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The time-saving benefits of using GIFs to communicate with your team and clients are numerous. Logitech software mac not working iphone. Here at CloudApp, GIFs help us increase our productivity and complete tasks up to 300% faster. When you think about how many customers can be helped, team members briefed or support tickets answered in that amount of saved time, it makes GIFs a reliable and necessary productivity tool. Here are some of our favorite ways we (along with our customers) use GIFs: Best video editing software mac.

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Apr 12, 2016  If you would prefer creating a GIF without using a third-party app, you can now do so using the most convenient thing you do on your Mac: the right-click. By installing a utility and creating a service in Automator, you can allow yourself to create as many GIFs as you want by just right-clicking on the images you wish to include in the animated.

Gif Apps For Mac

  • Use a GIF recorder to create your library of visual answers for customer FAQs in your help desk or support page
  • Cut down on time that support teams spend answering the same question with our annotated GIFs feature
  • Use GIFs in place of email explanations - a picture is worth a thousand words (and several minutes)
  • GIFs help quickly communicate shared goals between teams, helping to cut down on confusion and missed initiatives
  • Accurately report a bug to your engineering team. This saves time troubleshooting and you’ll avoid the endless back and forth conversations.
  • Boost internal morale with inside jokes, memos and updates
  • Communicate lengthy ideas
  • Show and not tell clients how to complete tasks and provide them with a visual they can refer back to time and again
  • Skip unnecessary team meetings and “stand-up” updates

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Best Apps For Gifs

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App For Gifs Mac Visualizer


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