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If you are using a Mac computer for any purpose and you want to encrypt some confidential files with password, here are some of the best methods you can use. This is very easy to encrypt files and folders on Mac computer. There are so many apps available in the App Store. On the other hand, there is an inbuilt option called Disk Utility that you can use to encrypt file and folder. Although some of the apps are paid, they are worth purchasing. Therefore, if you have some secret files or anything that you want to password protect, do check out this tutorial to get things on board.

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Best Mac Apps to Encrypt File and Folder

1] Disk utility

Disk Utility is the inbuilt tool of Mac computer, and you can find it in the latest version as well. With the help of Disk Utility, you can perform various tasks related to disk management. Therefore, you can use the same tool to protect your files and folders. However, this is quite different than other regular tools. You may not be able to use the folder like before once you encrypt it with password and Disk Utility. However, as this is an inbuilt tool, you can try it before opting for a third-party solution.

To get started, create a folder and place all the confidential files that you want to encrypt or password protect.

After that, open Disk Utility. You can use the search option to find it out. For that, press Command + Space and type Disk Utility and open the corresponding app. Therefore, click File > New Image > Image from Folder.


Choose the folder that you want to encrypt and click the Choose button. By default, there would be no encryption. You need to select 128-bit AES encryption option from the Encryption drop-down menu. Right after selecting it, you will have to enter your password twice.

Windows 10 File Encryption Software

Following that, choose read/write from the Image Format drop-down menu. After doing everything, click the Save button.

You can find a .dmg file on your desired location. If you try to open it, it will ask for the password.

P.S. The password will be saved in the Keychain.

2] Data Guardian

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Data Guardian has been an excellent data protection software for Mac as well as Windows computer. Regarding compatibility, you must have Mac OS X 10.10 or later version. Talking about features, you will get some handy functionalities so that you can password protect your critical data within moments. To be more specific, you will get unlimited records, fields, etc. Apart from that, you can insert pictures into records, record application activity to a log, dial phone numbers directly from records, dynamically generate passwords based on a user-specified algorithm, database can auto save so that changes are never lost, import virtually any flat-text file ad map it to custom fields and more others. The best thing about this tool is you will get 448-bit Blowfish encryption that will help you get rid of any kind of a headache related to password protection. This is also possible to apply changes to a selection of records at the same time. In case you have Windows as well as Mac computer, and you want to synchronize the database across both computers, that is possible too.

The user interface of Data Guardian is simple; neat and clean and hence, you should not get any issue while using it for the first time. Talking about the price of this tool, this is much affordable. The SOLO version costs around $19.95 for one computer, and it will provide all the features mentioned above.

3] Hider 2

Hider 2 is yet another awesome and very useful password protection system that you can use to secure confidential files and folders. It doesn’t matter how much data you have to protect; you can certainly use Hider 2, which is very much sufficient regarding that. You may have pictures, documents, PDF files, audio, video or anything else. You can use Hider 2 to password protect your files.

However, it consumes a lot of time to create a password-protected vault for your file. While testing, it took around 8 minutes to password protect a 3.5GB folder. It doesn’t hide the file at once. Instead, you need to move the file from your location to the corresponding vault, and hence, it will protect that with the desired password. You need to remove the files manually that you have already transferred to that vault.

As it uses AES-256 encryption, you might find it strong in terms of password protection. The best thing is it is very small in size, and you can download it with mobile data as well. As this is available on the Mac App Store, you do not have to download any file from any other third-party resource.

Best Software To Encrypt Files

Talking about the user interface, you might find it easiest to use. It offers a transparent UI that makes it even better. The last but not the least is price. It costs around $19.99, which is very low when compared to the features.

4] Concealer

Concealer is very user-friendly and useful when you need to password protect your bank account number, credit card details, software registration information, website account details, email account information and so on. The advantage of using this tool is you can create different account with different password so that you can manage various information separately. Besides AEC-256 Encryption, you can find auto lock option and master password protection. Apart from that, you will get customizable categories for easy filtration, three types of cards (Accounts, Notes, File Storages), six predefined templates, Text notes for each card, export cards to text files and so on. Like a standard password manager, you can find a password generator as well that helps you to create a strong password while protecting.

Best Encryption Software For Mac

All these things can be obtained for $19.99. However, you can try the trial version before making the purchase.

Best Free Encryption Software

These are some of the best tools for Mac to password protect or encrypt files and folders. Hope these would be helpful for you.