Mac Mail App Latest Version

Mac Mail App Latest Version

Jun 29, 2020  While responding to users on the Microsoft Community forums, a Windows Insider MVP has stated that the issues were there as the latest version (7.20200.0) of the Mail app is.


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Mac Mail App Latest Version 2019

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Mac Mail App Update

The Mail app in macOS Catalina offers new features for sending, receiving, and viewing email messages.

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Mac Mail App Latest Version For Firestick

  • You can unsubscribe from mailing lists directly in Mail while reading your email.

  • You can mute conversations to reduce noise in your Inbox from overly active threads.

  • You can block messages from specific senders and move their messages directly to the Trash when they arrive.

  • You can view messages in a simplified column layout, with the message preview below or next to the message list.

  • You can highlight conversations in the message list so they’re easier to spot.

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  • You can sign attachments using your nearby iPhone or iPad before you send them.

  • You can insert sketches from your nearby iPhone or iPad directly into a message you’re writing.