Popular Movie Editing Software For Mac

Movie Editing Software are basically designed for trimming, merging audio functions to play with a movie or video and make them more for the intended function. If you are looking for some fun with a movie or if you are on the professional side for some serious movie editing, this list of best movie editing software is for you.

Mac users who only need a simple video editor will find that Apple iMovie is the best free video editing software, because of its strong integration with Apple's operating system and easy-to-grasp.

Popular Movie Editing Software For Mac


AVS Video Editor

AVS video editor has got some outstanding features as HD videos editing, making videos from still photographs. AVS video editor supports all the major video formats as AVI, VOB, MP4, DVD, WMV, 3GP, MOV, MKV, using codecs H.264 and H.263. You can trim, cut , split, merge, rotate and mix videos with this software. You can also add audio and video to your existing movie with this software. The free version of this software is full featured, although a watermark is placed after editing.

iMovie for Mac

iMovie for Mac has made making a movie very simple even for a novice. Do you have few beautiful images and want to make a movie of that? iMovie for Mac is for you. iMovie supports 4K resolution for movies, that gives you a high-quality picture at each slide. You can create trailers for your own movie by combining or editing different movie parts from other movies.

VideoStudio Pro X9.5

Video Studio is a powerfull video editing software designed for all level of expertise. Update twitter password on mac app. This software was formerly known as Ulead. This software will offer you some outstanding features as variable speed movies, fades, and transitions, a multi-camera editor with normalizing audio of different videos. You can track up to 4 points in your video and give a moving text or graphics to your video. Subtitle editor, multi-trim, time lapse effect are some other features that are incorporated in the software. You can try this software before purchase.

PowerDirector Ultra for Windows

Power director is natively built movie editing software for Windows. This software comes with tons of feature to impress you. Main features include more than 30 animated theme templates, multi-camera designer, menu designer, transition designer to have some unique transition effects. The software also features screen recorder additionally to the video editor software. The only back point for this software is that you have to buy this software for having its taste.

Final Cut Pro X for Mac

Final Cut Pro X is built natively for Mac OS. For professionals like you, this software has got some advanced features to offer. This software supports 4K video editing, giving you a quality movie of your collection. You can edit video clips without collisions using the magnetic timeline, clip connections and more that this software has to offer you. This software also features a trial version, so that you can have a taste of it before spending your money.

Magisto Video Editor & Maker for Android

Magisto video maker and editor are built natively for video editors like you who desire to have a quick video editor on Android OS. This software automatically turns your images into a video with some magical sound given by its own intelligence making the video beautiful. You can also edit movies, give facial recognition, have special transition effects with this software. You can try this software for some limited video time before you purchase it.

Most Popular Movie Editing Software for 2016 – Pinnacle Studio 19.5 Ultimate

Pinnacle studio 19.5 Ultimate is the most popular video editing software available in the market. It has some rich features for you as 6 cameras, multi-camera editing, Audio syncing, stop motion animation, Audio ducking. You can just plug in camera and this software will give you the power to control shutter speed, focus, frame rate to create your own customized video. You can also see ProfessionalVideo Editing Software

What is Movie Editing Software?

Movie editing software help making videos of already taken still images or help you edit, animate, change audio of the existing video. You can also make a new video with different parts of other videos. Adding subtitles, facial recognition, trimming are few common features you can expect in a video editing software. You can also see Screenplay Software


Pinnacle studio has a lot of rich features for you and is the most popular software among video editing professionals. If you want to edit videos just for fun, you can prefer to have Magisto video maker. Final cut pro X may be slightly difficult for a novice to begin with. At the end, all have some unique features to offer compared to others.

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Movie Editing Software For Macbook Pro

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