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When the Mac Outlook 2016 calendar permissions are greyed out, the calendars cannot be opened or shared. This creates a hindrance in the ongoing business communication. Hence, the post explains the best possible solutions to resolve the Mac Outlook calendar permissions greyed out. Mar 10, 2018  Real User Scenario: Mac Outlook 2016 Attachments Greyed Out “Recently I have used Mac OS and I have noticed that attachments are now greyed out in Outlook. The mailbox that can be available in Office 365 and when I access similar mailboxes in Outlook 2016 then, I can easily view and download all attachments. If I forward a message with greyed. Jun 06, 2019  Desktop: Outlook 2013/2016 for Windows, Outlook 2016 for Mac (in Insiders) with Outlook.com, Office 365 or Exchange 2013/2016 mailboxes; Mobile: Outlook on iOS and Android for Office 365 mailboxes; rolling out gradually to Outlook.com users. IMAP Users: Email addresses using IMAP through Outlook will not be able to use the add-in.

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In the previous article we have discussed “How to Resolve Mac Outlook not Downloading Attachments?“. In this article, We will discuss the simple and quick tricks to resolve Outlook 2016 for Mac Attachments greyed Out.

Outlook 2016 for Mac is the latest version of Outlook for Mac users. With the release of customized Outlook 2011 version for Mac OS, Microsoft has extended their reach to a large section of Mac users. Outlook 2016 included some more useful features and gathered a bigger fanbase. However, the 2016 version of Outlook for Mac is not free of bugs. One of the most common issues faced by Mac Outlook users is attachment greyed out in Outlook for Mac. In this post, we will discuss how to troubleshoot Outlook 2016 for Mac attachments greyed out issue. First, we will learn more about the problem.

What is Outlook 2016 For Mac Attachments Greyed Out Problem

When this problem occurs, users are barred from downloading the received attachments. Though all attachments are visible in the emails, they are greyed out. So, the user becomes unable to click on the attachments in order to download. Waiting for some minutes might help but not in all occasions. If the same emails are accessed from OWA or tablets or smartphones, this issue has not been encountered. It seems that the attachments greyed out is exclusively Outlook 2016 for Mac problem.

Real User Queries to Understand Mac Outlook Attachments Greyed Outlook Problem

We have taken some user queries from different forums to have a better idea about Mac attachments greyed out in Outlook 2016.

User Query 1: “Hello there. I own an Admin account of office 365 and the issue I will talk about has occurred to one of our employees. The person in question cannot download the attachment he gets with Outlook 2016 emails as they are greyed out. This problem is not present when he tries to download the attachments from OWA or smartphone. It seems that the email attachment greyed out problem only occurs in Outlook 2016 for Mac. Please help us out with an easy solution.”

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User Query 2: “I am a subscriber of E3 plan of Office 365 and recently I am getting some problems with Outlook 2016 for Mac. Sometimes, I receive emails with attachments in my Outlook. I cannot download those attachments because Outlook 2016 attachments are greyed out. This issue does not persist on tablet, smartphone or web app of Outlook. It also does not occur in case of all emails or any particular sender. Looking for a suggestion to fix Outlook 2016 for Mac attachments greyed out

We can see that how this issue is affecting Outlook for Mac users. That is why, we have decided to enlist some of the solutions to this problem.

Outlook Greyed Out Options

Ways to Resolve Outlook for Mac 2016 Attachments are Greyed Out Issue

Users can try these workarounds to get rid of this issue.

  1. Since this problem does not appear in Outlook Web App, try viewing the attachments through OWA. Users can also download the attachments from smartphones and tablets.
  2. Forward the emails to yourself but only with the attachments. You can download the attachments from the forwarded emails.
  3. Users can also try moving emails to another folder and emptying cache. Follow these steps to do that:
    • Create a new folder in your Outlook for Mac 2016 and give it a name.
    • Now move all the emails with attachment greyed out problem to that folder.
    • Right-click on the folder and select Properties option.
    • Now, click on Empty Cache.
    • If prompted with any warning message, click OK.

Apart from these, users can check the solution from Microsoft. This issue has been a bug of Outlook 2016 for Mac and in March 2018, Microsoft fixed this issue in their latest Outlook Mac version. Click on Help>> Check for Update in Mac Outlook to get the latest update (16.11). Then they have to follow the procedure in AutoUpdate Wizard.
The installation of this update should help you get rid of this problem permanently. If this also does not work and the attachments are still greyed out in your Outlook, click on Get entire message. This should solve your problem.

Final Words

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Attachments greyed out is undoubtedly an annoying problem or the Outlook Mac users. To help them with that problem, we described how to troubleshoot Outlook 2016 For Mac attachments greyed out. Users can try the workarounds shared in this post. Otherwise, they can choose the solution provided by Microsoft. Using the methods discussed here, this issue can be solved permanently.

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