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VideoPad is a free 360 video editing software for Windows and Mac OS. It is a great choice for novice users, who need a simple and clear program for video post production. Unlike HitFilm, this software has a clear interface with a standard look. VideoPad is compatible with both PC and Mac devices.

What software allows one to ‘blur out the face’ in a video where you want to protect someone’s identity ?

  1. use 'AVS Video Editor'
    its easy to use with a friendly GUI. but you will have to track to movement if the person's face.

    else i suggest you to use Adobe After Effects, as it has a feature called 'Motion Tracker'. You can set a mask with blur effects and make it move according to the movements of the person's face. look for 'motion tracking adobe after effects' on youtube

  2. This is probably even easier, using the free


    Free software:

  3. Hello, you could try the tutorials provided in the following link:

    Link to software:

  4. Quick Tip: Blur Parts Of A Video
    you need the DeLogo plugin for VirtualDub

  5. You can use Adobe Premiere

    or use this free software



- How to combine videos online for free?

- How to merge videos together?Omron hem-790it software for mac.

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You might have lots of questions about merging video clips together, online, or on portable devices. So in this post, I'd like to show you the top 10 video merger software, which comes with its key features, pros and cons.

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The advanced tips?

Well, in order to show you how easy these video merger and editor works, I'll pick up one of them to do a detailed guide. You can follow the steps to merge two videos on your Windows or Mac computer as you like.

Now, let's get started..

Top 10 Video Merger Software for PC & Mac

#1. Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is a highly recommended video editing program by most of its users. This is because it has many splendid video editing features and simple and is easy to use as well. This video joiner software for PC is meant for both professionals and beginners. Therefore, if you need a more professional video merger software or you have no idea where to start, Filmora Video Editor will be the software to go for. (Also, it has the corresponding Mac version: Filmora Video Editor for Mac. )


  • Intuitive and clean interface that enables you to easily edit and merge videos with separate audio, video and background music tracks precisely.
  • Easily crop, split, rotate and add transitions and special effects as picture-in-picture (PIP).
  • Highly compatible with all the popular video, audio formats and even social platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Special & customized effects from Filmstocks allows you to enhance the video performance with few clicks.
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Easy steps to use this photo audio video merger for PC (3 steps)

Filmora Video Editor makes 'how to merge videos on PC' is just a piece of cake now. It is quite qualified for combining videos on PC. With its powerful drag-and-drop system, you can seamlessly merge multiple photos, audio files and video clips into a single one with a few clicks.

Step 1. Installation.

Download the install the software on your Windows computer (Windows 10 supported), launch it and choose the 'New Project' from the primary window.

Step 2. Import.

Click 'Import Media Files Here' icon in the media library, you are allowed to import your target photos, music and video clips from your computer.

[Optional]: Filmora also support to import media files from other devices (camcorders, cameras, and phones) and social media platform (Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, etc.) directly for the sake of convenience.

Step 3. Combination.

After you import all the needed media files, you can drag them to timline and rearrange the order of the video clips. Or directly put them to timeline in sequence.

After you drop all the files in timeline, they will be merged automatically without any quality loss when you export them. Apart from these, Filmora Video Editor is capable of many cool features and effects, including adding transitions between video clips in order to make your video smoothly.

If you want to know more tips on how to create an attractive and stunning video with Filmora Video Editor before combining, please read more after the jump.

Or you can read another page to learn how to merge videos with Filmora Video Editor in details. Or view the below video tutorial to get more info.

#2. AoA Video Joiner

AoA Video Joiner has a wide range of support for video formats and can merge files of varying formats. It has an attractive user interface and joins files easily together with a straightforward workflow.

Pros: • It supports a variety of formats and has a friendly interface.

Cros: • It has a slow speed.

Learn more >>Video Blurring Software For Mac Free

#3. Weenysoft Video Joiner

Weenysoft Video Joiner is very simple video merger for PC that only merges video files. Although it only does one thing, it does it very well because it has a unique interface. It also performs its tasks quickly and it is easy to use especially for a beginner.

Pros: • It is easy to use and it supports many video formats.

Cros: • It lacks the save feature for queued files.

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#4. Format Factory

Format Factory is a fully featured audio and video converter that can easily convert audio, picture, video and rip DVDs, CDs to various file formats. Additionally, this video merger for Windows allows you to change the format size of the output file and even provide a subset tool that can easily handle merging and splitting of files.

Pros: • It enables basic video editing options and it supports various video formats.

Cros: • It lacks the ability to convert audio files.

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#5. Video Toolbox

Video Toolbox is yet another video merger for Windows software that has a rich set of video functions. However, it has a size restriction of video files of up to 300MB. It has complications when using it because you must first register, upload the files from an online video site or hard disk then merge the files using a drop-down command.

Pros: • It can support various video formats and it enables different video editing options.

Cros: • It has a video limitation of 600MB.

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#6. Free Video Joiner

Free Video Joiner is a free software that supports many videos that include MPEG, VCD, AVI, MOV, WMV and DVD amongst other. This video joiner download for PC does not mess with the quality of the videos but takes longer to merge files.

Pros: • It has an easy to use interface.

Cros: • It lacks a media player.

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#7. VirtualDub

VirtualDub is a video merger FC that enables various kinds of changes while keeping the quality of the videos due to its useful features. Additionally, it can process many files that can be extended with a third-party video filter.

Video Blurring Software Free Mac

Pros: • It can process many files due to its batch-processing capabilities.

Cros: • It has a poor interface.

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#8. Avidemux

Avidemux works across all the operating software including Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X. This video merger software for PC is designed to quickly filter, merge and trim videos alongside supporting different video formats such as OGM, FLV, MP44, AVI, MKV and MPG amongst others.

Free Face Blurring Software

Pros: • It has a clean and uncluttered interface.

Cros: • It has problems when dealing with some types of formats.

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#9. Movica

This video merger software uses an open source tools that are not friendly. Its tools are used for merging and joining files fast.

Pros: • It has lots of keyboard shortcuts that make editing easy.

Cros: • Its status messages can be confusing.

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#10. Free AVI/MPEG/WMV/MP4/FLV Video Joiner

This video merger can create a list of video files in the right order and join them together. It can also cope with large sizes of files and covers a wide range of formats.

Pros: • It can speed up the beginning of the video editing.

Video Blurring Software For Mac Free Full

Cros: • It does not slice videos once uploaded.

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All in all, there are 10 advanced video merger software for your PC or Mac, which one are you ready to try first?

To be honest,

If you have no clear decision, here I'd like to recommend Filmora Video Editor again as your optimal selection, because this program is really suitable for users to combine, split, reverse, overlay, etc. videos as they like.

Free Video Blurring Software

So, what're you waiting for? Just click the below icon to get the best video merger and editor to combine videos right now.

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