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Although Apple will continue some limited support for older versions of OS X in the form of security updates, there will be no further incremental updates for older major versions after a new major version has been released. When 10.5 is released there will be no further updates past 10.4.x, but there may be security updates for 10.4.x for some period of time. Since the release of Tiger Apple has provided two or three security updates for Panther but none for any earlier version. It's reasonable to presume a similar pattern into the future.
However, only Apple knows. No one here is an authorized representative of Apple so anything we assume here is purely speculative. Speculation is considered an inappropriate use of the Discussions according to Apple's Terms of Use.

Download Timeline 3D for Mac See what’s new in Timeline 3D. Modern to the Core Reimagined for OS X Yosemite. Timeline 3D has been completely redesigned inside and out. The new interface supports larger and more complex timelines. Every pixel is optimized for display on retina screens. Under the hood, we have upgraded all the code to use the. Oct 21, 2006  Support Communities / Mac OS & System Software / Mac OS X v10.3 and earlier Looks like no one’s replied in a while. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Has apple disclosed a timeline for OS X support? I do not mean phone support, or applecare, I mean continued security updates. I use 10.3.9 and security updates.

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Timeline maker software is powerful software where one can use them to understand and remember the events of large time intervals easily.


The timeline maker softwares have become an important part of the learning industry where it is used in schools, colleges and other learning institutes for a better understanding of events at different time intervals like in history, social studies or for explaining cultural phenomena and for planning future events with large time intervals.


The software is loaded with amazing features that lets you create chart of historical events and generate time line easily and quickly. The software comes with handy tools like automatic formatting, easy sharing, works well with any device, quick start templates and much more for making an effective time line easily.

Timeline Maker

Timeline maker is an ultimate toll to create time lines superfast and easy. The software offers multiple timeline formats, interactive presentations, easy editing and customization options and much more to help you create easy to understand timelines in no time. The time line maker download is available for free online. One can easily print, share and publish the time created in this software.

Mac os firewall network security apps. It is always in on condition and no need of attention from you. It will not waste any resources or time and also makes it very fast. Fast and Tiny:-it weigh as next to nothing.


Tiki-Toki is unique web-based software that lets you create time lines with beautiful backgrounds easily. The software enables you to create interactive 3d timelines, include videos and images, option of sharing timelines, colour coding of different categories in time line possible and much more with few simple steps. This online based time line maker software is easy and interactive tool to create visually stunning time lines.

Other Softwares for Different Platform

Although most of the softwares support all major operating systems like MAC, Windows, Android, LINUX etc. But certain conversion software may require a different set of preferences and specific operating system may be one of those. Choose the software that works well with your current operating system and its version for best output.

Free Timeline Maker Software for Windows – iSpring

iSpring Suite includes ‘Visuals’ option that is used for creating time line in Windows operating system. The software enables you to create mobile-ready timelines, lets you add unlimited events and also option of grouping them to periods, adding of photos and videos possible, it also has built-in audio recorder and a customizable player to create stunning timelines.

Os X Timeline

Free Timeline Maker Software for Android – RWT Timeline

Exclusively designed for Android devices this app is used for making interactive timelines easily. The software lets you add image and videos to the time line, one can add long or short description to the time intervals and much more to create visually stunning timelines. The time line is created on the basis of time of the day, date or event.

Free Timeline Maker Software for MAC – Bee Docs Timeline 3D

Mac Os Version Timeline

This software works well with MAC operating system and helps you to create interactive timelines in no time. The software offer templates, option of adding photos and videos, easy customizing and editing options and you can also use different colors, backgrounds, and different fonts to personalize your timeline. The timeline maker MAC software is easily available for free download online.

More Softwares to Try

If you wish to try more software to satisfy your creative hunger then you can try softwares like HSTRY, WhenIn Time, Time Glider, ReadWrite Think’s Student Interactive Timeline, Preceden, Time Toast, Time Rime, Our TimeLines, myHistro, Timestream etc. All these software are easily available online for free download. These softwares make the task of creating interactive timelines super easy and quick.

Most Popular Timeline Maker Software of 2016 – OfficeTime

As the name suggests this software has been exclusively designed for professional timelines using PowerPoint. This time line maker PowerPoint based software lets you create interactive and easy to understand time lines quickly. The software offers free templates, simple and interactive interface, tutorials to help you create best timelines for business purposes.

OfficeTime is the most popular and downloaded timeline maker software of 2016. This timeline maker PowerPoint based software has features that let you create visually stunning and easy to understand timelines easily. The software is available for free download and can be used for both learning and business purposes.

What is Timeline Maker Software?

Timeline maker software comes handy when you have to create an easily understandable chart of large time intervals and the events occurred in that time period. These software offer features like free templates, photo, and video insertion, editing and customizing options and much more to create visually stunning timelines that are easy to understand. One can also share, publish and print the timelines created using timeline maker softwares.

How to Install Timeline Maker Software?


Installing any timeline maker softwares listed above is very simple. The free download is easily available online that require few simple steps to install it to your computer. You just need to click on the ‘Download’ link and the software will be downloaded in few minutes, then one can open the software from the folder where the software setup has been saved and the software will be ready for use. Most of the software’s icon is displayed on the desktop once the timeline maker download is complete for easy access.

Benefits, Usage and Target Audience

Timeline software are popular with education institutes especially for subjects like history, cultural and social studies etc, as using this software make it easy for the students to memorize large time intervals and events associated with them. The timeline maker software are also used for business purposes like for helping customers, business clients, colleagues and managers understand company’s time-related events.

Timeline Software For Mac Os Download

The core benefits of the timeline maker software include

  • Interactive and simple interface
  • Tools for sharing, publish and printing timeline
  • Editing and customizing options
  • Free templates available
  • Tutorials to help you in create stunning timelines
  • Enables you to add video and pictures in the timeline

Mac Os Release Timeline

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