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October 11th, 1999

MailRetriever for DPM is an affordable and easy-to-use software package for browsing, recovering, searching, exporting and analyzing e-mail and mailbox content.

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  • Free dazzle instant dvd-recorder hd software download software at UpdateStar - Dazzle DVD Recorder is a plug-and-play USB 2.0 device that allows for easy capture of home videos and TV recordings directly to DVD via VCRs, camcorders or other video equipment.
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Dazzle Mail Software For Mac

Dazzle Software Update

Pinnacle Dazzle Mac

[4:45 PM] New USB Consumer Device Grabs Photos From Digital Video

Dazzle Multimedia has announced it is bringing its first Mac product to market, thanks to USB. The company has announced Dazzle Digital Photo Maker which will grab photos from digital video. According to Dazzle:

Dazzle Multimedia today announced that it is extending its reach into the Macintosh market with the Dazzle Digital Photo Maker (USB). The product can be used with any USB-compatible Macintosh computer running Mac OS 8.6 or higher, including the Apple Power Mac G3/G4, iMac, iBook and PowerBook series of computers.

Use your camcorder to capture hi-res digital photos. Even capture TV-quality MPEG digital video for video e-mails and websites!

USB Solution to capture images with ease!

  • USB Plug & Play - Our USB connection auto-detects your hardware and makes installation a snap.
  • Create Photo/Video web pages in a single click using our unique web publisher button.
  • Send high-quality photo/video e-mail
  • Enhance and edit your snapshots, then easily create photo albums, calendars, posters, greeting cards and more.
  • Easy photo editing - crop, brighten, focus, red-eye and enhance.
  • USB Version Part #DM-5000

Also compatible with Windows-based PC's, the Dazzle Digital Photo Maker now allows Macintosh users to capture, edit, manage, publish and share high-resolution digital video and still images with Dazzle PhotoStudio and PhotoImpression, its easy-to-use, intuitive software programs.

With Dazzle PhotoStudio, business and home users can edit and enhance still images by cropping photos, adjusting brightness, adding contrast, increasing sharpness and removing red eye. Bottom right corner of my mac clock app. With the Dazzle VideoImpression software, users can capture and edit video and still-image files from various video for use on their computers or on the Internet. The product also provides AVI support for video conferencing, e-mail and screen savers.

In other shortcuts, you may not see some app on the desktop. Keyboard shortcut for showing all windows of app mac. But, in the above-mentioned shortcuts, all the data is visible to the Mac users.

Once the digital images are enhanced, they can be uploaded to PhotoIsland (www.photoisland.com), a photo management Web site, and stored in a secure, online lock box. These images can then be used to create digital photo albums, scanned onto mugs and t-shirts or e-mailed as digital postcards.

The product is available from Mac retailers, including CompUSA and Fry's and online retailers. The product is priced at US$99. You can find more information at the company's web site.

The Mac Observer Spin:Behold the power of USB. Steve Jobs' move to USB pays off yet again with another Windows developer porting their product (in this case, the software that is included with the hardware product) to the Mac. It is almost something we take for granted after a year of USB products coming to the Mac by the score, but we felt it a good time to look back and remember that it wasn't always so. It is these kinds of consumer products in particular that help Apple sell more Macs and iMacs.