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  • Aercus Instruments WS3083 Pro Wireless Weather Station
  • Mine didn't come with any batteries, the Aercus manual just mentions 3 X AA for the outdoor unit and that's what I installed, but I see on the Ambient Weather site for their WS-1400-IP Observer (that looks identical to the FO WH2600 / Aercus Weather Sleuth) that it comes with 3 X AA rechargeable batteries.
  • The Aercus Instruments WS2083 is the next generation in all-in-one Wireless Weather Stations. Use stand alone or connect to your PC via USB (PC software inc) for quick and easy downloading, charting and uploading to your own website or weather community websites.

I very much like my new Aercus weather station. Very easy to setup, the most difficult part was deciding on where and how to mount the sensor array. I had no problem with wireless link between the sensors mounted on my roof and the console in the sitting room. It's been running a.

Product Description

*Product Out of stock - See Aercus Instruments WS3085 for the updated model*

The WS3083 is extremely easy to set-up and measures a comprehensive array of weather information. Its backlit console displays a full range of weather variables and customisable alarms allow alerts for all weather conditions.

The WS3083 has a transmission range of up to 100m (line of sight) back to the main unit which displays temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind, rainfall, dew point, windchill, date/time, short range forecast, UV Index and Light levels.


The main unit stores up to three month's worth of data with easy viewing of historic records and connects to PC via USB for downloading, charting and uploading to websites for displaying live local weather conditions (PC software download included, requires additional third-party software to download your data to a Mac).

Can be connected to Weather Underground - become part of the global weather community and view the weather from your WS3083 from anywhere in the world using a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android phone.

Installation kit included.


  • Backlit LCD displays temperature (indoor/outdoor in °F or °C), humidity (indoor/outdoor), barometric pressure, wind, rainfall, dew point, windchill, date/time, short range forecast, UV index and light levels
  • Bar graph shows 12 or 24-hour history of barometric data
  • Wind sensor provides information on wind speed (mph, m/s, km/h, knots, Beaufort), gust, and direction
  • Customisable weather alarms (high and low for each variable)
  • Storm warning
  • User adjustable measuring intervals
  • Connects to your PC via USB and comes with software for easy downloading and charting. Software also allows uploading to websites for displaying local weather conditions
  • Wireless sensors transmit data up to 100m (line of sight) back to LCD display
  • Low power consumption
  • LCD is wall hanging or free standing
  • Solar panel for outdoor sensors


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  • Outdoor temperature range --- -40.0°C to + 65.0°C (-40°F to +149°F)
  • Indoor temperature range --- 0°C to + 50.0°C (32°F to +122°F)
  • Humidity range --- 10% to 99% (1% resolution)
  • Rain volume display --- 0 to 9999mm, resolution 0.3mm (if rain volume < 1000mm) or 1mm (if rain volume > 1000mm)
  • Wind speed --- 0 to 160 km/h
  • Barometric pressure --- 300hPa to 1,100hPA (inHg, mmHG or hPa) with 0.1hPa resolution
  • Light --- 0 to 400k Lux
  • UV Index --- 1 to 12
  • Transmission range --- up to 100m (330 feet) line of sighe
  • Power consumption --- receiver 3 x AA batteries, transmitter 2 x AA batteries
  • Transmission frequency --- 433MHz
  • Data storage capacity --- 2 weeks at 5 min intervals up to 3 months at 30min intervals
  • Alarm duration --- 120 sec

Arceus Weather Station Software Mac

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Product Reviews

  1. Very good for anyone interested in weather in their back garden!

    Posted by John on 29th Jun 2019

    This was purchased to replace an old Maplin N96GY Station that failed.
    Very easy to set up as it is so similar to the old one however, the solar wiring seemed to be 180 degrees out when trying to mount the solar panel to the transmitter assembly. Got there in the end but wasn't as easy as perhaps it should have been.
    Useful detailed instructions with the weather station and Greenfrog.
    All works fine and no problem connecting to commuter operating Windows 10.

  2. Nice Station but has a Flaw.

    Posted by Frank Carroll on 24th Mar 2019

    I purchased this station to replace an old Maplin N96GY Station I have had for over 5 years and has now come to the end of its life.
    The reason I chose the WS3083 is because is it pretty similar to the old Maplin one I had. The base station even connected to the external sensor of my old station when I first powered it up. After doing some research I found it would fit in seamlessly with my Raspberry PiWeewx setup without too many changes to the config - which I can confirm it does, everything is up and working as if nothing has changed, which is what I wanted. Apart from that this new station comes with a Solar Cell UV and Light level indicator.
    The flaw with this station is that the UVLight level sensor in mounted on top of the external temperature sensor. The external temperature sensor needs to be kept out of direct sunlight to give accurate readings whereas the UVLight level sensor needs to be kept in the sun. So you have a choice, you can either have accurate temperature readings or accurate UVLight readings, but not both. With the windrain sensors there is plenty of cable supplied to allow them to be located away from the temperature sensor, the fact they did not supply the same amount of cable for the UVLight sensor is a real shame.
    Apart from that it’s a pretty good station and certainly value for money.

  3. Good Value

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Feb 2018

    Good value - easy to set up
    Fast delivery.
    North point on wind direction indicator a bit difficult to find/see

  4. Good Service

    Posted by Larneyin on 30th Oct 2017

    Unit was delivered promptly. Unfortunately when assembled the solar unit was defective (reading 10 time too high!). Contacted Greenfrog and replacement unit arrived within 2 days - very good service

  5. very clear and easy

    Posted by S on 27th Jan 2016

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    Nice looking unit with the addition of a solar cell for outside, uv and light level indicators are a good thing so if you want a good value for money product buy it

  6. Best price / quality / functions ratio

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Oct 2014

    Very plesead with it! Very easy setup, in less than 1 hour I was uploading data to weather underground!

  7. Impressive for the price

    Posted by Derek James on 19th Aug 2014

    Really please with my weather station. Setup was pretty straight forward once I realised that the time-signal was not syncing. I've since found that the clock syncs intermittently with the DCF77 signal - normally overnight.
    I found that wrapping excess cables around the arms of the mount made for a much tidier installation.
    I am not sure that my urban station is mounted in a location that is truly indicative of the local weather conditions but the mast to raise it over the local buildings would dwarf the station both economically and physically.
    Software installation was again straight forward but it is a bit of a shame that the two displays on the console and my PC have to be next to each other because of the limitations of USB connection.

Arceus Weather Station Software Mac Download

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