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When it comes to ensuring the security of premises, the camera is an important asset. However, having them running at all times would require a large amount of memory, and it would also take a lot of time to cover the entire surveillance coverage.


This is why it is important to have a means to trigger the action of these cameras and motion detection software. It would be a great help when it comes to application.

Netcam Watcher

Motion activated security camera for laptop free download - Pocket Spy Cam: Video Camera with Sound and Motion Sensor Activated Recording, Web Camera Security System, Webcam Motion Detector,. Motion sensor security camera with sound detection. The LNC234 uses two different types of motion sensors to keep you aware of movements around your house. Along with top-quality video motion detection this camera also utilizes a PIR (passive infrared) motion sensor to detect levels of infrared light emitted from objects that generate heat.

Netcam Watcher is a motion detection software for home application. With this software, it is possible to monitor the activities of a home when motion is detected, and it works with a wide range of home security systems. The software enables you to access the footage while you are away.

AXIS Video Motion Detection

AXIS Video Motion Detection software will ensure that you are able to achieve lots more. With this software, you will be able to enjoy reliable detection, reliable indoor and outdoor detection, false alarm filtering. It is also a free and easy to install an application with great flexibility.


uViewIt is a motion detection software that enhances the operation of your surveillance devices and thus further boosts your security. With this software, it is possible to turn various recording devices into stealth devices. It is can also be used for video conference live via a browser.


ZebraMedia is a webcam monitoring and motion detection software that will ensure total security of your home. The software allows complete customization of sensitivity so as to avoid false alarms. The software has the ability to make recordings on an FTP server and send notifications to your email.

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Other Platform

To a large extent the programs used for the reporting on surveillance use IP protocols and they are web based. This, therefore, implies that they can be accessed from any device especially the mobile devices. However, for the resident software, it needs to ride on a specific platform.

Motion Detect for Windows

Motion Detect is a motion detection software for assisting in surveillance work and is designed to run on the Windows platform. The tool is light weight and monitors the surrounding of your computer through the built-in camera as well as any other camera that may be connected to the computer.

iSentry for Mac

iSentry has conveniently converted the webcam on your Mac into a motion detector surveillance camera and thus conveniently boost your security. All you will need is your Mac computer with a webcam and an internet connection. With this, the surveillance tape can then be accessed from other devices including iPhone.

Most Popular Software – WebCam Monitor

WebCam Monitor is a popular motion detection software for surveillance application. With the tool, you will be able to achieve lots of satisfaction from its service as it is compatible with all webcams. It also has the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom to adjust coverage area to your liking.


What is a Motion Detection Software?

Essentially, a motion detection software is a computer program that allows you to be in control of your surveillance work. With the software, it is possible to turn an average webcam on computer or other strategically positioned into surveillance cameras with motion detection abilities. This is important especially for the home environment and other important areas.You may also see Flash Animation Software

Its developer has made it very useful even for new versions of Operating Systems. Image viewer for mac. Quick Summary. It is a freeware photo viewer.It is very fast and opens your images quickly and instantly without any delay. IrfanViewIrfanView is an old photo viewer used by many users reliably and easily. You can have many new and practical features.

This is because, with such an application, the camera only records only when motion is detected and not every other time thus gradually reducing the records to action time alone. With some of the software, you also get notification of these activities. You may also see Stop Motion Software

Motion Sensor Hidden Camera

The current generation is very security conscious, and the good part is that there is adequate technology to support it. With the software we have discussed above, it is possible to beef-up the security of the majority of the areas without having to deploy sophisticated equipment.

Motion Sensor Camera Outdoor

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