Free Karaoke Apps For Mac

  1. Best Karaoke Software For Mac

May 06, 2020  1) Kanto Karaoke (Windows PC & Mac) Perhaps one of the most popular karaoke players out there, Kanto is without a doubt the best free karaoke software for Windows and Mac. The reason being it supports multimedia and video formats of all hues. Besides, it also allows users to record their voice and listen to it later just like a DAW, apart from.


Free Karaoke Apps For Mac


A karaoke software lets you having fun and enjoy your leisure time and favorite moments by playing your favorite music . If you are looking for the best karaoke software of 2020 then this article will help you a lot. Here I will introduce you to the top 15 best free karaoke software of 2020. You will find both free and paid top karaoke Programs from this list.

List of Top 15 Best Karaoke Software 2020 for Windows/Mac:

#15. Notation Player 3:

Notation Player is a karaoke software that is used to display MIDI music files as sheet music. You can view this music on the screen when you play the notes. It offers you a better sound quality. It is available in three languages English, Germany, and Spanish. It comes with all score transcription enhancements.

It supports original imported MIDI sound files. Its sound enhancements feature makes use of the original sounds automatically. It provides improved user interface, enhanced color scheme, and improved front page for fast and effective work. It is a simple software and very easy to use.

Platform Availability: Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP.

Price: It is totally free to charge.

#14. Walaoke:

Walaoke is a free karaoke software that is very easy to use and lets you having fun. You can make your computer into a karaoke machine through this software. It allows you to play songs with just a click or by the assigned numbers of the songs. It can play AVI, MKV, DAT, MPG, FLV, VOB, WMV, MP3+CDG, MP3+LRC, MP3+XML and many files and formats.

It directly displays lyrics over your own video, camera or any video input as background and progressive highlight lyrics for karaoke effects. You can play all video files and replace them with your own video. You can save default audio track or audio channel to play. It is great for karaoke VCD or karaoke DVD.

Platform Availability: Windows 7/ XP.

Price: It is totally free of cost.

#13. Karaoke: Karaoke is a free karaoke software that can also be used as a media management program. It stores all of your media information in a local database. Its google style search function makes this software very easy to use. You will just need to type keywords and then it will automatically start searching. It also offers a remote control to select songs and control playlist remotely.

It uses Mplayer to play media files that allow you to select audio track and channel or adjust audio pitch. You can easily move this software on an external hard disk. You will find a standalone media player in this software. It lets you record your own songs in a pre-configured folder and share them in online.

Platform Availability: Windows 7/ Vista/ XP.

Price: It is an open source software so it is free to use.

#12. VanBasco’s Karaoke Player:

VanBasco’s Karaoke Player is a free karaoke software that can play karaoke and standard MIDI files. It allows you to change font, colors, numbers of lines, background image by its fully customizable karaoke window. You can change tempo, volume and key of a song with the control window.

Its real time MIDI output window shows notes, instruments and volumes and mute or play solo individual instruments. It can be able to display lyrics in full screen or in a resizable window. Its piano view feature lets you show notes on a big piano keyboard. Its easy to use graphical user interface supports skins and multiple languages.

Platform Availability: Windows 7/ XP.

Price: It is totally free of cost.

#11. Karaoke builder player:

Karaoke builder player is a free application for your Windows computer that can play CD+G and MP3+G files. It is easy to install and use and totally free of charge. You can play zip files directly through this software as well as change the speed of the playback and the key of the song. It lets you control volume and balance. It is easy to adjust settings.

Including colour fading and scrolling, it supports all CD+G functions and copy still images from your CD+G tracks quickly and easily. It also offers other features like ultimate playback control, totally resizable stretchy window, full screen mode, one key shortcut for every option, drag-and-drop files onto the window for instant playback and many more.

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Platform Availability: Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP.

Price: It is totally free of cost.

#10. Just Karaoke 2:

Just Karaoke 2 is a complete digital performance solution that gives you everything you need to run a smooth and sensational karaoke show. It offers you a lot of advantageous features to enjoy an excellent karaoke experience. For live normalizing and compressing, It gives you auto gain control. You will find here a resizable interface. It supports two output screen. You will find here multiple options. It includes singer Rotation, Singer Announcement, singer history and many more.

For downloading and streaming, it offers a song manager. It also provides other convenient features such as ambient music list, request tool server, customize announce singer, logos and backgrounds, key control, single player with a preview screen, easy search and database lookup, hot keys, quick sound effects and so more.

Free Karaoke Apps For Mac

Platform Availability: Windows 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP, Mac OS.

Price: It will cost you $49.95. A Trial version is also available.

#9. Advance Karaoke Player:

Advance Karaoke Player is more than a karaoke player. It can organize your media files and do all your heavy lifting. The Advanced Karaoke Player helps you to access your karaoke files quickly. It can manage all of your multimedia contents. You can use it to manage karaoke play lists and HD, DVD, VCD movie contents. Its user interface is done very professionally that can be able to let you change the skin for your own taste.

It is very stable and easy to use. It supports various formats like CDG, MPG, AVI, MP$, WMV, DAT, FLV, 3GP and so more. It lets you save your favourite songs in a play list and preset the volume of your media and sound channels. It supports two graphics cards and remote control keys.

Platform Availability: Windows

Price: It will cost you $39.95. A free trial version is also available.

#8. Siglos Karaoke Professional:

Siglos Karaoke Professional is an ultimate professional karaoke software that gives you control over your karaoke show. It makes your karaoke shows better and easier to run. It includes a two screen display. Its advanced display functionality makes lyrics look better. It lets you find any song in a second with its powerful song database. It uses a high quality karaoke player engine that allows images, videos, or other live camera sources that can be used as backgrounds.

It supports multiple file formats like MP3G, ZIP, BIN, MIDI karaoke, KMA, MCG and video formats like AVI and MPEG. You can also find here singer rotation management, singer history, song silence detector, key and tempo changer, fill-in playlist, CD+G disk playback, automatic mode, preview window and other convenient features.

Platform Availability: Windows 7/ Vista/ XP.

Price: It will cost you $99. A free trial version is also available.

#7. Winlive Pro:

Winlive Pro is a professional karaoke software. You can enjoy a fresh and excellent karaoke experience with this software. It allows you to record your own voice over midi or audio files. It can play various media files like kar, midi, mp3, cdg, wav, mpg, avi, flv, mp4 and many more. It offers you key transpose for MIDI files, audio and video, and pre-listen to the audio files on the secondary device.

It is a feature rich karaoke application for you that provides multi track player with splitted controls, dual monitor support, audio samples editor, user sound editor, database for managing files, wave to mp3 converter, add insert effect of an audio track, display score and simplifies notes on midi files and many other advantageous features.

Platform Availability: Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP.

Price: It will cost you $199. A free trial version is also available.

#6. Sing-magic Karaoke:

Sing-magic Karaoke is one of the world’s best karaoke software. It is an easy to use and very powerful karaoke application for your computer. It offers great visuals, full screen, high definition graphics. Its everything is fully customizable. It lets you change the animated background, lyric’s font style and color.

It is more advanced than the older karaoke CD+G technology. It features high quality audio and the most faithful sound versions of your favourite songs. It lets you adjust song’s pitch on the fly to match your vocal range. You will find here a huge and up to date karaoke collection. It also offers other convenient features such as adjustable tempo, guide melody, blazing fast karaoke downloads and an awesome karaoke bouncing ball.

Platform Availability: Windows 7/ Vista/ XP.

Price: You can buy it at $49.99. You can also get a free version with limited features.

#5. Karaoke 5:

Karaoke5 is a complete karaoke software for both professionals as well as the beginners who try to learn the art of karaoke. It is an awesome text synchronizer to make midi, MP3, K5, and MP4 files. It is also an excellent management tool with double screen TV. It can be able to mix with songs through the mix control. It includes K5 virtual instruments, arranger express and broadcast facilities and others that can be used during performances or shows.

It supports MIDI, KAR, MP3, KFN, K5, MP3+CDG, WMA, CD+G, WMA+CDG, Virtual Score files. It also supports many video files like FLV, MP4 and others. It also provides VSTi plugin, metronome, multi-language support, real time mixing transpose and so more convenient features.

Platform Availability: Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP.

Price: You can buy the pro version at $155 and the home version at $33. Simple check register app. A free version is also available.

Best Karaoke Software For Mac

#4. Mtu video hoster Karaoke software:

Mtu video hoster Karaoke is designed to help you enjoy excellent karaoke music. It can play karaoke, audio and video formats. It offers you automated singer rotation, singer database with saved key change settings, and prints out a list of all your songs in a songbook. It can also be able to change live tempo from 75% to 125%.

You will find here an extremely fast database search facility with many features. It imports CDG discs directly to the program and all music which are used from an internal or external hard drive. It also provides scrolling marquee to put a message on the tv or screen, a background audio player, integration with SongbookDB and live key change features and so more.

Platform Availability: Windows 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP.

Price: You can buy it at $89.99. A free trial version is also available.

#3. Kanto Karaoke:

Kanto Karaoke is one of the best karaoke software that offers you a lot of features. It supports all multimedia formats such as MP3, Kar, Mid, Kfn, MP3+Cdg and various karaoke videos like .AVI, .MP4, .WMV etc. It lets you record your own voice on the music and sing and record your performance. A mic settings is also available in it.

It can also be able to directly conversion midi to mp3 with or without melody track and offers high quality sound input and output. It offers the best and free CD+G player for PC and Mac that lets you turn your PC into a professional karaoke machine. It also offers you full screen mode, live performance management, edit audio setting, playlist management, unlimited playlist songs and many more.

Platform Availability: Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP, Mac OS.

Price: You can buy the personal version at $45 and the professional version at $69.95. You can also get a free version with limited features.


PCDJ KARAOKI is a professional karaoke which is designed for Kjs and karaoke venues. It gives you more functionalities and more controls by providing lots of advantageous features. It offers you an advanced automatic singer rotation list where you will find singer history, news ticker, key control, next singers screen, jukebox background music player and many more. It includes a robust remote song-singer request platform.

It is supported for WAV+G, MP3+G, most zipped WAV+G and MP3+G and various video files. It offers you full screen lyrics to secondary video display, 2 built-in song stores, karaoki cloud pro integration, robust library with search, true singer rotation and solo singer modes, configurable menu colors, lock screen, graphics/audio offset, drag and drop loading and rotation re-ordering and so more convenient features.

Platform Availability: Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP.

Price: You can buy it at $99. It also offers a free trial version.

#1. KaraFun:

KaraFun is one the most downloaded and top rated karaoke software. You will find many convenient features from this software which are very helpful for you. It offers a single click activates Dual Display and an additional karaoke window that can be moved on your video projector or external monitor. You can personalize the key and tempo of any song from your catalog and get to start singing in your own way.

It helps you to make your device a perfect karaoke machine as it offers you more than 23,000 high quality karaoke songs those are recorded in professional studios. It also provides other useful features such as offline sync, versatility, history, save to favourite and so more. Its professional plan gives you more facilities.

Platform Availability: Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP, Mac OS, Android, iOS.

Price: You can get its monthly subscription at $9.99 for 1 month and the unlimited professional subscription at $129 for one month. You can also download it for free with limited features.

Do you know any free or paid karaoke software or player? Please let us know with making a comment in this post. we will add this karaoke program here soon. which karaoke program is best you think? Make a comment here. Enjoy music with those best karaoke software 2020 now!

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