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Jul 21, 2017  Google Drive is really the core of the Backup and Sync tool, so if you never used the Drive app then a bit of explanation may be in order. Essentially, this new tool will allow you to sync your Google Drive cloud storage with your computer—be that the entire Drive or just specific files and folders. Jun 24, 2019  There’s an official Google Drive app for Mac too — an upgraded 2017 version of which is called Backup & Sync and is sometimes referred to as the new Google Drive. Google Drive Backup and Sync download is free and you can expect to install it and have it running in no time and little effort.

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  3. Google Drive For Mac Os

Google Drive has received an upgrade today that adds an extra layer of security to your files stored with the service via Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone and iPad.

Spotted by The Verge, the support for Apple’s secure and convenient Face ID and Touch ID showed up in the latest Google Drive for iOS release notes. However, the feature has been slowly rolling out to users since April (via Digital Trends), so the acknowledgment in today’s update likely means all users should now see the change.


You can choose to have Privacy Screen activate immediately as soon as you switch to another app — the Face ID or Touch ID screen will pop when you return to Drive — or delay it for 10 seconds, one minute, or 10 minutes to make multitasking a little less annoying.

Funny enough, Google Drive included passcode protection a while ago but it was pulled for some reason. It’s nice to see the feature return with Face ID and Touch ID support, even though it was a long time coming.

Google Drive For Mac App

Google Drive is a free download from the App Store.

Release notes:

  • Privacy Screen is a new feature that uses Face ID or Touch ID to protect your sensitive files from prying eyes.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Google Drive For Mac Os X

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Google Drive For Mac App

Google Drive For Mac Os

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