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Windows’ native note taking app – Sticky Notes – was appealing at first, but the novelty steadily wore off when you see the mess it makes of your desktop. Find out how the alternative ‘Notes’ – a kind of Mac notes for Windows – can help you manage your notes better!

When Sticky Notes made its way to Windows Vista, it was heralded as a great utility for people to get more value out of their desktops. With the passage of time, however, it soon became obvious that Sticky Notes clutters up your desktop, and isn’t powerful enough.

While Windows 10 does have alternative methods for note-taking through OneNote and third party apps, this is easily going to be a crowd favorite.

Being an occasional Mac user, I am a big fan of its native Notes app which is clean, powerful, and easy to manage. An independent developer has taken the initiative to replicate the Mac notes for Windows for Windows AND Linux!

Notes is the go-to app for all your note taking needs. You can readily download it [Official Website] for the following OSes:

  • Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu / Debian, and OpenSUSE) – Currently, of the 3, only Ubuntu / Debian build is available. The other variants are currently ‘Work in Progress’, but if you are familiar with Fedora or OpenSUSE and want to help the developer, you can reach out to him.
  • OS X
  • Windows 32 / 64 Bit.

Considering that the current Sticky Notes already takes up one slot on the taskbar, the Notes app offers a cleaner and better management by putting all your content in one location and accessing all your notes with a single click to navigate from one to the next.


Here is a sample of the control you have over navigation options. You will notice that unlike Sticky Notes, a search option helps you sort and find your information in a cinch!

As you can see, this is a brilliant replication of the Mac variant of the app, right down to the layout and design of the app. We have to admit that it does look fitting in a modern OS like Windows.

TechnologyAdvanced to the core.macOS features powerful core technologies engineered for the most important functions of your Mac. With SwiftUI, developers have a simple way to build better apps across all Apple platforms with less code. Thanks to Mac Catalyst, you can now enjoy your favorite iPad apps on your Mac. Download iphone software update.

Take this Mac notes app for Windows for a spin and forever rid yourself of the ugliness of sticky notes once and for all!

If you are currently using Notes, let us know in the comments with your thoughts!

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Encrypted Notes Mac

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