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It is the best free tool you can use to meet your screen recording needs. It can capture frames at 15fps along with microphone audio. There is no need for you to spend a single penny to get this free Mac screen recorder software on your Mac systems. Jan 09, 2020  Nowadays there is a lot of screen recording software on the market and for this, it is very complicated to select the best from them. So, for helping you to select the best screen recorder. Now I will introduce you to the top ten screen recording software of 2018. Top 10 Best Screen Capture Software 2020 for Windows & Mac: #10.

Be it recording some tutorials from screen or doing something fun, you need best screen recording software to carry out it all. Sometimes, these programs turn out to be a real help especially when it comes to recording educational videos or even gaming sessions too.

10 Best Screen Recording Software for Windows or Mac

If you are planning to record something from your screen or from a part of your screen then you can use these amazing screen recorders for it. Not only they provide recording option but takes care of later on use too like video editing and sharing too. For complete price and description, you can check out the details given below.

1. Camtasia Studio


Camtasia Studio offered by TechSmith is a very professional program used for screen/video recording, capturing and editing too. From very basic start to complete after works, this software handles it all with utmost ease and high-end features.

However, this best screen recording software is only available for free under the free license for 30 days only. Afterwards, you can purchase the single user license for $199 as lifetime fee.

You have options like recording particular area of your desktop, using inbuilt and external microphones at the same time, adding backgrounds, texts, images, multiple audio files to your videos and much more features you can play with. Mac os app to record screen for windows 10 It is a complete professional screen recorder for Mac OS.Download: Screen RecordScreen Record is yet another app for Mac to prepare video tutorials.

Camtasia Studio supports various file formats for videos and hence not only from screen, you can choose your source videos from variety of other sources too. Once it is recorded, you can do editing with the help of built-in editor and now directly share your video through the Studio itself.

For the complete process, you are given some really great helping tools like video effects, drag and drop editing tools, video improvisation, animated backgrounds, music adding, motion graphics, full screen or region based recording of screen/webcam/pre-made videos/other sources. You can also add annotations and transitions too to give a final professional touch to your project.

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2. Icecream Screen Recorder


It is not the first program offered by Icecream apps and they have a wide range of products to offer. One of them is this screen recorder program which is mentioned on the top of the list of best screen recording software.

Capture a part of your screen or record it or even focus on the entire screen, from recording to snapshot you can do anything with this tool. The basic version is available for free and for Icecream Screen Recorder Pro you would have to pay $29.95.

There are various features which comes handy with this program. For example, desired area selection to focus, drawing panel, project history, mouse screen recording, recording from webcam, steps tool for tutorial videos, zoom in and other handy tools etc.

Other important tools which you would not find anywhere else are file format conversion, screenshots, audio settings, trim recordings, hotkeys display in video, scheduled screen recordings and many more. This software is perfect for professional use and offers varied features on single clicks which makes it quite simple to access.

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3. iSpring Free Cam


Finally, you have an option as one of the best desktop recording software which can be used for absolutely free of cost without any upgrades or subscriptions plans policy. It is a highly admired tool used for screencast which means apart from recording you can directly stream out the video too.

In fact, the use of iSpring Free Cam is not restricted to pre-recording sessions only. The in-built editor allows you to make changes in the recording and then you can directly upload it on YouTube too.

There are no watermark associated or no time limits too on the length of the videos recorded. This means, now you can make tutorial videos and directly share them with your personalization mark and that too for absolutely free.

Apart from these features, other services associated with this best screen recording software are make professional video lessons and e-Learning presentations, record a region or entire screen, record with voice over, highlight your mouse area, video editor and many more.

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4. Ezvid


The next option is a really good screen recorder known as Ezvid which as they claim is the easiest screen recorder as well as video maker too. It is a type of freeware program which can be used for home use for absolutely free and for commercial use you would have to purchase the GNU License.

Ezvid finds its video source from not only screens but also from games, webcams, browsers and desired region of any source too.

Apart from recording, you can use Ezvid for instant Facecam and voice synthesis, video editing, slideshow making, screen capturing and many more utilities. The cutting-edge effects and powerful features makes it a top-notch product in the market.

The tools and services which you get handy with Ezvid are screen capture with hotkey, speech synthesis, direct YouTube upload, screen drawing, speed control, recording in HD mode etc. However, there are some features which it lacks but despite that it makes a great option for the list of best screen recording software.

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5. TinyTake


TinyTake is one of its kind also best free screen recording software you will ever come across. From screen capture to screen recording and video recording, TinyTake can do it all with so much ease and simplicity that you will never have to get annoyed from it.

Although the Basic Plan is available for free but you have the option to upgrade to better plans. These are 1-week pass for $9.95, Standard plan for $39.95/year, Plus for $79.95 per year, Jumbo for $149.95 per year and Business plan for $399.95 per year.

Although highly used for screen capture purposes, but TinyTake is still useful for screen recording sessions too. It also provides processing tools too like adding texts, annotations, direct sharing from the software, make videos of up to 120 minutes (free plan) and many more.

Apart from recording the whole screen, you can also focus on one particular region too. The handiness of this program makes it even better to use especially for the people looking for such best screen recording software which are for novice.

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6. CamStudio


The reason of listing down CamStudio as one of the best screen recorder windows is because it is an open source and free to use program. This is a combination of screen recorder and video streaming software which offers every desired features to support these functions.

You can use CamStudio for making tutorials for schools/colleges, FAQ answering videos, professional learning programs and many more.

The features you get with this software which aids above stated applications of this program are adding screen captions, video annotations features, picture in picture feature, smaller file size, full screen of region based recording, quality recording, simple interface with effective functions etc.

CamStudio is worth of being in the list of best screen recording software and pricing on the cake is the fact that you can use it for commercial purposes too without even having to pay a single penny for it. Still, if you are looking for professional grade features then you would have to opt for other programs.

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7. FlashBack Express


FlashBack Express is the next option we have in the list of best screen recording software. You can use this program to make awesome videos, tutorials, recording video chat sessions etc. just with a simple and only one solution. From recording to basic editing and then to direct sharing on YouTube, you can do it all with the help of FlashBack Express.

FlashBakc Express is a completely free program but with limited features only. So, you can upgrade to the pro version which is going to cost you FlashBack Pro home use for $49 and FlashBack Pro Business use for $99.

FlashBack Express is very fast in terms of processing and offer features like no watermark on videos/recordings, audio commentary addition, screen recording/webcam recording, no time limits on the length of the videos recorded, schedule recording time, screen capture, add annotations etc.

However, despite offering so many interesting features, the Express Edition does not come with the video editing features and for this you would have to upgrade to the pro feature eventually.

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8. GoPlay Editor


GoPlay Editor is known as one of the best windows screen recorder which is also available in the form of mobile applications too. It is a combination of screen recorder and video editor offering some really high-end tools and services. You can use it for gameplay and webcam recording sessions too.

The basic version of GoPlay Editor is available for free and for advanced features you can subscribe to the GoPlay Editor Pro version which costs $15.90 per PC per year.

It is a type of best screen recording software especially from the point of view of great quality recording. It records in HD quality captures up to 60 FPS. One thing which you will mainly love is the multi-track video editing where you can edit each picture and frame independently.

Other features associated with GoPlay Editor are dubbing and multi-track audio mixing, various sound effects, quick video editing, picture in picture effects, animations, transitions, text effects, annotations, speed variations etc. You can also use it for directly uploading your work on YouTube with just a single click.

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9. Screencast-o-Matic


It is the time to mention a really simple yet effect program under the list of best webcam recording software called Screencast-o-Matic. As the name say, it is used for both screen recording as well as streaming purposes and you do not need two different software for it too.

Screencast-o-Matic can be downloaded for free or can be used online too. But for the better professional grade features you can upgrade to Pro version for just $18 per year.

As the free plan offers only 15 minutes of recording at a time, you would have to upgrade anyway. The features you get with this program are no watermark, editing tools, screenshot tool, draw and zoom options, direct sharing on Google Drive, Vimeo etc.

Screencast-o-Matic supports both screen as well as webcam recording and also support computer audio in it too. As compared to the web based service, it is better utilized when downloaded on Windows platform. This tool is perfect for making short tutorials, on-screen activities, demonstrations, visual presentations etc.

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10. Xsplit Broadcaster


And finally as the last option for the list of screen recorder for windows we have Xsplit Broadcaster in this list. Xsplit offers both Gamecaster as well as Broadcaster which are used for game recordings and screen recording respectively and can be downloaded under the same license too.

Xsplit Broadcaster comes for free but it has some limitations for usage so you can upgrade to the Premium license for $199 as lifetime fee anytime you want or there are monthly subscription packs available too.

Talking about the features associated with the Xsplit Broadcaster then these are recording from any source like desktop, screen, part of screen, games, webcam etc. support for all capture cards, live streaming to various popular platforms, professional production features etc.

You can make this best screen recording software even better with the help of various plugins and add-ons and customize its features according to your requirements. This broadcaster also comes with a built-in recorder too from where you can directly edit videos before streaming them further.

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Screen recording is the most viable and easiest solution to explain a certain task to someone. And once you have created a video file out of it, you can use it for later too. All thanks to the technology, most of these best screen recording software are available for free too.

However, I personally think that premium plans provide you better services like broadcasting, sharing, editing and many more. Having a program suit eliminates the need of having so many different software for one single purpose. However, if I have skipped some programs then you can try them out too as the options are uncountable.

You will need the best screen recording software for your PC to record your computer screen and make a video or take a snapshot of what you are doing on your computer. Screen recording software allows you to record all of your activities from your computer screen. So if you want to record all of your activities from your computer screen then you will need a screen recording software.

Nowadays there is a lot of screen recording software on the market and for this, it is very complicated to select the best from them. So, for helping you to select the best screen recorder. Now I will introduce you to the top ten screen recording software of 2018.

Top 10 Best Screen Capture Software 2020 for Windows & Mac :

#10. ReadyGo Screen Recorder:

It is a software that can record everything from audio, video and image. For video capturing, it allows you to choose between full screen, designated area and a window of a specific program. You can customize the audio depending on the purpose of the use of video. It saves the captured video in mp4 format that can be simply played and shared by any media.

Its audio feature allows you to choose an audio source that you want to record and save in video file. It saves the recorded audio files in the .wav format that can be supported and played by all media player. It also supports SSC, MP2, MP3 and WASAP audio codec. It also provides a timer and inserts logo feature.

Platform Availability: Windows 10/ 8/ 7.

Price: It will cost you $25. A trial version is also available with short and limited features.

Download & Know More About >> ReadyGo Screen Recorder

#9. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder:

It is one of the easiest screen recorders that provide the best audio and video recording function. It lets you record any digital videos. It also helps you to capture streaming videos, grab online videos, and make video tutorials and more. It offers you to choose full screen or customizable screen size and highlighting the cursor of the mouse before capturing. It provides blue light real-time HD video encoding technology that will ensure your standard image and sound quality.

It also lets you record online videos, webcam videos, games for sharing and many more. Including the system audio and microphone audio, it lets you record audio on your computer. It also helps you to record any audio files such as online audio, streaming audio, and microphone voice.

Platform Availability: Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista.

Price: It will cost you $27.30. A free version is also available.

Download & Know More About >> Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

#7. AutoScreenRecorder 3:

It is a powerful and intelligent screen recorder that can save you time and boost your productivity. It allows you to record everything from your screen and saves them in video files or flash movie. It comes with a lot of features Including with a video editor that can deliver high-quality video files. Its easy to use and the flexible interface gives you everything that you need.

You can record webcam sessions, videos and movies, favorite games and many more. On any date and time and recurring recording, it supports multi-monitor, auto stop, scheduled recording. You can enlarge your screen at any time with its new ScreeZome feature. It also provides auto text, watermarks and date and time stamps and more facilities.

Platform Availability: Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP.

Price: It will cost you $49.95. A free trial version is also available.

Download & Know More About >> AutoScreenRecorder 3

#6. ZD Soft:

It is a high performance, lightweight and simple software. You can use it for both desktop screen capture and game screen capture. It offers four screen capture modes like capture a region, capture full screen, capture a window, and capture game screen with a regular screen capture mode. It lets you apply a smooth transition effect while changing the capture region. It can capture output sounds from playback devices and input sounds from recording devices.

It also records from webcam and provides several visual effects of the mouse cursor, pre-scheduled timer, and a customizable watermark. It offers crystal-clear video quality and supports three output video file formats like AVI, MKV, and MP4. It also records audio files in MP3 and WAV and captures screenshots in PNG, JPG and BMP formats.

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Platform Availability: Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP.


Price: You can buy it at $39. 30 days free trial version is also available.

Download & Know More About >> ZD Soft

#5. Camtasia:

It is a screen recording and video editing software that allows you to record a video from your computer screen and it takes you from screen recording to video. You can use it to make tutorials, lessons or product demos. You can turn your screen recordings into completing videos with the video editing tools, animations, and effects.

Its standard crosshairs make it easy to capture regions, windows, or your entire computer. After recording, it will import your screen video, system audio, cursor, and microphone onto their own tracks so that you can separately edit them easily. It also lets you record from webcam and import more footage. Its video editor gives you total control with many features like unlimited tracks, split, delete and stitch, noise removal and leveling, captioning and more.

Platform Availability: Windows 10/ 8/ 7, Mac OS.

Price: You can buy it at $299 for windows and $99 for Mac OS. 30 days free trial version is also available.

Download & Know More About >> Camtasia

#4. Screen Anytime:

It has performed like the security camera system for your computer screen. This software is designed to be recording user sessions into video log files. It provides a stable, continuous and long term storage solution. It also provides centralized management and real-time screen monitoring. Including mouse movements, all screen changes, and audio and application title changes, You can be able to record, list and replay all of your recordings.

For important clips, it supports self-play EXE or AVI formats for exporting. It also offers distributed or centralized of log files, real-time monitoring and online visit, privacy considered, high compressibility and efficiency and other convenient features.

Platform Availability: Windows 7/ Vista/ XP/ 2003/ 2008.

Price: You will find three editions of it and they are server edition, workstation edition, and simple edition and they will cost you $599, $199 and $99. A 60-days free trial version is also available.

Download & Know More About >> Screen Anytime

#3. Screecast-o-matic:

It is an application that can be able to create and share screen recordings and trusted by millions of users. It is a very convenient software for the educators, businesses, gamers and anyone who needs fast recording software to create a video file and share it on YouTube. You can use this world-class recording software to record on-screen activity for visual presentations, a short tutorial, and communicate while you demonstrate.

It helps you to make a longer recording. It can be able to record computer audio. It also offers you to various editing tools and scripted recording tools. It allows you to draw and zoom on your screenshots and recordings. It also provides you screenshot tools and publishes your recordings to google drive, youtube, video, and dropbox.

Platform Availability: Windows 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP, Mac OS.

Price: It will cost you $15 for one year. Free version is also available.

Download & Know More About >> Screecast-o-matic

Best Screen Capture Software Mac 2017 Torrent

#2. Movavi screen capture studio:

It is a software that can capture and record your screen videos and others. It can also record videos from webcam and grab online streaming video, capture skypes calls and applications, take desktop snapshots and more. It helps you to adjust the frame rate, set the recording area you want, capture audio from any source, capture keyboard, and mouse actions.

It manages the screen grabbers, take screen grabs and save them in JPEG, PNG, and other formats and provides scheduled capture timer. Its built-in video editor lets you polish videos with special effects and stylish filters and other useful video processing tools. It also saves videos with the new SuperSpeed mode in a flash and saves them in MP4, AVI, MOV and other formats. It also offers you a wide selection of ready-made mobile devices presets.

Platform Availability: Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP, Mac OS.

Price: It will cost you $79.95. A free version is also available.

Download & Know More About >> Movavi screen capture studio

#1. Icecream Screen Recorder:

It is one of the greatest screen recording tools that can capture any area from your computer screen as a video file or screenshot. With this software, you can record games, webinars and skype videos in HD and full-screen modes in a quick and easy way. It provides features like area selection, drawing panel, project history, adds watermark, video quality, zooms in while recording, step tool.

Along with the screen recording, you can also record webcam videos with this software and even it also allows you to select the size of a region around mouse cursor for recording. It also offers audio settings, clipboard, settings, screenshot to URL, display hotkeys, scheduled screen recording and watermark adding. It changes the output video format in WEBM, MKV, MP4 and the video codec in MPEG4, H264, VP8.

Platform Availability: Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP.

Price: You can buy it at $29.95. A free version is also available.

Download & Know More About >> Icecream Screen Recorder

Final Words:

There are lots of screen capture program in the market. Some are free and some are paid. If you need more features, then you need to buy the paid version. In the above article, we are trying to show the top 10 best screen recorder 2019 software for Windows and Mac computer. It’s hard to decide which one is perfect for you.

Let’s try its trial version at first. Then decide to buy anyone. Or, you can try the free version also. Now Its time for you to capture your video games, tutorial, webcam video and many more, enjoy it now!

#8. Screen Recording Suite:

It can record everything from your screen with audio and record video from webcam and other recording devices. It is a professional and versatile screen recorder that contains a good combination of screen recorder and video editor for windows. To make movies for tutorial or training, you can record every onscreen activity through this software. In real-time, you can also be able to record any live streaming video or audio files.

It also supports to record external voice from microphone. It also provides various convenient features such as handy video editing options, add captions and notes to your recorded videos, built-in powerpoint plugin and sharing and publishing video recorded flexibility and many more.

Platform Availability: Windows 7/ Vista/ XP.

Price: You can buy it at $39.95. A free trial version is also available.

Best Screen Capture Software Mac 2017 Free

Download & Know More About >> Screen Recording Suite