Mac Switch Between Windows Of An App

Mac Switch Between Windows Of An App

Once you've set up Boot Camp, you have three different ways to make the switch between partitions. Let's look at these based on their starting points.

Run mac apps on windows

This is a common issue in all currently released versions of 10.12 Sierra. Although there isn't a solid fix for it the quickest workaround is to go to the Apple menu System Preferences Keyboard Text and in the lower left corner first click the '+' button then click the '-' button, close System Preferences and you should be good to go. Here we will see another simple key shortcut that would help you switch between the different windows of same app. Command + ` Note: The key ` is located just above the tab key in your keyboard. Press Command + `: For forward switching between different windows of same application.

If you're in Windows, you can switch to the Mac OS X partition using the Boot Camp icon in the System Tray. Click the gray diamond-shaped icon, and click 'Restart in Mac OS' from the pop-up menu. Then, confirm your choice to reboot to Mac OS X and give the computer about a minute to make the switch.


Mac Switch Between Windows Of An Apps

If you're in Mac OS X, you can switch to the Windows partition using the Startup Disk utility within System Preferences. In the Startup Disk, choose the 'Windows on BOOTCAMP' partition, and click 'Restart.' Then, confirm your choice to reboot to Windows and give the computer about a minute to make the switch.

If the Mac was powered off, you can choose which partition to boot before the Mac selects for you. To do this, press the Option key on the Mac while it's on the blank white boot screen. Within a couple of seconds, the Mac should present the two partitions to you on the screen. Use the arrow keys to select a partition, and press Enter to boot to it. This Option key feature is available either when booting from a powered-off state or if you're rebooting from Windows.

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How To Switch Between Windows And Mac

If you are using the Boot Camp utility or another Windows emulator on your MacBook, you will need to switch between your Mac OS X and Windows systems. There are three methods of switching back and forth between your Mac OS X partition and your Windows partition:

Mac Shortcut Switch Between Windows Of Same Application

  • From within Mac OS X Lion: To restart your MacBook in Windows, click System Preferences in the Dock and click the Startup Disk icon to display the settings you see here.

    Click the Windows partition you created in the list to select it (the folder icon will bear the Windows logo, and it will be labeled Windows as well). Click Restart, and then click Restart again when asked for confirmation. Your laptop reboots and loads Windows, and it continues to run Windows when started or rebooted until you follow one of the next two methods of returning to Mac OS X.

  • From within Windows: Right-click the Boot Camp icon in the notification area at the right side of your Windows taskbar — it looks like a slanted square — and choose Restart in Mac OS X. Again, you’ll be asked to confirm your choice. After you click OK, your MacBook reboots and returns to Lion.

  • During the boot process: Need a temporary fix from your other operating system? You can reboot from within either Lion or Windows and hold down the Option key when you see the Apple logo appear. Your Mac displays a nifty row of icons, each of which represents a bootable operating system that your Mac can use.

    To boot Mac OS X, click the Lion partition icon. To choose Windows, click the Windows partition icon. Note that when you turn on or reboot your Mac, it returns to the operating system you last selected in the System Preferences Startup Disk pane.