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Apr 27, 2020 Avast Security for Mac; The Avast Security for Mac Antivirus software is priced at 47.99 dollars a year. Therefore, the context stated above tells the readers about the prices available for all different types of Avast software on a different platform. AVG Antivirus Software Pricing. The AVG Internet Security. Explore Avast products for your Mac Protect your Mac against all threats, enjoy total online privacy, and keep it running at its best with our security, privacy, and performance products for Mac. 435+ millions of.


Mar 06, 2020 Avast Internet Security, the first worthwhile software from the company, costs $59.99 per year for 1 PC. Avast Premier comes at $69.99 per year for 1 PC. Avast Ultimate, the full-blown antivirus solution, costs $119.95 per year for 1 PC. Avast Security for Mac, the company’s only offering for macOS users, costs $59.99 per year for a single Mac. Advanced protection for up to 10 devices (PC, Mac, Android, and iOS) yes: Includes Avast Cleanup Premium Avast Cleanup Premium Next generation tuning & cleaning for your PC $59.99 value — included! Remove hidden junk, free up disk space, and speed up your computer.

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Hi, Confused between Avast and AVG? Unable to decide which of the two antivirus suits best for you? Well, don’t get confused. Therefore, in this article, we’ll provide you with an in-depth Avast vs AVG comparison. Hence, making it easy for you to decide which of the 2 suits best for you.

So, Let’s get started.

Avast vs AVG – Which is Best Antivirus?

In today’s time, as the world is excelling in technology the threats in regards to the same are also increasing. In this internet-driven world, where more than 90% of the population tends to use it daily. They are prone to get infected by more than 800 million types of different viruses and malware. Therefore, their security come in the action. And hence software responsible for the same is known as Antiviruses software.

As of today, Avast and AVG are famous names in the antivirus market. Often people get confused about opting for anyone among these 2 software. Because of all the things they have to offer to their customers. Although they may lack a couple of things or may excel to one another in a couple of things. Which tends to make them different from each other. Hence, the detailed comparison for the same is carried out. Making it easier for readers to decide between them.

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Avast vs AVG – Plans Comparison

The list below explains about products offered by the companies for home users.

Avast Antivirus Suites

  • The free version. Avast free antivirus (Windows Only)
  • The professional version of the software known as Avast Pro antivirus (Windows Only)
  • Premier version is also available and known as Avast Premier (Windows Only)
  • The internet security specified version. Avast Internet Security (Windows Only)
  • The ultimate version of the software. Avast Ultimate (Windows Only)
  • Pro version specialized for Mac. Avast Security Pro (Mac Only)
  • And last is the security version also specific to Mac. Avast Security (Mac Only)

AVG Plans

  • A free version. AVG Antivirus Free (Windows Only)
  • The ultimate version, known as AVG Ultimate (Available for both Windows and Macintosh)
  • Internet security specified. AVG Internet Security (Available for both Windows and Macintosh)
  • The specialized Mac version. AVG Antivirus for Mac (Macintosh Only)

Therefore, the above list provides readers with the availability of all antivirus software for different platforms. Provided by the 2 companies for home users.

Avast Antivirus Features

Compare Avast To Mac Protrection Software

Avast antivirus software is one of the most profound and famous antivirus software out there in the market. Therefore, it tends to provide a lot of options to the user to select the one which suits them better. Hence, those are stated above, readers can refer to the context stated above. Therefore all the things which the stated version of the software has to offer are as follows:

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Avast Free Antivirus

The free version of Avast offers a lot of features in the freeware market. In simpler words, it is one of the most feature-rich antivirus available in the market. The Antivirus Offers a lot of handy features such as WIFI inspector, A limited software updater, An unlimited use password vault, and a game mode. Although the free version also includes web and email-based threat detectors. Also one can simply make use of Avast’s free Rescue Disk to remove deep-rooted malware.

But there are extra features that lack the software. And hence, it is limited to only a month. Therefore, for you to be on the safe side, it is recommended to opt for the paid version.

Avast Pro Antivirus

Avast Antivirus Pro includes all the features from the free version. As well as more features like sandbox technology which allows you to test suspicious files in a separate environment. A Real Site feature which prevents hackers to redirect you to unsafe pages. And moreover premium in-product support.

Avast Premier Antivirus

In this version, users get the file shredder feature, an automatic updater, and webcam spying protection. Hence is a bit more advanced than the pro version.

Avast Internet Security Antivirus

This particular software carries forward all the features available in the pro version. As well as tends to add a firewall, An extra layer of Ransome protection and anti-spam filters. which tends to block spam emails and messages.

Avast Ultimate Antivirus

This software in particular packs everything that the company has to offer. It consists of everything explained and inputted in the above-stated software. Although, apart from it, the software offers clean-up utility, an unlimited VPN, and a premium version of Avast’s password manager.

Avast Security Antivirus

The security version of the Avast antivirus is specialized and is created for Mac users. Which they can tend to download from the official site for free. Since it is a similar version of the software available that on Windows and hence contains the same features.

Avast Security Pro Antivirus

The Security Pro version consists of ransomware protection elements and other additional features in it. Hence, this version is specifically dedicated to Mac users.

AVG Security Features

AVG is also a well-known name in the antivirus market. And has proven to be one of the best in the same category. As of the Avast, AVG also tends to provide users with many options to select from. Therefore, these options are explained as follows:

AVG Free Antivirus

The free version of AVG Antivirus is limited to Windows only. In simpler words, it is the company’s Windows-only freeware. The software does not comprise of many useful features. Although it Contains only one useful feature of File shredder. Which tends to remove any files or folders thoroughly. Despite this feature, the freeware also tends to protect one from visiting dangerous sites. As well as prevents phishing attacks.

AVG Internet Security Antivirus

The next up in the frame is the internet security version of the software. This comprises of features like an enhanced double-layered firewall. WebCam protection. Dedicated ransomware protection. WIFI guard warns you of unsecured connections and an encryption utility. Also, the software features an anti-spam module that tends to block off spam emails and messages.

One cool feature is that one subscription can be used by every family member. Meaning a single subscription allows the user to use AVG on multiple devices.

AVG Ultimate Antivirus

The Ultimate Version of the AVG antivirus. Tends to provide users with every element available in the Security Suite of AVG. Furthermore, it adds AVG tune-up utility. Which tends to fix performance issues, removes junk, improves battery life, and updates other outdated software.

AVG Antivirus For Mac

There is a Mac-only freeware from AVG known as AVG Antivirus for Mac. This version consists of excellent anti-malware security. Also, provides users with protection from malicious websites and downloads.

Avast vs AVG (Which Antivirus gives better protection?)

As of today’s time, nearly all the Antivirus works over the principle of signature matching technology. For them to detect spyware, ransomware, trojans, and rootkits. And some additional types of malicious ware.

Meaning the software tends to check the suspicious file from the huge database containing the data about the known and unknown viruses. Therefore, any files matching the data present in the database are either removed or marked suspicious. Depending upon the user’s command. Although the files are added to the cloud servers for examination.

But, to check the one which of these 2 software provides better protection. A security AV – test was conducted by Germany’s IT security institute in 2017. The test resulted in giving out the same result for both the software. When provided with the same conditions. They both were set to detect and remove the unseen malware when tested on Windows 10. And hence tend to detect and remove 100% of the virus. Both achieving the perfect score of 6 out of 6 in protection.

Whereas later test on Windows 7 conducted in July – August 2017. Again both of them showed the same result. Avast and AVG provided 99% of protection from the zero-day malware in July whereas 100% in August. Whereas for the widespread malware they both tend to provide 99.9% and 100% protection for both the months respectively.

Therefore, the above results explain, which of the 2 provides better protection. Therefore, seeing the results of the held examination between the two it can be stated, that it is a tie between the 2 software in terms of protection. Meaning they both tend to protect their users completely and on an equal basis.

AVG vs Avast (How does it Affect your CPU?)

Compare Avast To Mac Protection Software Reviews

Antivirus is majorly known for running in the background to perform Real-Time scanning. Although, it is been a concern of people since they tend to eat up most of the CPU performance. But is important for the sake of safety and security.

Therefore, in recent times companies have focused to create more and more lightweight Antivirus so less strain should imply on the CPU and one can work on its system with ease. As of both Avast and AVG are pretty lightweight Antivirus software and hence tend to exert the minimal amount of strain on CPU.

In September – October of 2017 an AV – test conducted a study on the 2 software making difference in system speed. By carrying out a couple of activities like launching popular websites, downloading and installing, commonly used applications, copying of files, and more.

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Stated below is the report for how slow the system got while Avast was working in the background. The test was carried out on a standard and high-end PC. Also, the results expressed in terms of percentage slowdown.

Whereas the second results expressed in terms of percentage slow down are of AVG’s impact on how slow a system can get. This test was also carried out on a standard and high-end PC.

Therefore, looking at the result one can clearly state that there ain’t any difference in the degradation of performance by the 2 Antivirus software. Although they did degrade the performance, Still it was maintained at a minimal level. Hence they both scored a satisfactory score of 5 out of 6. Meaning Avast and AVG tend to utilize system resources similarly. But most importantly none of them will slow down the computer significantly.

Avast vs AVG (Value for Money?)

Both companies provide almost similar results as well as features. All though in the price section the case might not be the same. Therefore, in this section of the article, the price of both the software available version is stated. Therefore making it easier for users to select the one which fits in their budget range.

Avast Antivirus Software Pricing

  • The Avast Pro Antivirus

The price of this software is set to be 49.99 dollars for a year subscription.

  • Avast Internet security

Avast Internet security is priced at 47.99 dollars for a 1-year subscription and 87.99 dollars for a 2-year subscription.

Best Mac Protection

  • The Avast Premier

Compare Avast To Mac Protection Software Windows 10

The premier membership for 1 year cost 55.99 dollars and the 2 years one costs at 111.99 dollars.

  • Avast Ultimate

The ultimate only consists of a 1-year membership plan which is set to be priced at 119.99 dollars a year.

Compare Avast To Mac Protection Software Free

  • Avast Security for Mac

The Avast Security for Mac Antivirus software is priced at 47.99 dollars a year.

Therefore, the context stated above tells the readers about the prices available for all different types of Avast software on a different platform.

AVG Antivirus Software Pricing

Free Mac Protection Software

  • The AVG Internet Security

The AVG Internet security software price is set to be 63.99 dollars a year.

  • AVG Ultimate

The ultimate version of the software costs 79.99 dollars a year for a particular individual.

Hence, the above clearly states the available prices for the different versions of AVG antivirus.

Whereas, in this section of the comparison AVG takes the lead as the ultimate version of the software. Which tends to pack similar features than that of Avast antivirus is priced at much cheaper rates than that of Avast.

Avast has a good range of options and if you are a single PC user, go with Avast as will cost a lot less compared to AVG.


Free Mac Protection

Getting a premium antivirus in today’s time is everybody’s need. Since they tend to provide individuals with security and safety from online threats. As of the 2 Antivirus software discussed in this article. Both Avast and AVG proved to meet our needs. Although, the comparison is for people to understand the software better and to opt for the one which suits best for their needs.

Hence, the conclusion is that both of the Antivirus software is very well functioning. And, to succeed in protecting the individual from online threats and malicious ware.