App Not Responding On Mac

If an app on your iPhone or iPad is not working as expected, one of the troubleshooting tips below may help you fix the issue.

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Common ‘iOS app is not working‘ issues:

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  • an app won’t open
  • an app won’t respond
  • an app is crashing

The Apple macOS is the excellent Operating System, but it’s not a stable one. When the app is crashing randomly, an app may freeze or hang, the app not responding, etc. In such situation we have only one solution that is to force quit the application. Oct 03, 2019  Fix Mac App Store not working in macOS Catalina, Mojave, Sierra, or High Sierra Quick Tips, Check the System Status for Mac App Store.; Re-launch the Mac App Store, by holding the Shift Key.; Click Apple icon Shut Down.Then start the Mac. Restart Wi-Fi Modem. Disable/Enable Wi-Fi on your Mac. Mar 11, 2020  So, I clicked Apple Mail in the dock and it would not open I right-clicked on the dock Mail icon and hit Force Quit I attempted to open it from the Applications folder - same result I then restarted my iMac (late-2015 running Catalina) Upon logging in, a pop-up appeared stating that Macbooster. Mar 21, 2015  Read also: How to Change Account Password on Mac OS X In Mac OS X, it’s absolutely rare to find that applications stopped working, or do not respond to any commands. But sometimes, you may feel quite irritated if an app isn’t responding (freezes or hangs).

In general, iOS works smoothly, however sometimes, you may face issues like app crashing etc. You may think that some or all of the apps installed on your iOS device feel sluggish or slow, if you experience this, these troubleshooting methods may help that as well. There can be many reasons for these issues, such as:

Apr 16, 2018  295062 Third-party installed font does not appear in the font list in Word for Mac. Note The document may have to be accessed on a PC. The document may also require that you replace the PC font by using a font that is more suitable for the Mac, such as Arial or Verdana. If all these steps fail, the document is probably corrupted beyond recovery.

  • lack of memory
  • bugs in your application
  • Incompatibility
  • bandwidth limitation

Read this post, If you cannot access the App Store (e.g, blank screen). If you cannot download and install some certain apps, then check your restriction settings.

The unresponsive app can be (a) a built-in app (e.g. Phone, Mail, News, Safari, Videos, Photos etc); developed by Apple or (b) an app you downloaded from the App Store, developed by third party developers.

Unresponsive apps on your iPad or iPhone?

1.Restart your device

Simply restarting (turn off and turn on) may fix this. Because restarting gives a fresh start. Press and hold the on/off (sleep/wake) button until you see the red slider. Then slide the slider. Wait until your device is completely off. This may take a few seconds. Then press and hold the on/off button until you see the Apple logo.

2.Restart the app

Apps Not Responding On Macbook

Completely close the app and relaunch by double pressing the home button and swiping up the app. Then open the app again.

3.iOS updates

There may be system updates. These updates may fix this. To check and install iOS updates, go to Settings > General > Software Update. You can also update using iTunes.

4.App updates

The problematic app may have updates. Keeping your apps up to date is a good idea. Because these updates often fix bugs that may be causing your problem. Updating your app may help you. Open the App Store. Tap Updates and then Update All. If you want you can also turn on Automatic App Updates by going to Settings > iTunes & App Stores and toggle on Updates.

5.Uninstall and reinstall the app

To delete your app, tap and hold the app until it jiggles and then tap the delete (X) icon to remove the app. Then press the home button to stop the jiggling. Now go to the App Store then tap Updates and Purchased and then find the app you just removed and then tap the Download icon to reinstall this app.

6.Close All Aps

If you app is crashing, or become unresponsive, it may be due to low internal memory problems (not storage). Close all your apps (see step # 2). This will free up RAM that may help you. Also you may want to force restart your device by pressing and holding the home and on/off buttons together until you see the Apple logo.

If nothing helps, you may want to contact the app’s developer for further assistance, if this is a third party app. Because app developers are responsible for supporting their applications. Here is how you can contact:

  1. Open the App Store on your iOS device
  2. Search for the app by entering its name in the search field
  3. Locate your app
  4. Tap Reviews then App Support. So you can contact the developer.

Do you have a big problem after the upgrade from Mojave to macOS Catalina on your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or iMac? As a big issue – Mac App store not working entirely macOS. Mac App Store (Error cannot connect to app store mac Mojave) is showing blank pages in macOS Mojave everything solved guide in this article.

Almost Mac users reported a problem that Apple Mac App Store not working. It happens after the Click on the OS X Update button, but this is a kind of bug. We know that without accessing the App Store on the device, we can’t download require apps on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or iMac. So you should follow the Alternate way to avoid it. We serve here Alternate two ways to resolve your issue. Let’s Go beneath and let to know which one become helpful for your Problem Apple Mac app store not working macOS Catalina, High Sierra, macOS Mojave.

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App Not Responding On Mac

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Fix Mac App Store not working in macOS Catalina, Mojave, Sierra, or High Sierra

Application Not Responding Mac

Quick Tips,

  • Check the System Status for Mac App Store.
  • Re-launch the Mac App Store, by holding the Shift Key.
  • Click Apple icon > Shut Down. Then start the Mac.
  • Restart Wi-Fi Modem.
  • Disable/Enable Wi-Fi on your Mac.
  • Check the Date & Time, selected Country and Region and Time-Zone as per region. Everything should be correct, otherwise, the Mac App Store may not work.
  • Sign Out and Sign In with your Apple ID.
  • Delete the App Store cache folder, Finder > Go > Go to Folder > type ~/Library/Caches and hit return. Follow the same path and type /Library/Caches instead and delete the cache.

App Store Not working on macOS Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra or earlier

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Solution 1: Update Mac using Combo Update

Before updating Mac, kindly check the current version of your macOS. To do so,

  • Click on Apple icon > About This Mac.
  • See the Version Number, it is displayed exactly below the macOS update name. If the Mac is not on the latest version then continue with the steps.
  • There, you will find the Software Update button, try clicking on it. Also, enable Auto updates.
  • Otherwise, you should update using a browser, using a Combo update.

What is Combo Update?

The combo update is the one that has all the updates and changes of the major version. Besides, you can update the Mac, within the same major update using a combo update.

Most of the users used to update macOS (macOS X) with the help of Combo update, since these combo updates are very helpful to clear up junk and various problems.

Solution 2: Sign Out of Mac App Store

If your Apple ID is facing some issues, then Mac App Store will not work properly on macOS X, at that time the best thing to do it Sign out of the App Store. After that, restart the Mac and then Sign In with the same Apple ID. Here’s how you can do it,

  • Click on the Apple icon > App Store.
  • Now, on the App Store top bar, click on Store and then Sign Out.

Solution 3: Clear App Store Cache

Clearing App Store cache files is a considerable solution to fix Mac App Store not working on macOS Catalina.

  • Open Finder and click Go.
  • Select Go to the folder.
  • Type ~/Library/Caches/ and click Go.

Find the folders named,

Preview App Not Responding On Mac

  • apple.appstore
  • storeaccount
  • storeassets
  • storedownload
  • storeinapp

The first one with the name is the main folder. Delete all the files stored in the above-listed folders. Don’t delete the folders, only delete the inside files and then empty the trash entirely.

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Why Is Itunes Not Responding

Solution 4: Delete Incorrect or Invalid Certificates

  • Finder > Go > Go to the folder > type, /var/db/crls/.
  • Delete the following files, ocspcache.db as well as crlcache.db, you may be asked to enter the administrator password.
  • Next, restart the Mac and check if the problem still persists.

Recommended tips,

Word App Not Responding On Mac

  • Disconnect any VPN or Proxy that you are using on Mac.
  • Uncheck Automatic Proxy from, Network Settings > Network Adapter > Advanced.