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Movavi PDF Editor is a powerful, easy-to-use app for editing PDF files of any size. You can use the program to add or edit text in a PDF, apply different text styles, and insert shapes, images, and other objects into a PDF document. Keep reading to discover how to open and edit a PDF using Movavi’s PDF text editor. For full pdf editing capabilities (for example adding paragraphs of text, moving pictures around on a page etc) you need to get some fully blown pdf editing software like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Acrobat Professional. But these cost hundreds of dollars. The good news is that ‘Preview’, the built-in OS X pdf reader app, has some basic pdf.


Edit PDF Text

PDF Editor for Mac allows users to add and edit text and image objects in PDF files, and enable users to change text formats including font type, style, size, color, text alignment, etc.

Integrate with Popular Enterprise CMS

Check in and check out PDFs from iManage WorkSite and SharePoint.

Add Headers, Footers, and Watermarks


PDF Editor for Mac allows users to add, edit, or delete headers, footers, watermarks and backgrounds in a PDF file.

Create and Export PDF

PDF Editor for Mac allows users to convert Microsoft Office, HTML, image, and text files to PDF, PDF/A, PDF/E, and PDF/X. Create, view, print, edit, and search for text in PDF portfolios.

Export PDF content to Microsoft Office, HTML, image, and text files.

Optimize PDF Files

Optimize PDF files to reduce file size by compressing images, and clearing out redundant PDF objects, user data and unembedded fonts.

Scan and OCR

Many times hardcopy documents are required to be in digital format. PhantomPDF Mac is the PDF Editor that provides capabilities to support your paperless office workflows.

Interfaces with your scanner to scan and convert to PDF documents. Will convert existing scans (i.e. images) to PDF.

Follow the on-screen instructions and do not remove the Setup CD-ROM during restarting. It may be necessary to restart your computer during the installation process. Internet connection may be required during the installation. Connection fees apply. Canon mp640 scan software mac. The installation resumes once your computer has restarted.

Compatible video formats are MOV (from select Canon digital cameras only) and MP4 (from select Canon digital camcorders only). CREATIVE PARK PREMIUM is a premium content service available exclusively to users only when all of the colors of genuine Canon inks and all of the software that came with the printer are properly installed. Canon PIXMA MX492 Printer series Full Driver & Software Package download for Microsoft Windows, MacOS X and Linux Operating Systems. Canon printer driver is an application software program that works on a computer to communicate with a printer. Canon u.s.a.,inc. Shall not be held liable for errors contained herein, or for lost profits, lost opportunities, consequential or incidental damages incurred as a result of acting on information, or the operation of any software, included in this software site. Canon mx492 scanner software.

OCRs image based content into selectable and searchable text. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) identifies characters and words within images.

Mac App Pdf Editor Which Can Modify Text Font

OCR option to make PDF text editable, which is really valuable when updating documents when you only have the hardcopy.

Organize PDF Files and Pages

PDF Editor for Mac allows users to insert and merge PDF documents together or split PDF apart. Delete, extract, duplicate, replace, or rotate pages to reorganize PDF documents. Compare two PDF documents and highlight the differences to help you identify what has been changed quickly and easily.

PhantomPDF Articles allow you to define a navigational path (or an article thread) for an article in a PDF document that spans multiple columns and/or across several pages.

Work with PDF Forms

Mac App Pdf Editor Which Can Modify Text Font Free

Create PDF forms quickly and easily with automated form field recognition and designer assistant. Create professional looking forms with push and radio buttons; check, combo, and list boxes; and text and signature fields.

Users can also open and fill XFA forms.

Mac App Pdf Editor Which Can Modify Text Font Online

Sign PDF Documents

PDF Editor for Mac allows users to sign PDF documents with your own hand written signature or with digital signatures.

Protect PDF Files

PDF Editor for Mac allows users to protect PDF documents with passwords, certificates, or Microsoft® Rights Management Service and control what action others can perform.

Users can permanently remove (redact) visible text and images from PDFs to protect sensitive information. Allows users to apply redactions to the same position in multiple pages and to choose how to fill the redaction area with auto-resized overlay text/code. It also support search and redact.

Protect PDF with Document Sanitization

Removes sensitive information from your document before publishing, like metadata, comments, hidden data from previous saves, hidden layers, overlapping objects, and more.

Annotate PDF Files

PDF Editor for Mac allows users to provide a full set of feature-rich comment tools to mark up, annotate, and hyperlink PDF files. Summarize, import, and export comments. Create, customized, and insert stamps.

Initiate shared reviews and provide and manage comments.

Navigate by Bookmarks

PDF Editor for Mac allows users to jump to the specific section of a PDF file by bookmark. Users can also add, rename, delete bookmarks, or set destinations to bookmarks.

Section 508 Accessibility Checker

Checks accessibility of PDF files to verify if the document complies with Section 508 technology standards. PhantomPDF identifies and provides fixes for accessibility checker failed results to make the PDF file comply with Section 508 technology standards.

Enterprise-Wide Deployment

The Foxit Customization Tool helps IT professionals configure the installer prior to organization-wide deployment, and quickly install and activate Foxit PhantomPDF Mac on all the devices across your organization without any user interaction.

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