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An excellent note-taking app to collect and organize thoughts is a blessing in disguise. People use Evernote, OneNote, Bear Notes, Google Keep, and others, as a digital file cabinet. Today, the note-taking space is so crowded that if you want to move from one app to another or someone needs to pick a new option, the task appears more daunting than ever. That said, Microsoft OneNote is an excellent note-taking app if you're quite comfortable with using MS Office apps. It's free, available on all platforms, and comes with handy features. Bear notes is another capable offering with a prime focus on UI and reliability.

Aug 02, 2019  The best note-taking apps sync across iPhone, Mac, Windows, Android, and the web. They let you jot down quick notes, search, export, and sync everything you want to remember. The best app.

  • Windows’ native note taking app – Sticky Notes – was appealing at first, but the novelty steadily wore off when you see the mess it makes of your desktop. Find out how the alternative ‘Notes’ – a kind of Mac notes for Windows – can help you manage your notes better! When Sticky Notes made its way to Windows.
  • Jun 12, 2020 Evernote is easily the most popular note-taking app available. Ironically, note-taking capabilities aren’t it’s strong suit. In fact, many users feel that the text editor leavessomething to be desired. Organization on the other hand is where Evernote excels. It’s great for keeping track of upcoming exams, assignments, and other deadlines.
  • Joplin: Joplin is a free and open-source note-taking app available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. It lets you create multiple types of notes, reminders, and alarms, all of which can be.

On paper, both OneNote and Bear Notes may sound identical, but they differ in various areas such as note organization, sharing, editor, and user navigation.

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In this post, we are going to compare both OneNote and Bear Notes on the Mac. We will also talk about the mobile app experience on the iPhone. Let’s get started to pick a relevant note-taking software for you.

Cross-Platform Availability

OneNote is available on iOS, Android, Windows, iPad, Mac, Web, and as a Chrome extension. Bear Notes is focused on the Apple ecosystem. It is only available on iOS, iPad, Mac, and as an extension on the Chrome web store.

If you plan to use the notes app either Android or Windows, your answer ends here. Go with Microsoft OneNote.

Get OneNote for MacGet Bear Notes for Mac
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User Interface

If you have used Microsoft Office apps, then you would feel right at home with the OneNote. The major options, such as drawing, editing, and view, are tucked inside the ribbon at the top. The notebook, pages, and sections are on the left side.

Microsoft has stuck with the winning formula for UI and UX over the years. And it works well with the OneNote software. OneNote also supports the night theme, which I rarely use but might find useful in dark situations.

Bear Notes is known for its intuitive user interface. The app uses a slick-looking UI with notes and tags on the left sidebar. Using Bear Notes, you can easily witness the company’s close attention to the UI.

Bear Notes also support multiple theming options. You can go to App Preference > Themes and choose from the dozens of available themes.

Notes Organization

This is one of the main differences between the two apps. Notes organization can be the deal-breaker for many users. Some may prefer OneNote’s Notebook style, while others might prefer the tags-based organization in Bear Notes.

Let’s start with OneNote first. Microsoft mimics the physical notebook style in the software. You can create an OneNote Notebook, add sections in it and further create pages to write notes.

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Bear Notes doesn’t offer any Notebook-style organization. Instead, it relies on tags to quickly search through and differentiate notes in the app. So it's entirely your personal preference on the organization style you like.

Note Editing

Microsoft brings the familiar Word editing options to the OneNote with a couple of changes designed for a note-taking app.

With OneNote, you can change font, style, fonts, use different headings, choose from multiple color options, and even use various tags like Question, Remember, Important, To-Do, and more.

OneNote also lets you insert a table, files, images, audio recording, and even maths equation. You can integrate some built-in stickers too.

OneNote offers drawing capabilities. It’s mostly useful if your PC or tablet has Pen support. You can use Pen, Marker, and Highlighter, change the ink color and intensity and use the eraser to undo mistakes.

While OneNote throws every possible option at you for editing, Bear Notes smartly hides them to keep the note-taking area clean. When composing a note, you can tap on the little pen icon at the bottom to open the floating menu with editing options.

It covers the basics but lacks the rich-editing options offered by OneNote. The lfunctions include different headings, line separator, quote, code block, to-do, highlighter, file integration, and more.

For note details, you can tap on the info icon at the upper right corner, and Bear will display modification date, words, characters, read time, and paragraphs. I like how Bear Notes mentions keyboard shortcuts for editing options in the app.

Speaking of keyboard shortcuts, you should memorize OneNote keyboard shortcuts to fly through the app and editing options.

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Note Sharing and Syncing

OneNote syncs all the created notebooks and data to Microsoft’s OneDrive platform. Bear Notes uses Apple’s iCloud storage to keep the data in sync.

Bear Notes allows you to share the note in PDF, HTML, DOCX, and JPG format. Just tap on the info button at the top and choose the file type to share the note. Unfortunately, you can’t invite others to make changes to the note.

OneNote lets you share an entire Notebook with others. You can use the invite link and ask others to collaborate with you on the notebook. Sadly, you can’t share a section of the notebook separately. However, you can share a page of a section as PDF.

A Word on Mobile Apps

Bear Notes is only available on the iOS platform and that's why we will talk about app experience on the iPhone. OneNote sticks with the same note organization as the desktop. Open Notebook, go to the section, and start filling-up pages. I like how Microsoft has integrated Sticky Notes add-on in the OneNote mobile app. The search function also works as expected.

Bear Notes iOS app is a joy to use. It feels and looks more polished and responsive than OneNote. You can find the same editing options as well as theming choices.


OneNote is free but has a catch. It uses the OneDrive service to store notes and data. OneDrive only offers 5GB of free space. After that, you need to pay for the additional OneDrive storage to keep using OneNote.

Bear Notes work on a monthly subscription. It costs $1.5 per month to use. Bear Notes does offer a free trial to test out the service.

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File Up Your Digital Cabinet

Both OneNote and Bear Notes are excellent note-taking apps. If you want something free and works across all platforms, then go with OneNote. Bear Notes offer better UI, robust organization with tags, and a bunch of theme options to spice up the software experience. As for now, I’m sliding with OneNote and I will keep a close eye on Bear Notes for their swift development process.

Next up:Apple Notes is the default choice for iPhone users. Read its comparison with Bear notes to choose a better app for you.

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Did You Know

As of March 2020, Microsoft Teams has over 75 million daily active users.

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Bored of note taking in traditional way , so here you can take a look at the latest note -taking method . Here we list out the Best Note taking apps for PC and Smartphone .

At work, you will surely need to note down bullet points or you will need to note important tasks and other activities to be done. Since these days everyone uses computers and android phones, use of pen and paper has been reduced. So, in these computers and smart phones, where can you note down your important work easily? I am sure that you all might have come across various note-taking apps for computers and smart phones. These apps make it easier for you to remember your tasks and responsibilities.


  • 1 Best Note taking apps of the year

Best Note taking apps of the year

Note Taking App For Mac And Windows

You will never miss out to complete any work if you have noted all the points in your phone or computer. Now let us see what all note-taking apps are available these days to use in computers and smart phones. The note-taking apps mentioned below are some of the best cross-platform apps that make your work quick.

Now of you ever want to note down anything you don’t have to look for pen and paper use these Best Note-taking apps for Android , iPhone and PC to take easy notes .

Best Note taking apps for Windows

If you want to make quick notes in your windows system you can now do it with the comfort of windows note taking apps .

  1. Quip
  2. Cortana
  3. Simple Note
  4. Microsoft OneNote
  5. Evernote
  6. Sticky Notes
  7. Notepad
  8. Scrble

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Best Note taking apps for Mac

Below given is the list of best note taking apps for Mac .

  1. Evernote
  2. Microsoft OneNote
  3. Simple Note
  4. Bear
  5. Google Keep
  6. Zoho

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Note Taking Apps For Mac

Best Note taking apps for iPhone / iPad – iOS note taking apps

Like the above seen note taking softwares for windows and Mac , here is the list of note taking apps for iOS users .

  1. Apple Notes
  2. Bear
  3. Simple Note

Best Note taking apps for Android

  1. ColorNote
  2. OneNote
  3. Google Keep
  4. EverNote
  5. SimpleNote
  6. LectureNotes
  7. Omni Notes

Finally given above is the exclusive list of note taking apps for Android users .

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Best Note taking apps for Windows , Mac , Android & iPhone / iPad

1) OneNote

OneNote is one of the best note taking apps with a number of features and majority of them are for free. Since OneNote comes from Microsoft, it integrates with Office tools like Ms Word, Excel etc. Thus, the tool becomes more powerful for you to use. In this note-taking app, you can write, type and draw images related to the notes in your own way.

Another advantage of using OneNote is that, you can easily capture an image to add in the notes. You will not have to crop the image and waste your valuable time. OneNote will automatically crop the image you have selected to fit in the notes. Moreover, you can easily take the notes and refer for your future use. OneNote is compatible with both computers and smartphones.

2) EverNote

This is the next note-taking app for your computers and android phones which is very powerful. EverNote can organize all your notes very efficientlyand it has a cloud storage space of 60MB to store your data online. Like OneNote App, you can add images to this note as well. But an extra feature of attaching the pages of a website is also available with EverNote App.

This note-taking app is perfect for students since it can store any kind of data with any size and content. EverNote App is free for anyone to use but it only has a few features and it only provides a few of them to the user.

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3) WorkFlowy

Workflowy note-taking app works fully offline and it is also fast. It also gives an instant access to the notes you have saved without searching for it from a number o tabs in your browser. This app is very simple and it only has a very minimal interface. When you are creating a note and if you want to highlight or mark any points that are really important, you can do so with the help of hash tags.

You can zoom in or zoom out the notes to read and also navigating this app is very easy. You can just use the mouse pointer to zoom in and zoom out the notes you have added. With this Workflowy App, you can share the notes with others at your office. You also have the option of hiding the notes and add to archive with just one click.

4) Google Keep

With features like location reminder, alerts on pre-select times, Google Keep is our next choice of note-taking app which is hooked up to Google services. This app is compatible with IOS, Web, Android, Windows and Mac and has card based notes. Like Evernote and Onenote, you can add images along with the notes you jot down.

Google Keep App can transcribe the notes you type or write. It has the feature to record even your handwriting. The notes you type will be recorded in the form of messages with its memo feature. You can also synchronize your notes from one device to another with the help of nifty OCR in Google Keep. Apart from these features, you get access to colour codes and attributes to make your notes look unique from the rest.

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Note-taking App Windows Mac Os

5) Standard Notes

You can access this note-taking app online with widget support and it comes with 100% privacy and AES – 265 encryption. The best highlight of using Standard Note is that you can access the notes you have created 5 years back. Isn’t that great? You can recheck all the important notes again if you require. Standard Notes app is the only one note-taking app which has an end to end privacy. Thus, this app sounds suitable for both office and personal work. Standard notes App is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Web and Mac.

Note-taking App Windows Mac Pro

To make your notes look more attractive, you get access to different themes that are changeable and it also allows you to add power extensions. You will never have to worry about losing any notes you have made in Standard Notes. This app is encryption protected with a secret key and no one can decrypt the notes. Only thing you have to remember always is the secret key. Without this, no one can retrieve the data.

Best Note Taking App For Windows And Mac

6) Dropbox Paper

This app is a product of Dropbox in which you can work with your team. Dropbox Paper is another note-taking app that supports themes and is integrated to Dropbox. It also offers great collaboration tools. Usually, everyone uses Dropbox to save files in the cloud storage. The main advantage of using Dropbox Paper is, it gives a flexible workspace for the user to make notes easily.

This app is very simple since it has a very minimal design aids. You can type your data or copy and paste the link of YouTube or you can even tweet using this Dropbox Paper note-taking app. If you are working in Dropbox as a team or with any of your team member, you can easily make notes with them, share comments and even embed images. For any kind of creative work, this app is one of the best choices. This note-taking app called Dropbox Paper is free to use if you are an account holder of Dropbox.

All these above mentioned note-taking apps are compatible with both computers and smart phones. You can use it from anywhere you want. Anybody can use these apps in their computers or in android phones. Read about each app and learn the advantages and disadvantages and choose the best app that suits your need. So, do not wait. Make use of these amazing note-taking apps to make your work easier and hassle-free.