you selected the default for future disks you insert, enable the “Make This Action the Default” check box before you click OK.

  3. Click OK.
    Your blank CD or DVD mounts, and its icon appears in the Sidebar of Finder windows and on the Desktop regardless of whether your Finder Preferences are set that way. The mounted CD or DVD acts just like any other removable disc, but its distinctive icon tells you that it’s a recordable DVD (or CD).
  4. Drag files or folders.
    You can drag the files or folders onto the disc icon in the Sidebar or desktop, or open the disc and drag the files or folders to the disc’s window. Continue adding files or folders until the disc contains all the files you want on it or is full.
  5. Arrange and rename the files
    When the disc is burned, the items on the disc have the same names and locations that they have in the disc window. After the disc is burned, you cannot change the items.
  6. click the Burn button
    When you’re ready to finish (burn) your DVD (or CD), open its disc icon and click the Burn button (below the Search field near the top right).
  7. Choose a speed from the Burn Speed pop-up menu, click the Burn button, and you’re done.
    Select the Save Burn Folder To check box if you think that you may want to burn another copy of this disc someday.

Disk Burner Software Not Found Itunes Mac Computer

Warning: CD-RW and DVD-RW disks (the RW stands for rewritable) discs rarely work in devices other than your Mac, including CD (audio) players and DVD (video) players. If you burn a music CD or video DVD and intend to watch or listen to it on a device other than your Mac, make sure the disk is a CD-R or DVD-R; NEVER use rewritable CD-RW or DVD-RW disks.

Disc Burning Software Not Found

Use the professional DVD Burner for macOS Sierra to Burn DVD disc playable anywhere

Disk Burner Software Not Found Itunes Mac Free

Sometimes you may have problems of burn CD or DVD disc in macOS Sierra with the above methods. Even you can successfully burn DVD discs, it is frustrated that they are not playable. In this situation, you can use the professional DVD Burner for macOS Sierra to Burn DVD Disc in macOS Sierra. It can create, make, burn videos to DVDs from popular videos like MP4, MKV, AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMV, MOV, FLV, MTS, MXF, HEVE, YouTube etc. with 90+ free DVD menus on macOS 10.12 Sierra. Moreover, this DVD Maker for macOS Sierra lets you create photo DVD Slideshows with music and edit videos using tools like trim, crop, rotate, watermarks, etc.