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  • Create a YouTube video within minutes and export it directly to YouTube. Use the world’s largest animation library, free music or even upload your own images.
  • May 08, 2019  Part2. Top 3 Best 3D Animation Software for Kids #6. Best Overall: Muvizu As an easy and very fun to use animation software, anyone can build some high-quality 3-D scenes with the help of this tool this remains one of our best recommended tools for kids who want to break into 3-D animation.
  • Part1: Professional Animation Software for Mac 1. The beauty of blender is that it is a free program that still gives you all the features you would expect from a professional package.
  • 3D Software 3 Best Animation Programs for Mac Beginners & Pro Users Best Animation Programs for Mac: Here you will get 3 best program for animation. All these are the best program for digital art but before selecting a best animation program, you must figure out what are your basic need which you are looking in a Software.

Harnessing the power of a child’s imagination is not always easy. By giving them access to the right tools and skills it is possible for children to use animation software so that they can bring their drawings and doodles to life on a digital format. There are a number of programs that make it easy for kids to understand and develop their imagination/ storytelling skills in drawings and animations.

May 25, 2020 The Mac animation programs supports two types of layers, namely anime songs and sound, bitmap images, camera and vector images, which makes it easy to adjust frame timing. A big bonus feature of the free 2D animation software for Mac is that it can export animated files in FLV and GIF format.

Many companies now produce versions of their animation software that are designed with menus for kids. This makes it easier for beginners to take some of their first steps into animation without having to deal with the extensive learning curve for a new program.

In this article we will go through some of the best animation programs that are designed currently for kids in 2-D animation and 3-D animation. By learning some of these programs as possible for children to harness their creativity and enjoy a greater experience with animating their ideas.

Part1. Top 5 Best 2D Animation Software for Kids

#1. Best Overall: VideoScribe

Videoscribe is a program that is designed to assist with whiteboard animation tasks. It’s created by a British company named Sparkol. The program itself is very easy to use and it comes with a series of online image tools where users can get access to royalty free images that they can use for all of their own projects.

Videoscribe is a program that also features an add-on which is called TAWE. This can be especially helpful for children because it’s easy to turn any image or photo into a simple presentation solution where you can rotate, zoom and animate an image as well as add voiceovers.

Videoscribe software can be one of the simplest programs to use and it remains one of the most user-friendly solutions available for all levels of experience. Even kids with zero animation skills can quite easily reproduce a number of animated videos and create competitive animation styles in a fraction of the time that it would take to learn other programs.

#2. Runner-up: PowToon

Powtoon represents one of the best online applications for building storytelling animations, infographics and academic presentations. There’s a number of animation effects that can be added from a drop-down list and kids love experimenting with this online program.

Powtoon also makes the process of creating presentation files very simple, you can use a number of free templates to create presentations and animations with just a small amount of effort and this can be ideal for kids that are complete beginners with presentations and more.

The quality of the animations are excellent in this program and many of the top Leading brands worldwide use premium Powtoon to create videos for their own company. Kids can use the templates and online or learning strategies to really build up a great quality of work here.

#3. Animatron

Another choice that is perfect for children to learn on is Animatron. This is a free animation software that is perfect for kids to turn their ideas into a selection of cartoons.

The application can be used to animate, narrate and draw a wide range of content that will work on various levels. Parents can use Animatron for building whiteboard style presentations and animations as well. The Lite mode here is what makes it the perfect choice for kids as this is a drag-and-drop solution for harnessing their creativity. The program has integrated this mode to make it safe for kids above eight years to use regularly.

#4. Vyond (Goanimate)

Goanimate remains one of the perfect tools for building attractive animations for students and academic presentations. With corporate professionals and teachers using these tools regularly, the comprehensive online animation and presentation is perfect for building some fantastic experiences. There are some predesigned animations in this program that are perfect for kids of all ages and for individuals in almost every type of industry.

#5. FlipBook

Flipbook remains a program and animation software that can be very simple to use for high-quality 2-D animation tools.

Kids can draw directly on the screen or use a touch display interface to move items around and build animations. It’s quite easy to add on soundtracks as well as sync up audio within the program.

Flipbook is a program that’s mostly designed for teens and older kids and it is possible to quite easily paint one frame at a time along the program or to generate solutions using some of the templates online.

Part2. Top 3 Best 3D Animation Software for Kids

#6. Best Overall: Muvizu

As an easy and very fun to use animation software, anyone can build some high-quality 3-D scenes with the help of this tool this remains one of our best recommended tools for kids who want to break into 3-D animation.

The animation system within the software helps you to build 3-D animations which are customized with animated characters and a number of predefined characteristics. The developers have created this project to make sure that it’s suitable for students, educators, professional animators and even individuals who are building the system for business too.

The software is often some of the best for teens and older kids to pick up and use over time. By setting up some of the template solutions and then dragging and dropping elements using the software, kids can build amazing 3d animated solutions.

#7. Runner-up: Blender

This is our second choice for open source 3-D software that doesn’t take a steep learning curve to develop.

This is a program for teenagers that is fairly appropriate and simple to use. If you are looking for some 3-D modeling software or simple animation it’s tough to find anything that is better than Blender. The program itself was built by a team of extremely dedicated teachers, enthusiasts and artists.

As an open source project there are new add-ons and improvements being added regularly. It is the perfect program to really start wading into the waters of 3-D animation and it can be especially helpful for picking up some of the nuances of animating in 3-D before investing in software.

#8. Harmony

Toonboom is a company that’s responsible for creating this animation software. It’s perfect for kids to learn on and it’s one of the favored choices for graphic artists. If your children do have some experience using animated tools, this is a perfect segue program that they can use to work their way up to a full license program.

Harmony is a program that’s really designed for teens and for beginner graphic artists. There’s plenty of free videos and webinars that you can use online to make sure that kids can master the software. Some of the courses that are available on Harmony can make sure that kids can learn at their own pace and that they can get a sense of achievement through badges and skills as they work at learning tutorials.

Part3. How to Choose the Right Animation Software for Your Child

Choosing the ideal animation program that you should invest in with your kids does often take a bit of choice and selection. In order to pick out the right animation software for your kids it’s important to look through the different techniques and animation styles to choose what they want.

Understand Different Types of Animation

Some kids may want to animate in 3d, others in 2-D and depending on the type of project that they want to build it is important to invest in a program that can give them the tools they need.

2D Animation

With 2-D animation animators can easily draw images on translucent pieces of paper one frame at a time to create a simple sequence of still images that will move over time. Usually animators will work to test animations with rough drawings but this can be done much more simply using programs.

As animators create the rough drawings and the sequence of still images, they can refine each image in its details in the program. Traditional animation today now usually requires a digital tablet and some drawing skills and there’s no actual photography that takes place between individual frames. The process of animating is still a fairly lengthy, difficult and costly affair especially if you want to make something professional.

Most 2-D animation todays completed using computer vector animations that can adopt some of the techniques of traditional cell animations but with the ability to manipulate on-screen still images to progress the frame.

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3D Animation


A 3-D animation involves creating 3-D models of various objects and characters and then understanding movement and composition. Traditional animation usually involves moving small elements of the image to create fluid movements. 3-D animation is closer to creating 3-D models and then manipulating them like puppets or wireframes to tell a story.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a somewhat different type of animation and they are commonly used for building top bar and side bar ads. Usually we see motion graphics prepared for promotional or commercial purposes but they are becoming increasingly more popular for their ease of sharing too.

Stop Motion

The process of stop motion is done primarily by taking a photo of the object, manipulating it ever so slightly and then taking another photo. Photos are then layered on top of one another to give an illusion of movement in a way that is similar to traditional animations. It uses a series of real-life materials instead of drawings or vectors and it can create some powerful effects with some effort involved from the animators.

Whiteboard / Presentation style

Whiteboard style presentations are a fairly new solution that’s become quite popular over a few years with the creation of online marketing videos. The presentation files and whiteboard animations have become a fantastic way to showcase information for an idea or project and it’s an excellent way to really keep people engaged for a presentation or sharing ideas.

A Few Other Considerations

Picking out a software that’s going to be best for a child to learn on is not always easy. Almost every child is going to be different so it remains very important to consider the way that they learn and to look into the type of projects that they enjoy doing the most. Some of the top considerations that you may want to think of when choosing animation programs include:

  • The age of your child and their abilities
  • Their patience levels
  • How proficient they are with computers.
Animation software for mac youtube videos

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Hey, My name is Paul – nice to e-meet you 🙂 I’m a freelance video editor who has over 4 years experiences of making all types of videos. I founded this website to provide step-by-step and easy-to-follow instructions to first-time editors or beginners like you who want to start their journey in video editing.

Do you want to make sure your video stands out on YouTube? Then you will want to perform several post-production tasks such as:

  • Adding, rearranging, or removing sections of a video
  • Creating transitions
  • Applying video enhancements such as adding filters and color correction
  • Branding your video with logo, call-to-action, and contact information

Editing raw video footage and preparing it for distribution requires using third-party applications.

Below are several of the best video editing software options on the market today to help you create a YouTube video to wow your audience.

Nero Video

A low-priced video editor well suited for beginners, Nero Video offers a wide range of special features including keyframing functions and multitrack timeline.

Other features include:

  • Easily transfer image and video files from external hard drives, mobile devices, USB sticks, HD-4K cameras, and camcorders to the Nero Media library.
  • Store and access video assets from OneDrive online to save storage space on your computer.
  • Add video effects such as slow-motion titles, audio filters, old film, and keyframe animations.
  • Customize pre-built movie templates.

Nero Video is regularly priced at $49.99, but occasionally runs special discounts. It is an excellent piece of software for video editing newbies but lacks the speed and functionality of more expensive products.


iMovie is free video editing software for YouTube for iOS and macOS. It’s well-suited for beginners who don’t want to spend money and are not familiar with more advanced editing apps.

For Mac users who want to perform simple edits, this free built-in video editor could be all you need.

Quickly choose clips, add titles, effects, and music to create 4K high-quality finished video products. Other features include:

  • Adding credits and animated titles from dozens of styles
  • Customizing text size, color, font, and formatting
  • Giving your video a cinematic touch by choosing from creative filters
  • Changing the speed of shots or using split-screen effects
  • Recording your voice, using built-in sound effects, or adding a smart track

iMovie offers both basic and advanced editing functionalities and is the go-to tool for Mac users. It also has a mobile app to edit videos from mobile devices.

Movie Maker Pro

Movie Maker Pro is the Windows alternative to iMovie. It’s a free YouTube video editor that provides basic features such as joining, trimming, text captioning, transition effects, image filtering, and adding background music.

If you want a simple editor for your Windows video projects, Movie Maker Pro is an excellent place to start. For more features, you can upgrade to the Pro version.

Movavi Video Editor Plus

For those who want to share emotions through video, Movavi Video Editor is a useful free tool for beginners using Mac or Windows.

You can upload files from any device to add to your video project.

Movavi also comes with an intro mode to create special introductions for your videos and other built-in effects and features including:

  • Use colors and filters to add an artistic event
  • Add animated transitions to spice up your movie
  • Apply animated titles for emphasis
  • Crop and rotate video clips

Add some pizzazz to your video using features such as pan and zoom, video stabilization, and stylization.

The free version of this software adds a watermark to your videos. If you want to remove the watermark, you can upgrade to the paid version for only $39.95.

HitFilm Express

Hitfilm Express is a free visual effects and video editing app for YouTube. It works with Mac and Windows and is ideal for YouTubers, beginners, students, and others with a tight budget.

You can use more than 180 special effects, 3D editing, and professional VFX tools to create gaming videos, films, and other video content.

One of the most helpful features included with HitFilm is the available tutorial videos to help you with your video editing projects.

For more experienced video editors looking for advanced editing functionality, HitFilm has a Pro Software Store and an Express Add-on Store.


Avidemux is a free video editor available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

It is designed for simple video editing tasks such as cutting, encoding, flipping and rotating clips, adding subtitles, adjusting colors and brightness levels, and filtering. However, it doesn’t allow for audio editing.

Although the learning curve is a little steep, you can check with the extensive wiki that will help you accomplish what you want to do.


Shotcut is an open-source video editor that works on multiple platforms. It’s also free.

The user interface is intuitive and uncomplicated. Shotcut supports hundreds of video and audio formats. There are no imports required, which means native editing.

You can choose from advanced special effects and a vast assortment of filters to customize your video. Shotcut supports webcam, audio, and screen capture as well as resolutions up to 4K.

One of the most helpful features of Shotcut for YouTube video editing is the tutorials it offers, something not usually available with open-source software.

3d Animation Software For Mac


Blender is a free open source program for Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems. Besides being a video editor, Blender is also a 3D animation suite.

Some of the video editing features include speed control, filters, transitions, and layer adjustments.

The editing dashboard has 32 tracks for adding video elements to create very complex and compelling videos. This is not the best option for beginner video editors because its functionality can be overwhelming. It also doesn’t offer a mobile version.

However, for more experienced editors, you can create amazing and complicated videos without watermarks for any purpose, including for commercial use.

VSDC Video Editor

VSDC is a free Windows video editing program where you can edit and create all types of videos.

Use advanced video effects such as color correction, overlay text, multi-color Chroma Key, and object transformation. VSDC supports most major video and audio formats such as HD, DVD, and GoPro videos.

It also includes audio effects such as sound normalization and volume correction. An added benefit is that the full set of features for VSDC are free and doesn’t leave a watermark.

Machete Video Editor Lite

A simple and easy-to-use free video editor is Machete Video Editor Lite (the free version of Machete).

Anime Studio

The lite version is designed for simple and quick video edits such as cutting, copying, moving, saving, and pasting. However, it only supports WMV and AVI video format.

You can’t edit audio files in Machete lite, but you can remove sound files from video files. Newbie video editors will appreciate the intuitive interface and ease-of-use.


Lightworks is an advanced video editor for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It is so powerful that it has been used to edit films such as Pulp Fiction, Road to Perdition, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Some of the robust features that come with Lightworks include:

  • Intuitive user interface for timeline editing and trimming
  • Access to royalty-free video and audio content
  • Low-resolution proxy workflows for 4K
  • Exports videos for Vimeo and YouTube in SD/HD, up to 4K

You can choose the free or the pro version of lightworks. The main difference between the two besides the price is the availability of more features in pro.

However, the free version is still feature-rich, supports multi-cam editing, and provides more than 100 effects.

Which is the Best Video Editing Software for YouTube Videos?

To choose the best video editor for your specific needs, consider your operating system, budget, level of expertise, and the amount of time you are willing to put into learning.

Best Animation Software For Mac

The sooner you get started using a video editor, the faster you will sharpen your video skills and produce amazing videos.