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Since most people use WiFi to access the web nowadays, it is very significant to use WiFi analyzer tools to check your network performance. A WiFi analyzer app helps you detect a WiFi connection and improve your connection speed by freeing you out of the congested areas where signal works poorly. They provide you the best frequencies to improve your network and let you access the web at the highest speed. So today I am going to mention the best WiFi channel analyzer apps for multiple platforms.

To access Wi-Fi Diagnostics, Option-click on the Wi-Fi icon in your Menu bar. In the drop-down menu that appears, select 'Open Wireless Diagnostics.' The Wi-Fi Diagnostics app is hidden inside /.

Best wifi analyzer apps for various platforms


(1) WiFi Analyzer

Check mac address of Android – Go to Settings About Phone Status WiFi Mac address. After finding out devices on my network, now check which is the unknown mac address showing in wireless statistics. If there is any then copy mac address or note down in notepad to block. Go to wireless wireless mac filtering, After that click on Add new. Mar 23, 2016  Manage the Wi-Fi connection on your Mac You can use the Wi-Fi menu on your Mac to see the status of your wireless network connection, switch between networks, or turn Wi-Fi on or off. WiFi Scanner is another Mac WiFi analyzer app that presents your nearest wireless networks with detailed information like channels, signal strength, MAC address, signal quality, maximum data rate, encryption, etc. It is a simple and fast app that lets you determine the best network for yourself with the minimum congestion and traffic.

WiFi Analyzer displays the active WiFi networks around you and helps you locate the least congested channel. It is a user-friendly app that shows the network overview of the present networks near you and which channels they are using in real-time. You can also find the channel ratings by tapping on View and check which channel performs the best so that you can choose your preferred channel from your router’s web interface. WiFi Analyzer is a free WiFi analyzer app for Android phone that performs well.

(2) WiFi Channel Analyzer

WiFi Channel Analyzer is a free WiFi analyzer and WiFi channel scanner app that helps you improve your network speed and keeps it consistent. It provides a detailed view of the channel traffic so that you can determine which channel to choose. WiFi Channel Analyzer suggests you the channels with minimum traffic, which will deliver you the highest speed at the best frequencies. You can also check the channel strength and the number of routers using a particular channel.


(1) Network Analyzer Lite

Network Analyzer Lite is a WiFi analyzer iPhone and a troubleshooting app that diagnoses various problems related to WiFi networks and offers faster and safer browsing. The app is prepared with an efficient WiFi device discovery tool and consists of a WiFi LAN scanner that can detect any device rapidly. Network Analyzer Lite pings the analyzed server and displays the complete WiFi network information with SSID, BSSID, IP address and subnet mask.

(2) WiFi Explorer (Jailbreak only)

WiFi Explorer is an “iOS WiFi analyzer” that can scan, monitor and troubleshoot WiFi networks. WiFi Explorer can instantly identify the channels that create conflicts and fix configuration problems or signal overlapping that create trouble in the connectivity. The app also displays the network name such as SSID, Mac address, band, device manufacturer, maximum data rate, etc. This WiFi analyzer iOS app has an easy to use interface and supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. WiFi Explorer can be used only on jailbroken iPhone and iPad devices via Cydia.


(1) WiFi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer for Windows is an effective software that can detect WiFi interference issues and find the best channel for you. It uses your PC/ computer or mobile device as an analyzer for your wireless network and find the best place for your router. WiFi Analyzer also displays the network details to help you learn more about the network and channel you are using. It helps in detecting the network that contains more traffic and provides suggestions to help choose your preferences.

(2) Nirsoft WiFiInfoView

WiFiInfoView is a WiFi analyzer Windows that display the wireless networks around you along with the additional information about them. It displays information like channel number, frequency, the network name (SSID), MAC address, signal quality, router manufacturer and lots of other information that you’d like to know. On selecting a network name from the upper panel, the lower panel displays the WiFi information received from the device. WiFiInfoView is an efficient tool for Windows users and it perfectly works and diagnoses any wireless connection.


(1) Wireless Diagnostics

Wireless Diagnostics is an integrated WiFi analyzer Mac tool that has the same functionality like the other WiFi spectrum analyzer apps. The tool scans your nearest WiFi networks and displays the available networks and their channels with frequencies. To access Wireless Diagnostics, hold the Option key > click the WiFi icon in the top menu bar of your screen > select Open Wireless Diagnostics. Ignore the appearing wizard and click on the Window menu and choose Utilities. Select the WiFi scan tab > Scan Now. It will display the best 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels and recommend the correct WiFi channels for your router.

(2) WiFi Scanner

WiFi Scanner is another Mac WiFi analyzer app that presents your nearest wireless networks with detailed information like channels, signal strength, MAC address, signal quality, maximum data rate, encryption, etc. It is a simple and fast app that lets you determine the best network for yourself with the minimum congestion and traffic. You can easily connect to your preferred network by clicking on the join button. WiFi Scanner Mac tool (Wifi Scanner) also supports WiFi speed testing, both download, and upload, and offers the speed testing feature to troubleshoot any problem. It also includes an IP scanner to detect unknown devices which are connected to your WiFi network. Few of the access points consists of the advanced features like, displaying their names if configured by the network administrator, display the number of devices which are connected to a specific access point, etc. WiFi Scanner is a full-featured wireless channel scanner for Apple Mac which is rich in features and works best for personal, as well as professional uses.

Simple tips and tweaks to improve your signal strength,


Besides using the best WiFi analysis tools, you can also try a few tricks to improve your network strength and browse online faster.

  • Move the physical antennas of your WiFi router slightly in different directions to find the best speed.
  • Keeps away your router from walls and borders. Remember to keep it slightly away can also improve your network speed.
  • Keep your router away from television, microwave, refrigerator, and any other electronic devices which may create collision in the channels.
  • The easiest way to improve signal strength for Mac users is to relocate the Mac next to the router.
  • It is also recommended to change WiFi channels if there are matching channels from the nearby routers.

We hope you find these apps quite useful and beneficial and avail faster web browsing with our simple tweaks.

The only thing worse than no internet is the slow Internet. But did you know more often than not, you could easily troubleshoot or fix that issue in your wireless network using just a simple WiFi analyzer tool? In our previous articles, we saw some of the best WiFi Analyzer for Windows, macOS, and Android. And as you guessed, it’s time to look for the best WiFi analyzer for iPhone and iPads.

WiFi analyzers provide an in-depth report of your wireless network, its signal strengths, the devices connected to it, and a lot more which makes it easy for you to identify the problem or simply improve your WiFi strength. Here are some of the best WiFi analyzer apps you can find for iOS.

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Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps for iPhone and iPad

1. N Stats

Most Android smartphones have a little indicator on the status bar that shows you the Internet speed, either through native settings or using a third-party app. To get the same on your iPhone, you can use N Stats. This apps shows you real-time stats in the Widgets area with N Stats. In addition to this, it also shows available RAM, storage space, and network speeds. You can adjust the color of every parameter but that’s about it.


  • Simple UI
  • Customizable Colors
  • Widget


  • Can’t move to notification area like Android due to iOS restrictions

Verdict: I’ve included this app on the list for just this purpose but if you want a more comprehensive app then there are better options below.

Install N Stats (free)

2. Fing

Fing is a completely free and one of the top network tools on the App Store, used by amateurs and professionals alike.

The first thing you’ll notice about Fing is that how much it manages to pack while still being free; the WiFi scanner gives you a list of connected devices along with every detail possible from their MAC addresses to their vendor names and you can even control the internet connection for a particular device. There is also a ping utility together with traceroute for network quality measurement. Find is also available for Android users with the same interface.

Mac App To Check Wireless Channels Online

For pro users, it incorporates many advanced features like a port scanner to find open ports and available services, Wake On LAN (WOL) to wake up devices remotely, and even DNS lookup.


  • Completely free but doesn’t slack in features
  • Powerful Network Scanner
  • Event log
  • DNS Lookup


  • No way to export all the data
  • No Speed tester

Verdict: Fing is one of those apps which exceeds all your expectations of what a free app can offer and I highly recommend it to home users as well as professionals before investing your money on any other network analyzer app.

Install Fing (free)

3. IT Tools

IT Tools is a professional network analyzer that is full of powerful tools that can help you retrieve important information about your network. You can scan and save network reports that include IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, DNS routes, ping, etc. What’s even better is that the app has over 50 different supported DNS record types that would make looking up info about domains, easily.


  • Robust Design
  • In-depth report
  • Continous Traceroutes
  • 50 DNS record types

Install IT Tools ($4.99)

4. Network Analyzer

Network Analyzer is another popular network app that happens to come in two versions, a free Lite version and a paid Pro version. The Lite version offers some very basic functionalities, but for 4 dollars, the Pro version is where it’s at.

It comes with a quick WiFi scanner, including all the LAN devices’ names and addresses, along with the DLNA/Bonjour services they offer. Of course, it comes with all the standard network diagnostic tools like speed test, ping, traceroute, DNS lookup, and a port scanner. I specifically like the traceroute here which visualizes the route of the packet on a map.

Another feature that many professionals will appreciate, is the exporting capabilities for most tools in a text as well as CSV.


  • WiFi Scanner as well as all other network diagnostic tools
  • Options to export in text and CSV

Verdict: While the Lite version is basically useless, you can’t go wrong with Network Analyzer Pro – great value and overall a very capable network analyzing tool you can add to your device.

Download Network Analyzer Lite (free, $3.99)

5. Scany

At first glance, Scany might appear as a hacking tool or very complex app due to its black and green color scheme, but in reality, it feels one of the most complete and polished WiFi analyzer app you can get on iOS.

Scany has a powerful WiFi/LAN and internet scanner which has also been optimized to work with large networks by efficient search algorithms. The instant lookup feature allows for instant detection and IP lookup and is a few of the whole host of services that the app provides. Other tools include ping and traceroute, a port scanner, WOL, whois, DNS lookup, and detailed network information.

It also has extensive export options that allow all your history and information to be shared in text, CSV and.SCANY files via email and can be opened again in the Scany app.


  • Most complete WiFi analyzer tool
  • Extensive export, import and history options


  • No light mode

Verdict: Scany was built by a network administrator and completely feels so with the little nuances like DNS server detection and type shortcuts. If you want the best and most powerful network analyzer app, look no further than Scany. However, it might be overkill for most casual users.

Download Scany ($5.99)

Mac App To Check Wireless Channels List

6. iNetTools Pro

Last but not least, iNetTools Pro is a network analyzer app that aims to make it easy for beginners to take full control over their own WiFi networks.

Once you open the app you are greeted with a very simple interface with options to select from all the standard network diagnostic tools. It includes a nifty feature called “Server List” which you can use to save addresses of servers that you visit frequently and this comes in super handy for people who have to manage one or more servers.

Check Channels Of Wireless Networks

But what really sets this app apart is its unlimited tech support via email. Troubleshooting network issues can be a nightmare if you don’t know much about networks or even if you know a lot and this feature is really commendable, especially for beginners.

Server List
Unlimited Tech Support

No Speed or Signal Tester
No export options

Mac App To Check Wifi Channels

Verdict: iNetTools Pro provides most of the network tools one might require, together with tech support in a single package which makes it a great option for someone with little to no knowledge of network tools and looking forward to learning how to use them.

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Download iNetTools Pro ($5.99)

Mac Wireless Network

Mac App To Check Wireless Channels

Special Mention

Apple has its own Airport Utility app on the App Store which works pretty well providing a graphical overview of your wireless network and the ability to access or modify all network information, but it only works with Apple’s Airport Base Stations which include Airport Time Capsule, Airport Express and AirPort Extreme.

Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps for iPhone and iPad

So this was a look at some of the best WiFi analyzer apps that iOS has to offer. The main takeaway should be that even the free apps have a lot to offer and you should check them out first before jumping on and buying an app. And of course, don’t forget to pick an app that suits your level and slowly work your way up from there. Finally, let us know in the comments below which app do you use or if you have suggestions for any other app which we forgot to include.