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We need high-level security to protect our people and places we loved and Arlo App For PC will do it.

Yes might use the Arlo app on your mobile phone but here I share how you can use it on your windows or mac.

Loving the app so far having experience with many design projects. Really creates a peace of mind when needing to run through multiple iterations of a design because you know what you want once you see it, and not having to stop the creative flow to draft new thumbnail mock-ups, grab more paper, or even shuffle through needed layers. Jul 10, 2020  Install Arlo App on Mac PC. Now let’s discuss how we can install the Arlo app on our mac laptop or computer. The process is the same as the windows pc to install the app but you have to install the mac version of the android emulator. And all other steps are the same so I am not discussing it again here because it is irrelevant.

So if you are one who is looking to download and install this app on your pc then continue with this article.

And I will help you in this matter also I cover some best features and FAQs of this app so check that out.

With the Arlo app, you can manage and view live streams or cameras connected with it.

You can also watch the recorded clips, easily arm and disarm your system, and get updated on what is going on there.

In the Arlo app, you will get the smart notification and once you unlock your phone you can directly take action on it.

We have seen quite smart home devices including Kasa smart, smart life, and geeni app.

Also, the Arlo app supports the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, and IFTTT so you can access it with your voice also.

Later I share some best features available in the Arlo pc app so make sure you check those also.

Now here we need an android emulator to download and install the Arlo app on our windows or mac.

And here I cover the separate process of windows and mac users so no need to worry which os you are using.

Let’s get started with the windows users first.

How to Download Arlo App For Windows PC? (Desktop)

As I discussed before that we need an android emulator to get this job done and I am going to use bluestacks.

File size23.21 MB
TitleArlo App For PC
Developed ByArlo Technologies, Inc
Req Android versionVaries with device

Arlo app will work smoothly with an android emulator on your Windows 7/8/10 pc.

So, let’s discuss the step by step process of it.

  • Click on the above download button and save the zip file on your pc, extract it one folder.
  • Zip file includes two other files, one is bluestacks installer and another one it the Arlo app apk file.
  • Double click on the bluestacks installer, install it and complete all the sign-in process.
  • Click on the play store icon, search for the Arlo app on the pc search bar available there in play store.
  • Select the app you want to install, click on the install button and it will automatically install the app on your pc.

And done this is the complete installation process of this app on your windows pc.

You can start the Arlo app by clicking on the app icon available on the main dashboard also available on desktop.

Install Arlo App on Mac PC

Now let’s discuss how we can install the Arlo app on our mac laptop or computer.

  • The process is the same as the windows pc to install the app but you have to install the mac version of the android emulator.
  • And all other steps are the same so I am not discussing it again here because it is irrelevant.
  • Follow all those steps and if you get an error during the installation of the Arlo app on mac pc let me know below.

It might possible that you are not able to download this app from the play store or not able to open it.

In that case, you can use the Arlo app apk file, drag and drop the apk file in android emulator.

And it will install the app on your pc, same for windows and mac user.

App FAQs

Here are some questions and answers regarding this app make sure you check these out.

Does Arlo have a PC app?

Ans. No, they haven’t. But you can use this app on your pc with the help of bluestacks android emulator.

Do you have to pay a monthly fee for Arlo?

Ans. In a basic plan, you will get limited options and cloud storage. For more, you have to pay according to their plans.

Can I use Arlo without subscription?

Ans. Yes, you can use their free trial to experience their premium services but after you have to pay.

Is there an Arlo app for Windows 10 PC?

Ans. Hmmm… you can use the app on your windows or mac pc with an emulator. Check out the process here I discussed for more accurate information.

I hope you got all your solution if still have any question let me know in below comment box.

Arlo App Features

Check out these features of the app.

  • With this single app easily control and interact with all your Arlo products.
  • This app stores your video and audio recording safely and you can access it anytime from anywhere.
  • Get notification and alerts for what matters and filter out what doesn’t.
  • Arlo Smart app on your pc provides you a notification and you can immediately action after unlocking the phone.

These are some features of the app and you can explore more by installing Arlo app on your windows or mac.

If you like to watch free movies on pc then you might need to check the mobdro windows app.


We all need high security and Arlo app on pc will do that job for you. With the advanced features of this app, you can access all things on your fingertips.

If you get any error during installation then let me know in the comment box, I will help you solve it.

And please share this article on your social media, it will great thanks for me.

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App Post It Per Machine

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