Visual Network Mapping Software Mac

Introduction: Map Your Network Visually.

Visual Network Mapping Software Mac

This is a nice little graphical utility to graph out what and who might be on your network. Makes documentation much easier for those in charge of the network to assess networking assets. You can certainly use it for business, but I love using it for home also. We will be using jnetmap for linux. Impress a friend with it. There is a product that is java based and more platform independent with the same name,
Note this should map all normal ip devices, including MSWindown, OSX, and etc. This software requires knowledge of local area networking and Internet protocol basics. i.e. you should know what an ipaddress (equivalent of a phone number or house address for a computer) is and how it is used.

Step 1: Installation.

Apr 28, 2020  The software monitoring also extends to license usage mapping, so you can kill off abandoned processes that are hanging and blocking genuine users from accessing licensed software. This is a great tool for integrating network, server, and application performance through a map-driven visual.

You need to download from sourceforge.
From the command line go to where you downloaded it to and install it.
$ cd (download directory)
$ sudo dpkg -i jNetMap-0.5.deb
If your Debian based repository supports it:.
$ sudo apt-get install jnetmap
Go to the Applications menu > Internet > jNetMap to run it.

Step 2: Your First Network Map.

Once you have followed the instructions in the previous step, you should get the start up screen.
Since you probably have not done a map before, You will want to choose 'Create a new map of your network'.
Then you will want to go to the menu and go Tools > Network scanner.
That you give you a screen to choose you network. It defaults to You need to make sure that is correct.
Either from the command line:
$ ifconfig
or go to your desktop and display Connection information.
Once you are sure that the network is right, press the scan button.

Step 3: Results?

  1. Dec 31, 2018  If you want to keep a Mac connected to a network drive, even after restarting, the easiest way to do this is to follow the three steps above then add these: Hit the Apple menu, then System Preferences Users & Groups; From here, select Login Items and click + to add a new item; Find your network drive and click Add, then close the window.
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After a while, you should get a listing of the ipaddresses being used on the network. Press add when it is done searching.
Hp officejet pro 8500 software. You should get a network map. You may have to use your mouse to arrange the connections.
If you click on one of the devices you should get additional information about that device at the right hand column.
You can even get port information by going to Tools > Port scanner. I did a port scan on a printer server (

Step 4: Other Possiblilities

You also have a feature to add other devices (real or planned) to the network map. You can even add information about the devices connected to your network. I have given you just enough to to get your feet wet. Have fun!

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Step 5: Identifying the Maker of a Nic.

Identifying the maker of a nic (network interface card). This can be very important if you want to see what kind of equipment is connecting the the network. Every nic has a mac (media access control address) and usually the first several characters of that hexadecimal number usually indicate the the maker (vendor) of the equipment. If you use pretty much the same equipment on your network, a listing of the mac addresses being used will allow a rogue device to be spotted pretty easily. It is a good idea to keep a listing of all the mac addresses in use to compare against what is being used. Finding out what vendor a nic was made by makes it easier to find a rogue system. For example, at the school where I used to work we pretty much used 3com nics. Usually, if a student tried to hook up his or her computer to the network, they might have a Realtek based nic instead of a 3com. Those mac addresses will stick out like a sore thumb. going to the dhcp server to get a list of connected clients is the easiest way to see what is connected if jNetMap is not connected or you have no software to see what is on the network.
There are other tools to look at for getting information about your network. They usally require admin rights and or a bit more experience with netowrking. Here are just two:
nmap (with a gui front end such as zenmap)

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Networks are rapidly becoming larger and more complex, with numerous different technologies playing into their growth and expansion. Network mapping is increasingly important for administrators and managers tasked with handling these growing networks. While the process of local area network (LAN) mapping can be performed manually, this manual work becomes risky as there is a higher chance something will be missed when it involves highly complex networks.

With the significant amount of network mapping software on the market these days, I decided to review the tools available in 2020 network pros need to check out to help reduce their workloads and improve accuracy. I go over why SolarWinds® Network Topology Mapper (NTM) is a top choice for those looking for high-quality mapping software. Spoiler alert: this tool automatically discovers your network topology and creates several different types of informative visualizations, so you can easily see and navigate through your network. And if you’re looking for a more comprehensive monitoring solution, I explain why SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is good all-in-one option for those looking for tool with not only network mapping but other essential performance measuring tools.

But First: What Is Network Mapping?

Network mapping is the process of visually and logically mapping the network to understand the connections between the server and different nodes. Network performance software and tools usually include some network mapping features, so the network can be optimized.

Visual Network Mapping Software Mac Download

Network maps are useful resources when admins conduct performance monitoring processes to check each part of the network. Maps can help show where performance bottlenecks exist and where there are opportunities to improve, so service quality is better for end users. Network performance monitoring outputs able to be visualized in network maps include metrics like the latency between the server and clients, bandwidth, throughput, and errors or failures that might arise.

Best Network Mapping Tools

I believe using network mapping software is a vital step in managing your network efficiently and professionally in any business setting. There are several different tools you could use, including some free network mapping software, but I’m recommending a couple of products due to their extensive feature list and easy-to-use nature.

Network Topology Mapper

SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper (NTM) is a dedicated network mapping tool. It automatically discovers and maps out your network topology and shows you the structure of your network in easy-to-view diagrams.

From a single network scan, NTM can build multiple different maps so you can compare and choose the map that best suits your needs. It also integrates well with other software, allowing you to export to Microsoft Office Visio, PDF, and PNG formats. You can try NTM free for 14 days.

Network Performance Monitor

For more comprehensive network map tools (plus additional features), I recommend SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM). NPM includes packet-level network topology insights (including cloud and VMware environments) and also offers great Wi-Fi heat mapping tools.

With the NetPath function, you can gain insight not just into your own network but into data pathways all the way to destination services. You can see hop-by-hop packet paths and instantly know where issues are occurring. You also get features such as the PerfStack dashboard, which allows you to compare the performance of different metrics side-by-side.

NPM also includes troubleshooting features and alerts, and is designed to be an easily scalable and reliable centralized network management tool. This is my pick if you want a truly comprehensive tool for provisioning and maintaining your network topology. You can get more information about the features in this network mapping tool here.

PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor is another comprehensive software offering network monitoring for the entire network, including network traffic, application performance, cloud services, and database capacity, as well as network uptime, security, and hardware longevity. You can use it for network topology mapping, as it allows you to create maps using the PRTG map designer. This is a manual process, but once you’ve created the maps, you can use them to view network information in real time for your devices, connections, and status updates. I’d say this software is on the pricier end for what it offers.


Another great option for network mapping software is the Intermapper tool by HelpSystems. The Intermapper tool has both network mapping and network performance monitoring features, and has cross-vendor support for Cisco, Apple, Dell, and others. With an intuitive and clear display, it provides a fully customizable network map, allowing you to see real-time network health with color-coded animations. You can choose either device-based pricing or a flat fee for unlimited devices.


Visio is the Microsoft diagramming and vector application for creating maps and charts (including network maps). Visio is not technically a network mapping tool, but it can be used by network administrators for this purpose. However, the network diagram needs to be created manually using the “Detailed Network Diagram” template. Generally, automatic network mapping tools may be more suitable for troubleshooting and security purposes. Visio can be an inexpensive option for an enterprise unwilling to invest in automated and comprehensive network mapping software.

Getting Started with Network Mapping

Visual Network Mapping Software Mac Free

As you can tell, there’s a lot of network mapping software out there, from simple mapping and flow-chart programs to comprehensive network performance tools. When compared to some of the best free mapping software, paid products might seem expensive at first glance. However, paid network mapping and performance monitoring tools are much more comprehensive, reliable, and complete when it comes to usefully mapping your network.

Visual Network Mapping Software Mac Free

I highly recommend SolarWinds NPM or Network Topology Mapper for professional network administrators looking for tools to help them manage their environments.

Recommended Reading:

Ultimate Guide to Network Monitoring: If you’re looking at mapping your network and using software to do so, make sure you look at this comprehensive guide on network monitoring. Understanding your network and how it all functions is essential for the mapping processes to be useful.

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