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Nov 04, 2017  😟 I have just replaced my old Android tablet with a new iPad mini 2, and I am very disappointed with the mail app. I have looked through the store for a 3rd party app with the 'list' view layout, but I haven't found one yet. I thought the iPad was supposed to be the gold standard, but my Android mail app was much better. Mar 09, 2016  Launchpad is the quick application launcher available from the Mac OS X Dock and a keystroke that looks quite a bit like the Homescreen of iOS. By default, the Launchpad app grid usually displays icons in 7 rows and 5 columns of apps, but with a little adjustment from the command line of OS X you can switch and customize the Launchpad icon grid to any number of apps you’d like to see on the Mac. Disconnect the session and change the local Mac keyboard layout. Reconnect the session and reopen the apps. The changed keyboard layout will be reflected in reopened apps. To see the keyboard layout change system-wide user needs to re-login with the changed keyboard layout. Jun 30, 2020  It is as simple as that to change your MAC address, keeping in mind that this change is permanent, even after you restart your Android phone. Changing the MAC Address without Root Access to the Device. First, you need to check your MAC address.

Microsoft Edge offers a fresh take on web browsing on Mac. Built with open-source Chromium, the browser includes several customization tools to make it your own.

Let's do this!

Microsoft Edge for Mac

Mac users should take it this new browser from Microsoft out for a test drive and not feel guilty about it.

Create a personalized tab page

Whenever you open a new tab in Microsoft Edge, you're presented with an informative page that you can customize according to your needs. You can use one of three canned layouts or go further by selecting a custom option.

The layouts include:

  • Focused: On this design, you'll find a large Bing web search box on this page followed by quick links to your most visited websites. You can add and delete more sites to this list with ease. At the bottom of the page is a link for Microsoft News. When clicked, your tab page extends down to a fully customizable Microsoft News subpage.
  • Inspiration: This layout looks very similar to Focused. However, instead of a white or black background (see below), it includes a photo of the day. A slightly smaller Bing web search box is offered here along with the quick links to your most visited websites. There's also a link for Microsoft news.
  • Informational: With this layout, the search box is shrunk even further as are the quick links. In the remaining space, you'll see the top of the Microsoft News subpage. Scroll to see more of today's news.

Regardless of the layout, you select, you can customize the tab screen further by turning the picture of the day on or off, removing the quick links, and changing how Microsoft News content on the page is viewed. Choices include:

  • Content Visible is how Microsoft News gets viewed with the Informational layout.
  • Headings Only shows only the categories from Microsoft News on the layout page.
  • Content Visible on Scroll is Microsoft News viewed through the Focused layout.
  • Content Off removes all Microsoft News content.

As part of the Microsoft Edge tab page customization, you can also change the language. There are over 20 languages available at launch.

How to customize your personalized tab page

  1. Click the + on the tab line in Microsoft Edge to activate a new page.
  2. Choose the settings wheel at the top right on the recently opened page.
  3. On the pull-down, select your layout, choosing from Focused, Inspiration, or Informational.

    Source: iMore

  4. If applicable, click the default language under Language & Content to make a change, choosing from the pull-down.

To further customize the personalized tab page:

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Keyboard Layout Change

  1. Click the + on the tab line in Microsoft Edge to activate a new page.
  2. Choose the settings wheel at the top right on the recently opened page.
  3. Select Custom under the three layout choices mentioned above.

    Source: iMore

  4. Toggle Show Quick Links on/off.
  5. Toggle Image of the day on/off.
  6. Click the Content pull-down to make changes to how content is viewed.

    Source: iMore

    Thank you for the updated review. Food network app for mac. We are glad to hear that it is working for you. While you may get an auto response telling you can't get to everyone immediately, we are usually pretty quick to get back to most people. Developer Response,Hi there. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime by emailing us at [email protected].

Power Apps Change Layout

You'll see your newly created tab page each time you open a new tab.

Set your level of protection

Microsoft Edge offers three levels of protection when it comes to web trackers. These are those pesky tools that companies use to collect data about how we interact with a site. By doing so, they can offer web content and ads customized for your benefit. Unfortunately, some web trackers can harm. Microsoft Edge addresses good and bad web trackers in a way that other browsers do not. Rather than taking an all-or-nothing approach, the browser offers three levels of tracking prevention for which to choose. These include Basic, Balanced, and Strict tracking.

Under the Basic setting, Microsoft blocks trackers it thinks are potentially harmful while allowing others that are intended to personalize your web content and ads. With the Microsoft-recommended Balanced approach, the browser blocks harmful trackers and those from sites you haven't visited. More security, however, means you'll receive a less robust and personalized experience compared to the Basic option.

With Strict tracking, Microsoft blocks harmful trackers and the majority of all trackers across most sites. Under this scenario, your surfing experience becomes even less personalized. Depending on the site, the limit could also disable video and login capabilities.

How to choose a level of protection in Microsoft Edge

  1. Choose Microsoft Edge from the Microsoft Edge active toolbar on your Mac.
  2. Click Preferences on the pull-down menu.
  3. Select Privacy and Services under Settings on the left side of the screen.

    Source: iMore

  4. Select your level of protection, choosing from Basic, Balanced, or Stict.

    Source: iMore

You can change your privacy selection at any time.

Change the theme

At launch, there's not much you can do with Microsoft Edge in terms of changing the theme. The choices are Light, Dark, and System Default. When the last one is selected, the theme will depend on the system theme you're using on the Mac. If you're using Dark Mode, for example, the theme will be the same through Microsoft Edge.

To adjust the theme:

  1. Choose Microsoft Edge from the Microsoft Edge active toolbar on your Mac.
  2. Click Preferences on the pull-down menu.
  3. Select Appearance under Settings on the left side of the screen.

    Source: iMore

  4. Click on the pull-down to the right of Theme under Customize Browser. Your choices are Light, Dark, and System Default.

    Source: iMore

    Change the home page

The Microsoft Edge home page is the one that shows up whenever you click on the Home icon. It's not the tab page from above.

To change the home page:

  1. Choose Microsoft Edge from the Microsoft Edge active toolbar on your Mac.
  2. Click Preferences on the pull-down menu.
  3. Select Appearance under Settings on the left side of the screen.

    Source: iMore

  4. Select from one of the two radio buttons under Show home button. The choices are New tab page or you can add one of your own.

    Source: iMore

In the example above, the iMore website has been selected as the home page.


Let us know below if you have any questions about the Microsoft Edge browser for Mac or web surfing itself.

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Breaking: More Twitter account features disable due to crypto hack

Verified and non-verified Twitter accounts are having some features disabled, including the ability to tweet. Twitter is recommending resetting your password.

Computers are fully embedded into our lives, both at work and at home. Checking email, organizing calendars, reading documents, shopping online, and surfing the web — all form the backdrop of our everyday. These activities are so commonplace and accessible that it’s easy to overlook the finer points of how your computer performs each task and what apps it uses to help you get the job done.

Apps are computer programs designed to interact with files and create a seamless transition for everything from booting up your Mac to working online. All computers come with a host of apps already installed. For example, computers running macOS come with Safari, made by Apple. This browser is already installed and ready to access the internet.

In other words, Safari is set to “default” browser, which means whenever you click a link to a website, it’ll always open it up using Safari. However, there are lots of other compatible browsers for Mac, and you might find yourself wondering how to change default browser on macOS or looking to fine-tune other default settings.

Why Should I Change Default Applications?

Most of the time, default apps have the basics covered, however you may be itching for a change because they may not be providing the features you need. If you find another app better suited to your needs, it’s best to make the change permanent.

By changing default apps to the ones you prefer, you’ll have more control over how you work with your files and be able to skip the headache of re-opening files with a new app every time, saving you precious minutes. Thankfully, changing default settings is fairly easy.

Changing default apps for specific file types

One upgrade you might consider right away is to change the default PDF viewer on Mac to something like PDFpen, or another advanced PDF reader. PDFs are one of the most common files types encountered daily. Used in contracts, university reading packages, or fillable forms, PDFs are popular for a good reason: any computer can open and read a PDF, and the format holds its layout. No matter what programs were used to create it, a PDF will generally look the same on everyone’s computer.

PDFpen is a great addition to your Mac. It has all the basic tools for editing and note-taking, but is also packed with advanced options for the increasingly paperless world: redaction features, signatures, notations, filling out or editing sections, and even highlighting and searching for certain terms within the document.

Here’s how to change default PDF viewer on Mac to PDFpen:

  1. In your Finder locate a .pdf file and right-click on it
  2. Select Get Info from the dropdown menu
  3. Expand the Open With section and select PDFpen
  4. Once selected, click the Change All button below the dropdown menu. A pop-up will appear asking if you’re sure, click Yes.

Now the change should be implemented for all .pdf files. Test it by returning to the Finder and opening any .pdf. If it launches in PDFpen. you know it has worked. Further, you can use the same steps to set other defaults apps for different kinds of files: instructing all .jpeg files to open with CameraBag Pro, for example.

If you ever need to know how to make Preview default app again, just repeat the steps above but select Preview instead of PDFPen when you reach the Open With selection.

Change App Layout On Iwatch

Changing your default browser

You already know what is the default browser for Mac OSX: Safari. And while Safari is a generally excellent option, there are other great browsers for Mac — one of the most popular being Google Chrome. Along with its reputation for being faster than other browsers, Chrome seamlessly syncs with services you may have been using all the time, such as Gmail, Chromecast, or GCal.

Change Keyboard Layout Mac

Knowing how to change default browser on Mac will never be a challenge. It’s arguably the easiest change to make because all browsers compete to report usage, so whenever they detect they are not being used every time they produce a pop-up asking to be default. This may seem like it makes directions for how to change default browsers obsolete, usually downloading the browser you want and opening it for the first time will set you on the path to default status. But occasionally a careless mis-click will find you on the wrong end of an unwanted Yahoo search bar.

To make Chrome default browser on Mac, begin by downloading Chrome if you haven’t already. Then follow the directions below according to which operating System your Mac is currently running.

How to make Chrome default browser on macOS Mavericks or earlier:

  1. Launch Safari by clicking the compass icon
  2. Click on the Safari menu in the top-left corner and select Preferences
  3. Navigate to General
  4. Choose Chrome as the default by selecting it from the menu
  5. Close Preferences
  6. Quit Safari

If you don’t see a default option in Preferences, don’t panic. You may need to use different instructions if your Mac is running on El Capitan or Yosemite.

How to make Chrome default browser on El Capitan or Yosemite:

  1. Launch System Preferences from the Dock or Finder
  2. Select General from the top left of the window
  3. Find the dropdown next to “Default web browser”
  4. Choose the web browser you'd like to use as the default and close System Preferences

Your preferences will be automatically saved. You can test it by performing a search in Spotlight and clicking a web result. If the site opens in Chrome, you’ll know you have successfully set Chrome as default browser.

Change your default email app


We spend so much time checking, writing, and organizing emails that having an email client designed to save you time is key. With this in mind, you may want to further customize your Mac by selecting a better email client. Much like a PDF reader opens .pdf files and a browser allows you to surf the web, your email client sets up a place for you to easily check and respond to your emails.

While many check their emails in browsers for convenience if they move between computers, a better, more secure option is Canary Mail.

Canary Mail focuses on security and this is what makes it outstanding. In addition, its concept and design are no-nonsense. Canary works with all the email providers you already have and has tools for dealing with volumes of unwanted emails or unused threads in bulk. It also uses algorithms to learn what you need and optimizes your productivity.

Right now, Mail is likely the default email app on your Mac. The steps below outline how to change default program on Mac to a third-party one. If you have some email client already downloaded, you can still use the steps below to change the default email client from Mail. Just sub the name of your app in place of Canary. Just in case, Canary Mail download is available here.

Switch the default email client from Mail to Canary:

  1. Launch Mail by clicking the icon in the Dock or searching for it with Finder
  2. At the top of the screen, click Mail in the menu bar and then Preferences
  3. Select the dropdown next to Default Mail Reader
  4. Choose Canary as the default

This change should take immediate effect.

Switching and customizing your default apps will improve your interactions with your Mac, enhancing how you experience the activities you spend time doing everyday by making them faster and easier.

I Change From Mac Change Apps Layout Windows 10

Once you know how to switch the default apps, you may find yourself customizing other aspects of your computer use. PDFpen and Canary Mail are both offered as free trials from Setapp — a platform for over 150 unique and useful Mac apps — so there is no risk to trying something new. If you don't like it, you can always go back and change the default again at any time.

Gmail App Change Layout

So whether you are running a faster browser, highlighting and making notes in the margin for school, or simply clearing out junk-mail now that you can change default application on macOS you can take control of the finer points of how your Mac runs. Small daily tasks will wrap up faster and look better.