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I have phantom vision 2 I can connect to wifi but when I try pick camera up with iPad it won't pick it up

Is this a good question?


Dji Phantom 2 Vision Plus Assistant


I too have this issue. Vision 2 plus will not display video on the phone. I can however record video from the app. Even though it will not display the video, I can offload the video files to my pc.

Jan 24, 2018  I had a similar issue, where the drone (Phantom) would not be detected in DJI Assistant 2. This always worked on my previous computer but didn't work on my new one. The cause in my case was a COM port conflict. The drone uses a virtual COM device. The default serial windows drivers are fine. Mar 15, 2018  DO NOT ATTEMPT ANY WORK UNLESS YOU ARE COMPETENT AND CONFIDENT. DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus unsuccessful Range Extender binding.

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Has this ever been fixed? I am now having this problem after a year of using my Vision 2 plus with no problems. The iphone app connects and I can fly the drone but i don't get video feed to the phone. The camera is working and can take photos and video, but it won't stream it to the iphone anymore.

Dji Phantom 2 Vision Plus Assistant Software Not Working Mac Pro

Don't call DJI they had me on hold an hour and half and when my call was answered the person on the other end could speak English after another hour I was told I needed to set up a different email and password