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CD / DVD PRINTING Cherish your favorite memories by printing directly onto a CD or DVD label Print Custom CD & DVD Covers Personalize photos and videos of holidays, birthdays, weddings and more by printing directly onto inkjet printable CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.

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CD DVD Printable Labels - Econo Matte Finish - 100 Disc Labels and 100 Utility Spine and Case Sticker Labels - Online Design Maker Software Included by Neato 4.1 out of 5 stars 129 $17.99 $ 17. Label Design Software for Macintosh The Great Debate: Mac vs. They say you’re either a Mac person or a PC person and people will certainly defend their opinion on the matter! Both Mac’s and PC’s work fine and these days, and many of their functions are quite similar, so people’s preferences can be split right down the middle.

If you frequently have the need to burn DVD discs in your life, it’s highly possible that you would like to store these physical discs or to arrange them correctly so that you can easily locate them when you would like to get them. Have you ever noticed the outer design of these DVD discs? For your good references, some producers of the DVD movie discs usually design a slim and exquisite DVD cover to store them. Therefore, do you know how to make these DVD covers? What are the factors when you try to figure out the specific methods in creating the DVD covers? Let’s keep reading below.

Part 1: What is DVD Cover Printing Software

In order to make a DVD cover, you have to design the outline for the cover in the first place. Then you have to print the designed cover out with the help of the image editing programs and printing software. In comparison with the cover design, the printing software and printing facility will be in a more important place. Before we give the definition of DVD cover printing software in details, we should spend some time in elaborating the basic concepts about DVD cover and printing.

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A DVD cover can make a great impression for buyers when they are choosing albums and product presentations. Just as mentioned, a DVD cover can be a kind of excellent protection step to store DVD discs. Moreover, a DVD cover can play an important role in some special occasions. For example, in a wedding, a wedding video disc with a delicate DVD cover can be the greatest gift for the guests who have attended the wedding, which can be also regarded as a good way to retain memories. Furthermore, in business training, if you would like to leave your customers a good impression, you can also try to create an excellent training DVD video and burn it to a disc for customers’ further reviewing. How to create the DVD cover then? You need to design the size, color, disc template and related parameter on your computer. Actually, this is the working flow for a DVD cover printing program. With a DVD cover printing program, you can choose the cover color according to your preferences, as well as the template based on your design concept. In details, you may have to make your choices among the label template, border, background overlap, disc layout, total pages to print and so on.

Part 2: Best DVD Cover Printing Software for Windows

If you are a Windows user, you can refer to the following DVD cover printing programs for your future references. In order to complete a perfect DVD cover design, a piece of excellent DVD cover printing software will be the necessary part for you. Most of them are free DVD label printing software.

1. Ronyasoft CD DVD Label Maker

With a user-friendly interface, Ronyasoft CD DVD Label Maker can be regarded as one of the best DVD cover printing software for beginner users. You have several templates to choose from and each template can be previewed in a window and you can preview the output effects easily. In terms of the output design materials, this piece of DVD label printing software can allow you to select paper sleeves or origami paper cases to meet various requirements. With it, you can import all kinds of image formats to design the final DVD cover, including JPG, PNG and BMP. Furthermore, you can add and edit the texts easily.

2. Nero CoverDesigner

Nero is very popular in processing all kinds of digital videos. However, Nero CoverDesigner can be a helpful hand in designing and printing a label on Windows. It contains built-in templates which allow you to easily choose from. Among these templates, some of them are quite professional which can meet your general needs. As a piece of free DVD label printing software, Nero CoverDesigner can be able to create business cards.

3. Thyante Software

Thyante Software is a very lightweight and fast DVD label printing program. But this program is mainly used to create CD labels to a great extent, and its function in creating DVD cover labels are improved gradually. With this program, you can easily obtain a list of files while creating the cover within, for example, if you would like to search some key information about the discs, you only need to type in the searching bar, then you can quickly locate the file. Until now, it is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 2003, XP and Vista.

4. Acoustica CD/DVD Maker

Next, you can take a try on Acoustica CD/DVD Maker. As its name implies, this free DVD cover printing software can both create CD and DVD covers. In total, this tool supports 6 disc types, including DVD, Blu-ray, CD and other 3 types. And, it is compatible with BMP, GIF, RAW and PNG image formats. According to some famous reviews, this program has been most welcomed because of it predesigned backgrounds and text layouts.

5. Label Factory Deluxe

If you are searching for a piece of more advanced DVD label printing software, Label Factory Deluxe can be a good option which has won many prizes. You can select from more than 1500 label templates and formats. Also, this program offers more than 50,000 clip art images for users’ references. But this DVD cover printing software is only compatible with standard discs and its price is a bit higher.

Part 3: Best DVD Cover Printing Software for Mac

Just relax! If you are running on a Mac system, these following DVD cover printing software will be suitable for you.

1. Orion Label and Print Studio

As an all-inclusive DVD label printing program, Orion Label and Print Studio can be able to provide Mac users with the comprehensive designing services. With it, users can be allowed to set personalized labels, business cards and greeting cards as well as flyers with watermark or other characterized features.


2. Revolver CD Cover

Revolver CD Cover is another professional DVD and CD cover software for Mac users. This tool is mainly designed for groups who lack the designing and graphic design skills. You can easily set your text and type of printer paper by following several simple steps. Mac users are provided with more than a million and a half variants of original background designs.

Dvd Label Printing Software Mac Compatible

3. iWinSoft CD/DVD Label Maker

This DVD, CD and Blu-ray discs label maker for Mac can be one of the fastest and easiest among various printing software. You can be provided with various great-looking covers, jewel cases and labels for CDs and DVDs. From its local image and art gallery, you can find all kinds of art layouts and wonderful images.

4. Disc Cover

The forth DVD cover printing program is Disc Cover. As an intuitive Mac DVD label maker, Disc Cover can be able to create a variety of disc labels. You can easily load image data or digital files from your iTunes, iPhotos, Finder and iDVD with several steps. You can take a try on its built0in style templates and graphic tools.

Free Dvd Label Printing Software

5. Mac CD/DVD Label Maker

Dvd Label Printing Software Mac Free

Last of all, Mac CD/DVD Label Maker can be your good option due to its simple and powerful design features. You can easily create CD/DVD label by referring to various built-in label formats and graphic images, layouts and templates. You are also allowed to freely edit and add texts, graphics and images to your labels.

Part 4: Best DVD Creator to Create DVD – Leawo DVD Creator

Once you have been impressed by various DVD covers and you have the urgent desire to burn your own preferred DVD cover, not it is the time. What should come in the first place is that you need to burn your digital files to a DVD disc. Buy some good rewritable DVD discs and prepare professional DVD burning software with editing features as well as a well-equipped DVD disc drives. Here you should not miss Leawo DVD Creator.

Leawo DVD Creator is really fantastic in both its comprehensive burning functions and burning speed without quality loss. Regarded as one of the most powerful DVD burning programs in recent years, Leawo DVD Creator can help you to burn your reluctant files to a DVD disc with customized features retained. With Leawo DVD Creator, you can burn more than 180 formats videos in formats like RMVB, MKV, MP4, WMV, Xvid, MOV, and FLV to DVD-9 and DVD-5 discs with 6X faster speed than others. With the support for Intel Quick Sync acceleration technology, Leawo DVD Creator is a professional burning program ensuring high burning speed while you are burning various videos to DVD. Furthermore, Leawo DVD Creator can preserve the quality of the original video while burning the video to DVD and ensures that the DVD playback would look just as good as the original video. Also, you can edit the video to make it your own style, such as trim, crop, add watermark to the video and so on. And you can change the disc menu templates and the items on the disc menu with fast speed and high quality so as to obtain a customized DVD disc.

Dvd Label Printing Software Machine

Part 5: Conclusion

Dvd Label Printing Software Mac Download

Creating DVD labels can be an excellent way to leave others a great impression. At the same time, backing up those DVD discs with the help of various DVD covers can save you a lot of time locating and searching when you have the urgent need. By referring to the above article, you can try these DVD cover label to make your own preferred DVD covers.