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For all the fine troubleshooting tools included on a Mac, you may at times want to look to outside software. Here are some programs that may bail you out of a jam or help with routine maintenance (prices and version numbers subject to change):

  • Alsoft DiskWarrior 4 : A $100 repair utility that warns you of impending drive failure and helps you repair damaged directories (some of which Disk Utility says it can’t fix). Check to make sure that DiskWarrior is compatible with your model and OS release.

    Sep 08, 2017  KeyLemon is a facial recognition software for Windows and Mac that works with all different types of webcams. Using KeyLemon, you can login to Windows or Mac and unlock the computer just by sitting in front of your computer instead of typing the password. KeyLemon does give you option to fall back to the password based login, but you can remove. The face recognition is a good authentication system which makes your confidential files or folders more secured. Having the face recognition login system with the Windows computer ensures that no one can break into your system without you as there is no chance of stealing your log-in password. In the earlier of this decade, this was a myth for the general computer users since the use of. Protect Your Mac With Facial Recognition Apps. If you are in the look out for a standalone face recognition system for protecting your Mac — MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac — against illegal access when you are out, then KeyLemon is worth giving a shot. The software detects your face, locks the computer when you are away, and unlocks the. Mac facial recognition login software. Facial recognition free download - Apple Speech Recognition, PDF OCR X Community Edition, KeyLemon, and many more programs. Dec 06, 2017  Facial recognition, on the other hand, is nothing more than software running on a processing element to evaluate the image it receives from the camera, compares it to the image that a trusted platform can secure in its memory and either unlocks the system or not.

  • Cocktail : A general-purpose utility from Maintain that offers a mix of maintenance and interface tweaks. A license for a single computer costs $19, though it can sometimes be found discounted as low as $14. You can try it before buying.

  • OnyX for Mac OS X: A free downloadable program from Titanium Software that can run a variety of maintenance tasks.

  • Prosoft Engineering’s Data Rescue 3: A $99 program designed to help you recover files from a corrupt hard drive.

  • TechtoolPro 7: A $100 problem solver from Micromat. Apple must be fond of Techtool Pro, because it made some versions available as part of AppleCare.

Is your Mac up to date with the latest version of the Mac operating system (macOS or OS X)? Is it using the version required by some other product that you want to use with your Mac? Which versions are earlier (older) or later (newer, more recent)? To find out, learn which version is installed now.

  • Jun 07, 2019  Some third-party apps, like those provided by Apple, have built-in updaters that automatically check for new updates and notify you so that you can download and install them. Security software is especially important to keep updated, and most have automatic updaters for that reason.
  • How to Update a Non-App Store (Third-party) App on Mac. Note: Some apps may not have the option to be updated. Launch the app you want to update. Next, click on the app’s name in the Menu bar at the top of your screen. Now, click on Check for Updates.

Navigate to Software Library – Software Updates – Third-Party Software Update Catalogs. Right-click on Third-Party Software Update Catalogs and select Add Custom Catalog. This will launch the Third-Party Software Updates Custom Catalogs wizard. Enter the required details and click Next. I’ve redacted the URL as it’s unique in my case.

Apr 15, 2019  MakeMKV. MakeMKV is one of the best software for copy the DVD in Mac without loss of any video quality. Basically, MKV stands for Matroska it is a video format where the Mac user can easily convert the video files. In this software, you can easily convert videos, audio formats, and subtitle also. Free download of the best DVD Copy Software for MAC. AnyMP4 DVD Copy for Mac - Make a DVD disc from one and another in 1:1 ratio. Backup DVD protected movies into Mac hard disk or ISO. Copy Full Protected Disc, Main Movies or titles you specified. Compress DVD-9 to DVD-5 in high quality. Strong DVD Copying Functions. Best Mac DVD Burning Software Reviews - Reviewster DVD Burning is still alive and well for OSX users. Even though new iMac don't come with a DVD drive, you can still create and burn DVD's using the right software. DVD Burning is still alive and well for OSX users. Best software for copying dvds on mac computer.

If your macOS isn't up to date, you may be able to update to a later version.

Which macOS version is installed?

From the Apple menu  in the corner of your screen, choose About This Mac. You should see the macOS name, such as macOS Mojave, followed by its version number. If you need to know the build number as well, click the version number to see it.

This example shows macOS Catalina version 10.15 build 19A583.

Which macOS version is the latest?


These are all Mac operating systems, starting with the most recent. When a major new macOS is released, it gets a new name, such as macOS Catalina. As updates that change the macOS version number become available, this article is updated to show the latest version of that macOS.

If your Mac is using an earlier version of any Mac operating system, you should install the latest Apple software updates, which can include important security updates and updates for the apps that are installed by macOS, such as Safari, Books, Messages, Mail, Music, Calendar, and Photos.

macOSLatest version
macOS Catalina
macOS Mojave10.14.6
macOS High Sierra10.13.6
macOS Sierra10.12.6
OS X El Capitan10.11.6
OS X Yosemite10.10.5
OS X Mavericks10.9.5
OS X Mountain Lion10.8.5
OS X Lion10.7.5
Mac OS X Snow Leopard10.6.8
Mac OS X Leopard10.5.8
Mac OS X Tiger10.4.11
Mac OS X Panther10.3.9
Mac OS X Jaguar10.2.8
Mac OS X Puma10.1.5
Mac OS X Cheetah10.0.4

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  • Always use the macOS that came with your Mac, or a compatible newer version.
  • Learn how to reinstall macOS from macOS Recovery.