Why Do All The Applications Have App Mac

May 24, 2013  also, at the same time one simply has to look at all the Application folders on the mac and the various ways they are accessed or pointed to. When you say something like you just have to (manually) put the app file in the applications folder these things are all over the place. I have an 'Applications' folder under my Home folder that has two.

If there’s one thing in the technology world that never changes, it’s that everything changes. My shiny new device gets covered in greasy fingerprints, my charging cable frays, and my pristine new headphones tangle into an impossible white knot.

I’ve noticed that a similar thing happens inside my computer, too. What started out as a great app starts to run slow, or starts asking me for my password every time I try to open it, or stops responding and gives me the candy-colored pinwheel treatment.

And that’s just the stuff I can see. The older apps get, the more vulnerable they are to security issues and the more likely they are to be incompatible with newer software. Really, it’s a hassle I don’t need.

The key to avoiding frustration and lost productivity for me has been to keep my applications as up-to-date as possible. Sometimes, though, this is easier said than done. Out of the box, my Mac doesn’t have a great way to update apps from third-party developers. And it’s not like I can do my job with just standard apps in the Dock.

Some of these updates are more straightforward than others, which is why a one-stop tool like CleanMyMac X has been a lifesaver for me. Below, I’ll walk you through how to update different kinds of apps on your Mac, and recommend some easy fixes to frustrating problems.

How to update apps on Macbook

The most straightforward way to update apps on your Mac is to use the Mac App Store. This feature collects updates to any app you’ve downloaded, as well as your Mac OS operating system.


When you open the update tab, you’ll always see the most recent available versions of your applications, so there’s no need to compare. Plus, the App Store’s updater makes it a snap to download and install all the updates you need at once.

Here’s how:

Why do all the applications have app mac free
  1. Click the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Select “App Store” from the drop-down menu (If you have updates waiting, that menu will show you how many).
  3. You can also open the App Store from the Dock and click the Updates tab to see which of your applications are out of date.
  4. Click the Update button beside each app to start downloading and installing the update, or hit Update All to do them all at once.

You can have the App Store remind you when it’s time to update your OS. In System Preferences, click Software Update and check the box that says “Automatically Keep My Mac Up To Date.” The app will prompt you with a pop-up alert the next time there’s an update ready to install.

Mac AppStore not updating applications? Here’s what to do

Unfortunately, the App Store method only works for software distributed by Apple and other developers through that store. That means that if you want to update any application that you downloaded from another source, you’ll need to find another method.

Some popular third-party apps like Spotify have their own update prompts that appear when new versions are available. Some even have background installers that can auto-update, leaving you one less thing to worry about.

Here’s an example of how to update a third-party app popular with Mac users, Google Chrome:

  1. Click the Chrome drop-down menu in the top left corner.
  2. Select “About Google Chrome”.
  3. Chrome will scan for new versions and let you know if you’re running the most up to date version.
  4. If your version is out of date, click the update button.

Some smaller third party applications might not have a built-in update check. You’ll have to visit the developer’s website periodically to check for new versions. Or, you can install an RSS tracker to monitor the developer’s website for updates, which should make the whole process easier.

Updates don’t always make your life easier. For example, the new Mac operating system Catalina no longer supports 32-bit applications. Many Mac users are finding that older apps don’t work after they install the new OS. If you’re worried about having to choose between apps you rely on and a new OS, it’s better to go without the update for now.

How to update apps on Macbook with CleanMyMac X

If all of the above sounds like a bit of a hassle, you’re right (I’ve tried it). Trying to keep everything up to date ended up sapping my productivity. That’s when I decided to try CleanMyMac X. I was already using this powerful tool to cleaning junk off my hard drive and protecting my Mac from malware, but I decided to give the Updater tool a try.

Right off the bat, Updater felt different. It had the same smooth Mac-style interface as the app store, but it showed updates for all the apps I had installed. It also imported developer notes and preview screenshots from the App Store and from other sources so I could see exactly what was going to change.

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Why Do All The Applications Have App Mac Free

Having it all in one convenient place saved me a lot of time–I can see myself adding an update check to my normal work routine easily.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Open CleanMyMac X — download a free version here.
  2. Select the Updater feature from the left-hand panel.
  3. Check the boxes next to the apps you want to update, or click “Select All.”
  4. Click the large “Update” button.

Why Do All The Applications Have App Machine

That’s all it takes! I already rely on CleanMyMac X to handle other tasks, and now I can add app updates to the list.

Recent changes to the Mac operating system mean that software not distributed through the App Store must pass Apple’s notarization process before it will run on macOS Catalina. CleanMyMac X is already notarized by Apple and will work with Catalina, so it’s a great tool for getting your other apps up to date.