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DVD Flick creates a very basic menu, but your video should play on any NTSC-compatible (or PAL-compatible, if you chose that) DVD player you have. Mac: Burn Video Files to DVD with Burn. Burning a video DVD on a Mac is a little more straightforward than on Windows. For most people, the main reason they want to burn a CD is to burn a music CD on Mac that plays in any CD player so that’s the example we’ll use. However, the process is exactly the same if you want to burn an MP3 CD or a data DVD. The only difference is step 6 where you must select the appropriate type of CD or DVD you want to create. To burn DVD for DVD player, you need a DVD burner. If you're a Mac user, turn to Aimersoft DVD Creation Software for Mac. Now download the right version and follow the steps to burn almost any video file to a playable video DVD in a few simple mouse clicks. A bad burn may occur when burn DVD to play on DVD player, which could be caused by thick dust or by the burner's own glitch. All of these can lead to a failed DVD playback. The Best Method to Rip DVDs. Just now, we talked about some 'burned DVDs wont play' issues you may meet when you burn DVD for DVD player. Similarly, if you want to burn a DVD that can be played by a commercial DVD player, you'll need to use a different piece of software. IDVD used to be the main option for Mac owners, and it's still.

If your Mac has a built-in DVD drive or is using an Apple USB SuperDrive, just insert your DVD into the drive. DVD Player opens automatically.

To control playback or access the DVD menus, use the onscreen controls. Other features, such as subtitles, closed captioning, and parental controls, are available from the menu bar. You can use the Space bar and other keyboard shortcuts and gestures as well.

Play a DVD movie file stored on your Mac


If you have DVD media stored on your Mac:

  1. Use Spotlight to find and open DVD Player.
  2. From the DVD Player menu bar, choose File > Open DVD Media.
  3. Select the VIDEO_TS folder that contains the video you want to play, then click Open.

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  • Content-protection requirements prohibit DVD Player from displaying content when you're using screen-sharing software, mirroring the screen using AirPlay, taking a screenshot, or recording the screen. DVD Player displays a gray Viewer window instead.