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Jul 06, 2020  Over 20 million families around the world have chosen Alfred Camera to secure their home. We are the world's most popular and top-rated app for home security. SECURITY CAMERA FOR THE SMARTPHONE AGE People love Alfred Camera! The all-in-one app provides more features than a basic, expensive security camera. You can get live stream, motion detector, night vision, walkie-talkie,.

Spy Cam is your own personal spy! The perfect application for private video-surveillance. With Spy Cam, turn your Mac into a surveillance camera. It automatically records video clips with your Mac's built-in camera. If you have a Dropbox account, Spy Cam will save the videos there in real time. Now you'll see who is snooping in your Mac, or looking through your things, from anywhere in the world!
Meet Spy Cam:
  • Motion detection.
  • Record videos by schedule
  • Record on screensaver exit/unlock event
  • Automatically records videos (including sound) in HD format.
  • Can be set up in 1 minute, all ready to go.
  • Choose the recording interval you prefer: every 1/3/5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes.
  • Set the video clip length: 5/10/15/20/30/60 seconds.
  • Optimally compresses videos, and saves hard drive space.
  • Uses few resources, so it doesn't load your Mac much.
  • Has a user-friendly interface.
  • Obeys a single master: you only need to password-protect it.
  • Doesn't interfere with other auto-launch apps.
  • Automatically sends videos to your Dropbox account.
  • Works quickly, silently, covertly.
  • Costs 10 times less than a conventional video surveillance system!
  • If your Mac gets stolen, a video of the thief will be sent to your Dropbox account. The thief will then end up at the police station.
  • If important documents vanish from your computer, you'll be able to easily find out who used your Mac that day and catch the culprit.
  • You'll be able to know what people in your household or office say about you when you're not there. You are curious, aren't you?
  • You'll be able to check if your child turned the computer on without permission.
  • You'll have proof that those you trusted look through your computer or things when you're gone.

What's New:

Version 3.5
  • Ready for macOS Mojave
  • Fixed activating by schedule


  • Title: Spy Cam 3.5
  • Developer: Yevgeniy Muravyev
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later 64-bit
  • Language: English
  • Includes: K'ed by TNT
  • Size: 8.07 MB
  • View in Mac App Store
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Do you always feel paranoia which is connected with hidden cameras? Nowadays they are almost invisible, so someone can install them everywhere: in a hotel room, in a changing room, in a swimming pool and even in your house. That sounds terrible!

But since now we want you to get rid of this fear because there is something we want to tell you. The theme of this post is modern apps for your Android or iOS which are able to detect spy cameras everywhere.

If you still think that we are joking – read our post. It contains the best spy camera detector apps which we are ready to present.

Hidden Camera Detector

We strongly recommend you to download this app. Hidden Camera Detector provides triple protection from hidden spy cameras, so you will be in safe for sure.

With the help of a magnetic sensor of your phone, the app will detect all cameras hidden. It is also possible to see a real-time graph of magnetic activities that have all cameras of this type.

The app indicates possible hidden cameras with the beep and visual red spot on the graph. The app is also able to detect infrared cameras that are invisible to the naked eye. Download this app and stay protected.

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Hidden IR Camera Detector

This is also quite a helpful app for those who want privacy. The app detects cameras because they emit infrared radiations which cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Just download Hidden IR Camera Detector, open the app and move your phone near to the suspicious device. If you see a white light in a dark room which you can’t see with the naked eye, it may be a hidden camera, a spy camera or a secret camera.

These hidden devices emit infrared radiations, so the app uses your phone magnetic sensor to analyze the magnetic field in the room.

Use this app in order to be sure that nobody follows you.

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Hidden camera detector 2019

One of the best spy camera detector apps is this one. Don’t you think that someone knows too much information about you? If you give an affirmative answer – download this app right now!

The Hidden camera detector 2019 starts beeping when it detects hidden devices.

The main advantage of this app is that it has special tips and tricks for detecting not only hidden cameras but spy microphones and spy bugs as well. Just quickly scan your room and find all hidden spy’s devices.

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Free Apps For Mac Computer

Hidden Camera Detector: Spy Camera Detector

Now we would like to offer you a one more highly effective tool for detecting spy cameras.

This app works together with your phone. How? The thing is that your electronic device has a magnetic sensor which can fix the magnetic field of the room.

It remains just to move your phone around the environment in order to scan it and find some strange devices. Owing to Hidden Camera Detector‘s accurate measurements it will be possible to find out the truth.

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Hidden camera founder: spy device detector

The thing that you will really like in this app is its accuracy. From Hidden camera founder, you can learn the distance from you to the hidden spy’s camera.

If you are interested in it – download the app, scan your environment and see if there any suspicious devices installed. The app is super accurate, so there won’t be any cameras unseen. Mac ftp server software free.

Many people have already downloaded the app and now they are sure in their privacy. Join them and be safe.

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Detector Secret Camera – Hidden Camera Finder App

Have all hidden cameras discovered! Detector Secret Camera will let you detect all hidden cameras installed.

Open the app, scan your room and enjoy the result: there won’t remain any devices that this great app can miss.

The main feature of it is an accurate infrared detector, which is able to detect spy’s cameras owing to the magnetic sensor of your phone.

The app is also top rated and used by more than ten thousand users. Download the app and assure yourself of the result!

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Hidden Camera Detector

This app is appropriate for those who can’t get rid of a feeling of unsafety. Hidden Camera Detector provides the best features to detect hidden cameras around you.

Its super powerful accurate measurements will let users find all the cameras hidden. The case is that these spy’s devices emit infrared radiations that are unforeseen by people, but not by the app. All you need is to choose your location, then move the phone around and the app will definitely discover Magnetic Field emitted by spy’s devices.

It will be your most effective tool against spies. And if it’s dark, for better visibility we also advise you to download one of the flashlight apps.

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Hidden Camera Detector Pro

Do you feel an invasion on your privacy? Hidden Camera Detector Pro will be the best solution to your problem. This spy camera detector app analyses a magnetic activity based on readings from the magnetic sensor of your Android device. Just open it and move your phone around all suspected objects.

We may say that the main advantage of this app is its ability to detect hidden microphones and even spy bugs. But don’t forget: the accuracy of the app is entirely dependent on the magnetic sensor in your device. The more the sensor senses the better result you have.

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Real Hidden Cam Finder

If you are a spy, you should be afraid of this app. Real Hidden Cam Finder was developed for security purposes, so this app will protect every its user.

All hidden cameras and microphones will be detected for sure because the app has many helpful functions. It uses the magnetic field emitted by hidden devices in order to detect cameras.

So if you want to invade into one’s privacy, you don’t have a prayer of doing this. You’d better read this post and be undetected in this matter.

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Hidden camera founder 2019: anti spy cam detector

If you are searching for a well-hidden camera detector app, we recommend you to download this one as well. Hidden camera founder 2019 will become your personal assistant if you want to be sure in your privacy.

There are two functions available: you can find it by camera or by radiation. Anyway, the result will be great. You can easily install this app on your Android device and scan all suspected objects.

Keep in mind that the app is affected by electrical equipment such as TVs, PCs, so turn them off before using the app. There won’t be any worries while you are in hotels, changing rooms, or other public places.

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Best Hidden Camera Detector: Anti Spy camera Finder

One more popular spy camera detector app is called Best Hidden Camera Detector. Have you ever rent an apartment that seemed not a good place for your privacy? Probably, it’s because there might have been a hidden microphone or even spy cam. To avoid these situations, we strongly recommend you to use this app.

Your phone has a magnetic sensor that is able to feel the magnetic field of the surrounding area. The app uses this data and shows if there any hidden devices exist.

This app is quite popular worldwide because of its highly accurate measurements. Use this brilliant app and assure yourself of it!

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Spy hidden camera Detector

See all potential spy cameras live on your screen. Spy hidden camera Detector works best detecting all hidden cameras and microphones. Moreover, the app has an Advisory Guide for better manual or automatic detection.

The functioning principle is the same: open the app, move your phone around all the objects suspected, then learn the result.

The main difference from the previous apps is that this very app is able to search for some Bluetooth-enabled home cameras. Owing to this function this app is quite popular as well. Just scan your room in order to save yourself from being spied.