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Up until the introduction of iOS 13, Apple barely gave attention to the default reminders app on the iPhone. Third-party developers filled the void with excellent alternatives such as Todoist, Things 3, Microsoft To-Do, and more.

Jul 11, 2020  Things 3 Crack is a complete rethink of the award-winning original task manager with a perfect balance of simplicity and power, amazing new features, cheerful interactions and timeless new design.Things 3 Mac is a delightful and easy-to-use task manager. It’s the perfect companion to everything you want to achieve in life, and it offers a great balance between ease of use and powerful.

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The scenario got changed with the iOS 13 update. Apple doubled down on the reminders app and gave it a huge makeover in looks and functions department. The app can now compete toe-to-toe with the established options from the App Store.

Another feature-packed offering on the App Store is Culturedcode's Things 3. While there are some reasons to look for Things 3 alternatives for iOS, the overall package is still unmatched by the majority on the Apple ecosystem.

While we have already compared Apple Reminders to Microsoft to-Do, in this post, we will pit it against Things 3 to see if it’s worth the switch or not. The fight is going to be intense, so buckle up your seats and let’s get started.

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Cross-Platform Availability

It’s a tie. Both the apps are Apple exclusive. So, they're only available on iOS and Mac. I understand the behavior with the Apple Reminder app, but I was surprised to notice Things 3’s absence from Android and Windows. No Web support either.

Download Things 3 for iOS

User Interface

Apple’s reminders app finally received the much-needed overhaul in terms of design. The home page now shows the default four tabs (which can’t be customized though) and lists under it.

Swipe up to search through tasks and use the edit button to rearrange or delete lists. You can’t access settings from the app itself, just like every other iOS app. You need to go to Settings > Reminders to make changes.

Things 3 went through UI makeover in late 2017. And the app still looks and feels better than others. I think Things 3 has the best user interface among all the task management apps. But hey, that's just for me.

It’s a simple, beautiful, and follows the gesture-based navigation. The home page displays the default inbox, upcoming section, logbook, and lists below it.

Pop email app for mac. You can tap on the ‘+’ button to add a task, create a project, and swipe down to search through tasks.

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Things 3 supports dark grey and pure black theme from the Settings. It also respects the system-wide dark theme introduced in iOS 13.

Adding Task and Details

Task adding experience received major attention in the Apple Reminders app.

Now, you can tap Add Reminder, and the little menu will let you add due date/time, images, and flag a reminder. You can also use location-based reminders that notify about the task when you reach home, office, or getting in a car.

With a single tap on the info icon, you can add notes, URL, set reminder frequency, and give it a priority.

Apple Reminders all support subtasks. It’s hidden in the info menu, though. I use it to manage small projects. The user gets Siri functionality with Apple Reminders. You can ask Siri to set a reminder with the due date and time. I use it frequently, and it works flawlessly.

Things 3 offers three options — add a new to-do, create a new project, or create a new area (for group projects).

After that, Things 3 lets you add all the details via the pop-up menu. One can add due date/time, create a checklist about the task, assign a deadline, and add a relevant tag.

The second option of the new project is straight-forward. Add the project name, notes, details, assign a deadline, tags, and create small steps. You are now ready to go with project management.

The new area option is for group projects. One can create an area and start a project with team members. Talking about sharing, let’s see how collaboration works in both apps.

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With Apple Reminders, you can invite and share an entire list with others. Tap on the three-dot menu above and select add people and share a link via the default iOS share menu.

Things 3 Mac App Free Download

Things 3 lets you share the list in simple words. You can also use the copy link option from the Share menu, but the receiving person must be on Things 3 to make changes.

Extra Functions

Apple Reminders lets you create custom lists. You can add a logo and accent color to give it a personal touch. The app also supports. iOS widgets and. The ability to add new tasks via a long-tap menu.

Things 3 support Siri shortcuts from the Settings menu. The app also offers calendar integration. So you can view and edit upcoming events inside the app.

The other goodies include iOS widget support and long-tap menu options, which lets you create tasks in no time.

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Things 3 App Mac


Things App For Mac

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Backup and Price

By default, all the entries in Apple Reminders get saved in iCloud. The app is completely free on iOS and Mac.

Things 3 uses Things Cloud to store the data. The app costs $10 on iOS and $50 on macOS. A steep price on macOS is the prime reason why the majority is looking for Things 3 alternatives on Mac.

Manage Tasks Like a Pro

Both the apps have nailed the basics with various functions upfront. Apple Reminders is free, has location-based tasks, and works with Siri without any hassle. Things 3 looks better, has calendar integration, and offers a superior experience at a price.

Next up: Google Tasks is a to-do app by the search giant. But it's bare-bone compared to the competition. Read the post below to find out its alternatives on iOS and Android.

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Did You Know

Apple’s A12 Bionic chip is the first 7nm mobile chipset.

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Posted in App Store Deals by Vlad on May 22, 2017

Things 3 App Store promo.

The Germans from Cultured Code have just released their third iteration of Things for iOS and Mac. The award-winning productivity app comes in different releases for iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. The smartphone version also includes an Apple Watch extension that is able to bring this popular task manager to your wrist-worn device. Things 3 is a completely new app, that takes the positives from the previous versions and brings great new features like Checklists, Calendar integration, magic Plus button, Reminders, Quick Find option and much more.

As the case with previous versions, Things is a paid App Store. If you own the original or the 2nd iteration you still need to pay to upgrade to Things 3. Practically, this isn’t seen as an update but the purchase of an entirely new app. To help you migrate to this greatly improved version, Cultured Code is offering a deal for all Things 3 downloads until May 26. The offer is available to everyone and not just old Things users. Read on and learn how to grab it!

Things 3 Release Sale For iOS And Mac
This award-winning task manager is now available in three versions, which are sold separately. Each of them has a 20% discount if downloaded during the first week of the release, that’s until May 26!
– Things 3 for iPhone ($9.99 -> $7.99) – Tap the link available nearby to download this productivity app and save $2 in the process. A perfect balance between simplicity and power will help you organize your day, become more efficient and thus increase your efficiency at work and in your everyday life. Every morning, gather your thoughts -> organize yourself -> plan your day and make the most of your goals. If unexpected changes interfere, don’t panic, the new magic Plus button allows you to easily insert a to-do in the list and drag & drop it to the required position.
Fact: As mentioned above, the iPhone version of Things 3 also comes with an Apple Watch app that will be installed on your watchOS device as soon as it comes in range with the paired smartphone.

– Things 3 for iPad ($19.99 -> $15.99) – Is now available with a $4 discount. Tap the link nearby to download this highly appreciated task manager for your Apple tablet. You’ll enjoy an elegant new design, along with all the great new features specially tailored for your iPad’s screen real estate. Cultured Code has set up Things Cloud, a push sync service, which makes sure that your to-dos get updated across all your devices when you perform modifications on your iPad, Mac, iPhone or Apple Watch.
Fact: Things 3 requires your mobile Apple device to run iOS 10 or later!

– Things 3 for Mac ($49.99 -> $39.99) – The desktop version of this popular task manager comes with the biggest savings. Download it for your Apple computer or notebook and save $10 until May 26. This version brings all the popular features of this to-do app from your iPhone and iPad to your desktop. The new Multiple Windows feature allows you open several projects in their own windows and drag tasks back and forth between them for efficient planning. Things 3 runs on macOS X 10.11.0 or later and only on computers with 64-bit processors.

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