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SharePoint empowers teamwork with dynamic and productive team sites for every project team, department, and division. Share files, data, news, and resources. Customize your site to streamline your team’s work. Collaborate effortlessly and securely with team members inside and outside your organization, across PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. SHAREit features for Mac OS. There is the advantage of lightning-fast file transfer along with some added features that you may want to look into. These features are mentioned below. A Remote View is a software that acts as a search tool. This quick search tool searches for Mac.

Keyboard shortcuts in Automator on Mac. Use these shortcuts to save time while using Automator. Collapse all the actions in a workflow. Option-click the disclosure triangle in the title bar of one of the actions. Hide Automator. Hide other apps. Mac Collapse all the actions in a workflow. Option-click the disclosure triangle in the title bar of one of the actions. Hide Automator. Hide other apps. New workflow. Dec 17, 2013  There, head to the Shortcuts tab and click on Services on the left panel. Then, on the right one look for the service you just created (Hint: In most cases, the services you create with Automator. How to create keyboard shortcuts to launch apps in macOS using Automator. Using Automator. First, we need to create an Automator service that, when prompted, will open our selected application. Open Automator. Creating the shortcut. Further Thoughts. Mac Catalyst apps to gain Apple.


When we have a look on the popular companies in the computer and Software industry then we will see two shining stars of Computer and software industry at the top. Which are Microsoft and Apple, Microsoft and Apple are the top sellers and manufactures in the Computer and Software industry with many popular products in the market. Microsoft is better know for its Windows Operating system and other other hand Apple for its iPhone Smartphones. Other then these two products from these two companies they also manufacture many other famous products like Mac by Apple. Today we will compare these two companies Windows PC Vs Mac.

In this ultimate comparison we will compare Windows Vs Mac of these two companies too. We will also compare other important things like user type and market share, below is the complete Windows PC Vs Mac comparison.

1: Number Of Users and Their Type:

Among all of the computer users in the world about 55 percent computer users are using windows operating system in their computer. On the other hand about 27 percent of computer users are using Mac by Apple. Windows users are more likely to be aged between 25-45 ( averagely 😉 ) and Mac users are more likely to be between 18-25 years of age. There is another interesting thing about these two operating systems is that Mac users are more likely to live in Cities then Windows users.

2: Cost To Buy:

Cost is the key factor in buying anything, because it is the return which people have to pay to the manufacture for its product. If you want a budget friendly market then Windows computer I mean PC 😉 is the best option for you. But if you have some extra money then you can also buy MAC. The main thing is that MAC will always cost you 100-1000$ more then PC for the same performance combination.

3: Hard Drive and Memory:

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In the hard drive and Memory side Windows PC wins the race, because you can windows system ranges from 1-8GB of RAM but on the other hand In Mac you can get RAM between 1-4 GB for the standard versions. When comes to the Hard drive you will see the same situation as RAM for Windows PC vs Mac comparison, MAC have lower hard drives then Windows PC, because MAC applications are slightly lighter then Windows Applications. Another thing important about these two types of computers is that MAC only support Intel processors and but PC have different types of Processors variety.

4: Stability and Crashes In Windows PC Vs Mac:

From the first windows by gill gates 😉 it have got a serious problem of windows crash, in the past a lot of windows users had faced this problem, but with time to time Microsoft have controlled this problem a lot. But on the other hand Mac people are less likely to face this problem while using MAC by apple. There is another thing important while using a MAC you can also use Windows in it at the same time but on PC you can’t to this thing.

5: Availability from Manufactures:

This is also another important thing to discuss because if you want to buy a product then there would be more chances to buy the product with easy availability options. In Windows PC Vs Mac comparison this thing is bit clear about these two products. PC is manufactured by many many manufactures So, there are many design, price ranges, compatibility options to choose from. But on the other hand you will find it hard to buy a MAC easily because MAC only belongs to Apple, So you can buy it from Apple stores and in case of parts and repairing you will again find the process as difficult. But you can find PC parts more easily, So here wins PC in Windows PC Vs Mac.

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6: Software and Apps:

Software and Apps are also important to discuss in this Windows PC Vs Mac comparison. Both these types of computer mostly support open source software and applications specially from 3rd party. Both the computer types have a large number of all types of applications to choose from. So in this software and Apps field both the match is tied.

7: Operating System Market Shares:

According to the latest statics about 90% of the Operating system market shares are owned by the Windows operating system but unlikely MAC only have 5 percent shares in the operating system market. So, if MAC wants to win Windows PC Vs Mac then Apple have to increase shares in the operating system market.

8: Variety ( Both Price and Design ) :

If you want more variety and and different ranges of prices then Windows PC are best for you, because many manufactures develop windows PC, while comes to mobile type MAC and Windows PC in Windows PC Vs Mac then you will only see a Macbook from Apple as mobile MAC. But on the other hand you can many varieties of mobile computer with windows with different prices range.You can buy netbooks ( $ 250-5000 ), you can buy notebooks ( $ 400-1000 ) and you can also buy a laptop ( $ 350-1200 ).

9: Virus and Privacy:

Share Based Software For Mac Pro

As you know that Mac are not widely used among the computer users, mostly all the types of offices have Windows PC there for office work, So Virus writer normally target windows users as they are more to get the more benefit. Other privacy options are good for the both types of Computers. this is the Windows PC Vs Mac.

Know the best:

After reading all of the points above in the Windows PC Vs Mac now you would surely have got precious knowledge about these two types of computers. If you are a business person then better go for Windows PC but if you want to try new things and have more money to spend 😉 then you could also go for Mac. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.

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