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Here then is our list of the best CAD software on Mac for 2020 in order of ranking. SmartDraw (Best 2D CAD For Mac) If you’re looking for something powerful for 2D CAD design but amazingly easy to use and value for money, SmartDraw is the best 2D CAD software for Mac on the market. SmartDraw is incredibly flexible because it can be used both as a powerful diagramming alternative to.

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Autocad Software For Mac Price

Unfortunately, the high price of AutoCAD software makes it very often not affordable for all budgets. Here, therefore, is a special article containing what we think are the best free AutoCAD alternatives. In this article, we see the list of 10 best free programs to download for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. The 10 best free alternative to AutoCAD. This article describes how AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT differ from AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT for Mac. AutoCAD products for Mac include the most popular functionality of the Windows versions of AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT. For both AutoCAD for Mac and AutoCAD LT for Mac, this includes 2D design, customization of the user interface, and much more. For full AutoCAD, support for LISP and ObjectARX®/DBX. Core AutoCAD capabilities: The product had to offer similar 2D and 3D modeling capabilities and support similar file types to AutoCAD. Minimum of 20 user reviews published on Capterra’s site in the last two years: Recent reviews help us analyze the pros and cons of the alternatives. Top 15 AutoCAD Civil 3D Alternative and Similar Softwares Jul 2020 AutoCAD Civil 3D software is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution for civil engineering design and documentation. Civil 3D is built for civil engineers, drafters, designers, and technicians working on transportation, land development, and water projects.

Autodesk’s AutoCAD is an industry-standard for high-end CAD designing. But does that make it the right CAD tool for your construction business?

Autodesk is a juggernaut in the industrial drafting solutions market. And its products are the go-to tools for many types of professionals, including product designers, architects, and instrumentation engineers.

The company’s AutoCAD is a popular tool in the construction industry, offering features such as 3D modeling and parametric constraints. But big things have long shadows; in AutoCAD’s case it’s the $1,610 per user per year price tag. It’s a fairly expensive option, especially for small construction firms.

If you’re looking for a less expensive software option, the fact that the market is fraught with terrible AutoCAD knockoffs doesn’t help either.

So, we’ve done the research to bring you the top four AutoCAD alternatives. Read on to learn about the key capabilities and pricing of the top four AutoCAD alternatives for construction businesses.

This article looks at four highly rated AutoCAD alternatives. See the full list of AutoCAD alternatives here

How we selected the best AutoCAD alternatives

Products are listed in alphabetical order. To make the list, products had to meet the following criteria:

  • Core AutoCAD capabilities: The product had to offer similar 2D and 3D modeling capabilities and support similar file types to AutoCAD.
  • Minimum of 20 user reviews published on Capterra’s site in the last two years: Recent reviews help us analyze the pros and cons of the alternatives.
  • High “likelihood to recommend” rating: The product should have an average recommendation rating of at least 8 out of 10 on Capterra.
  • High “features and functionality” rating: The product must have a minimum functionality rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Capterra.

1. FreeCAD: Open source parametric 3D CAD modeler

Recommendation rating:8.1/10
Features & functionality rating:4.2/5.0

FreeCAD comes with capabilities such as 3D parametric modeling, robot simulation, 2D drawing and sketching, and a rendering module for creating high-quality 3D images.

Similar Autocad Software For Mac

The tool is suitable for a wide range of uses in manufacturing and engineering industries. However, construction businesses can also use it to create floor plans or to design 3D building models.



Users like the tool’s many features, considering it’s completely free to use for commercial purposes.Users mention that certain modules can become outdated when there are no updates from the community.
Users also like the fact that the tool is lightweight and works on most systems, even those with low RAM, without crashing.Users also say that there is a steep learning curve.

How much does FreeCAD cost?

FreeCAD is an open-source solution and can be freely downloaded for use on platforms such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.

3D modeling of a building in FreeCAD(Source)

2. SketchUp: Intuitive 3D modeling

Recommendation rating:9.6/10
Features & functionality rating:4.8/5.0

SketchUp helps users draw 2D construction plans as well as 3D models of buildings. Along with design-related features, the tool offers features for document management with support for numerous file types (including DXF, DWG, FBX, OBJ, XSI, and VRML) and the facility to export images (including PDFs and HD animations).



Users mention that the tool has a short learning curve.Users mention the tool is not suitable for large-scale designs that require parametric modeling.
Users like the intuitive interface that makes direct 3D modeling easy.Users say the tool lacks functionalities and relies heavily on plugins, which come at an additional cost.

How much does SketchUp cost?

SketchUp’s cloud-based version offers a basic free plan for personal use; the paid plans start at $119 per user per year. The on-premise version is priced at $695 (one-time license fee), with an additional $120 for annual upgrades.

3D construction plan design in SketchUp (Source)

3. SolidWorks Premium: Full-featured CAD tool

Recommendation rating:8.6/10
Features & functionality rating:4.5/5.0

Spoof mac address ios app. SolidWorks Premium is a good option for 3D sketchers who want CAD software for detailed design work. The tool comes with extensive design features that allow for creating 2D drawings and 3D models. The tool also supports document management (with version control) for building a repository of up-to-date designs.



Users like the tool’s wide set of functionalities for 3D modeling.User mention that the software is buggy and prone to crashes.
Users like the vendor’s exhaustive training resources.Users mention that the software is incompatible with any operating software beside Windows.

How much does SolidWorks Premium cost?

SolidWorks Premium’s license costs and terms of use vary based on whether you’re using it for commercial or academic purposes. The student version is $150 for a 12-month term-of-use license fee; the commercial pricing is customized based on a business’s specific needs.

3D image design in SolidWorks (Source)

4. Vectorworks Architect: Suitable for BIM modeling

Recommendation rating:8.0/10
Features & functionality rating:4.4/5.0

Autocad Software For Macbook Pro

Vectorworks Architect offers capabilities such as 2D drawing, 3D modeling, and building information modeling (BIM). As its name suggests, the tool is designed to help architects; it allows building 3D construction site models, drawing site blueprints, and designing digital walk-through presentations.



Users like the tool’s capabilities to integrate with other CAD solutions.Users say the tool comes with a steep learning curve.
Users also like the tool’s capabilities for creating high quality graphics.Users mention that the tool can become slow on computers running on fewer than 4GB RAM.

How much does Vectorworks Architect cost?

Vectorworks Architect offers only custom pricing for the software with a free 30-day trial period.

Designing stairs in Vectorworks (Source)

What other great CAD options are out there?

Is there a great CAD program that we’ve missed? What do you use? If you use AutoCAD, why do you prefer it? Let us know in the comments below!

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The AutoCAD alternatives listed here are based on ratings from Capterra users. To expand your search, compare other CAD software on Capterra.

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Autocad Software For Mac Free Download

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