Mac Os Mojave New Apps Stay In Dock

Carefully read this hidden features, If you loved to manage the apps and folders on the Mac and want to prevent the desktop from cluttering than this tutorial is beneficial for you. I hope you know about Stacks and how to use stacks in macOS Mojave, which is used to arrange the folders and files so that the desktop doesn’t get messed up. In this article, we will see another way to avoid chaos on your Mac’s Dock by hiding the recent apps from the dock in macOS Mojave.

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By default recently used apps in macOS Mojave is enabled but there is a straightforward way by which you can remove recent apps from the dock.

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There are now three sections to the Dock in Mojave. The left section, usually taking up most of the Dock, is apps that you put there, or were there by default. This is the same as before. The right section is files and folders and the trash, the same as before. The middle section is new. Aug 02, 2019  With the introduction of OS X El Capitan, you can now move the Dock to a secondary display without changing the primary display settings. All subsequent versions, including Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave support this function. How to Move the Dock. Moving the Dock to a non-primary display on a Mac laptop is a breeze.

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Let’s begin with how to hide or remove new dock in macOS Mojave.

The macOS Mojave Visuals. The first thing I liked very much is a dynamic desktop that changes with the time of day. In times past, there have been attempts to introduce movies as a desktop.

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As you can see there are three recently used applications are present between the Trash and other apps. A white line separates these three apps so one can easily find the recently used apps.

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Oct 22, 2018  The Dock in MacOS Mojave includes a new feature that displays a trio of recently used applications alongside your regular Dock app icons. The Recent Applications section of the Dock adjusts and updates automatically as you launch and quit apps, and while it offers a convenient way to reopen apps you were using not long ago, some users may prefer to not have the feature enabled for whatever. Sep 21, 2018  The new Dark mode now works across the entire macOS operating system. The result is a sort of user interface with the menu bar, the dock, and app icons now featuring darker colors and themes. To enable dark mode in macOS Mojave, click on the Apple logo on the menu bar, then select System Preferences from the drop-down menu and hit General.

Install Mac Os Mojave App

MacOS Mojave: Recently used app Showing on Dock

Step #1: Click on the “Apple” menu.

Step #2: From the list select “System Preferences.”

Step #3: Open “Dock” after selecting System Preferences.

Step #4: Now, to hide recent dock on macOS Mojave you have to uncheck the option “Show recent Applications in Dock.”

Suppose you want to use this options or Section back on the dock, Keep Checked. And See instant effect on your Mac’s dock.

You can see there are different options available such as Size, Magnification, Position on screen, Automatically hide and show the Dock and much more.

They are by default-adjusted by the macOS Mojave to ensure reliable user response. However, if you are not satisfied with the default settings, then you can change right from that Dock menu.

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So after that, all the recent apps will be hidden from the dock in your MacBook. It is straightforward to go back if you want to see current applications in the dock.

Follow the same above steps and then enable Show Recent Applications in Dock. Make your Desktop more clear and less confusion while working on multiple apps simultaneously.

While still in beta, macOS Mojave has added a new feature that is arguably bad for most of the population. By default, macOS Mojave will now show the three most recently used apps in your dock.

Follow along to learn how to disable this feature…

macOS Mojave: How to hide recent apps in the Dock

  1. Fire up System Preferences > Dock.
  2. All the way at the bottom of the pane, untick the box Show recent applications in Dock.

At least it’s an option. Personally, don’t like showing the most recent apps in the Dock, especially if those apps are already in the Dock as macOS isn’t smart enough to hide apps that are already in the Dock.

Showing recent apps can also be slightly annoying with Mac notebooks as the Dock can be cramped due to screen real estate.

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