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Sep 18, 2019  Dark mode is everywhere from Mac, Windows, Android, and now on the iPhone and iPad. IOS 13 and iPadOS 13 finally brings the much-coveted feature to Apple’s devices. It looks great, and it automatically works with supported apps and websites. Sep 26, 2018  While the previous 'dark mode' on macOS changed the Dock and Menu bar from light to dark, in macOS Mojave, it changes app windows and toolbars, text, and more. Several apps have already been updated with support for the new Dark Mode, and will automatically switch over to using it when you turn it on for the system, so you don't even have to. Auto sets your Mac to automatically switch between Light and Dark Mode based on the time of day. Customizing apps. Dark Mode in macOS Catalina is a system-wide appearance, but there are a few.

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How to Set Up Dark Mode on Your Favorite AppsAccuWeather

Looking to give your eyes a break? Dark mode swaps white backgrounds for grays and blacks. Here's how to enable dark mode in all your favorite apps.

We spend a good portion of our day staring at screens. US adults looked at mobile devices for an average of 3 hours, 35 minutes per day in 2018, according to eMarketer, which predicts that time spent on mobile will surpass TV in 2019.

All that bright light streaming into your eyeballs isn't great. Blue light can disrupt sleep, confusing your brain about what time of day it is. Giving up mobile devices isn't really an option for most people, though, so many of us opt for a dark mode, which swaps white backgrounds for grays and blacks.

Not all apps offer an official dark mode; some just have night themes that only work under certain conditions. Google Maps, for instance, has a night theme while navigating, but it doesn't work in the full app. Meanwhile, Firefox, Gmail, and the Windows 10 Mail app allow for custom themes on the web, but the mobile apps aren't consistent.

If you've updated to iOS 13 or your phone actually has the Android 10 update, both mobile operating systems support system-wide dark modes. But it will only apply to supported apps, like built-in Apple apps, most of Google's apps, or third-party apps that support the theme, like Instagram.

The apps below support their own dark modes; here's how to turn it on.


To turn on dark mode in AccuWeather, tap the three-dot menu and select Settings > Theme. Here, you choose between light, dark, and automatic, which will change depending on the time of day.

Amazon Kindle App

Amazon's Kindle app allows you to turn on dark mode by navigating to More > Settings > Color Theme. Tap dark, which will darken the main app. This does not, however, change the contents of your ebooks. To do that, tap the Aa icon atop each book, tap Color, and select Black from the drop-down menu.


Turn down the lights on your favorite podcasts with dark mode on Castbox. Tap Personal > Settings, then toggle the Dark theme switch to on.


Go dark on Microsoft's Edge browser, which is available on the web and your mobile device. In the Android app, tap the three-dot menu () in the bottom-right corner and select Settings > Appearance > Theme > Dark. On iOS, just tap the three-dot menu, select Settings and tap Dark under Theme (pictured above).


Evernote makes it easy to turn your note-taking app dark. On Android, tap the () menu in the top-left corner and toggle the Dark Theme switch on. On iOS, tap the My Account option on the bottom-right corner and toggle Dark Theme to on.

Facebook Messenger

Dark mode for Facebook Messenger was initially launched as an Easter egg for Android phones, but it recently rolled out as a permanent feature on iOS and Android. On both OSes, simply tap your chat head icon on the top-left and toggle the switch for Dark Mode to on.

Files by Google

Google's file management app on Android has a dark mode you can activate by opening the hamburger () menu in the top-left corner and tapping Settings. Toggle the dark theme switch to on.

Firefox (iOS Only)

Enabling dark mode on iPhone and iPad is simple. Tap the browser's () menu and activate the Enable Night Mode switch, which will give menus and web pages a dark theme.

The Firefox Android app does not yet have a full dark mode, but it does support add-ons. Tap the menu button on the top right and select either Add-Ons or Tools > Add-Ons, depending on your version of Android, and search for a dark mode extension.


Google's keyboard app Gboard allows you to customize the keys you type on with certain themes. There are several dark themes to choose from, which you can find by tapping the gear icon on the keyboard. Select Theme and then choose the color scheme you prefer. While there are a few darker ones, there are only two with a true blackout scheme.

Gmail (Android 10)

Gmail has long supported themes on the web; they change menus and the inbox while emails remain white. With Android 10, however, you can turn on system-wide dark mode and Gmail will obey. Or set it up manually inside the app by going to the hamburger menu () in Gmail and selecting Settings > General Settings > Theme > Dark to set the app to dark mode.

Google Calculator

Need to crunch some numbers without straining your eyes? Open the three-dot menu () on the Google calculator app, and select Choose theme. Then tap either the default light mode, dark mode, or opt to turn it on when you need to save battery.

Google Calendar

Tap the () menu in the top-left corner and select Settings > General > Theme. Choose between a light or dark theme, or have it change based on Battery Saver settings.

Google Contacts

The Google Contacts app can go dark if you open the hamburger () menu and select Settings. Tap Choose theme, then select either the default light mode, dark mode, or make it determined by the device's battery status.

Google Drive

Turn on dark mode in the Android version of Google Drive by opening the hamburger () menu and selecting Settings. Tap Choose theme, then select either the default light mode, dark mode, or make it determined by the device's battery status.

Google Keep

Google's note-taking app has its own dark mode now. Activate it by opening the () menu and selecting Settings. Then just flip the switch for Enable Dark Theme and enjoy the new color scheme.

Google News

The Google News app can be set to dark mode by tapping your user profile and go into Settings. From there, select Dark Theme and determine in what conditions you want the coloring change to take place. While the Google News interface will be changed, the articles you click into will remain their default coloring.

Grammarly Keyboard

Want a dark keyboard? On Grammarly Keyboard, tap Keyboard Look and Feel and choose the dark theme to turn your keyboard black.

Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Comics fans can enable dark mode in the Marvel Unlimited app. Just select the () menu and tap Settings. The menu will give you three color themes to choose from. Select between white, black, and red in order to engage the preferred theme. The app will reset and the colors will be consistent throughout.


To activate dark mode in the blogging app, tap the () menu and select Settings. Under Night mode, turn it on or set it to automatic based on the time of day.


Messages makes it easy to switch to dark mode. Just tap the three-dot menu and select Enable Dark Mode from the drop-down.


Opera has three different apps to choose from, and each includes a dark mode. In the standard Opera app, tap the O icon in the bottom right and select Settings > Appearance > Theme > Dark.

The lightweight Opera Mini gives you even more options. Tap the O icon > Settings > Theme and pick from several different color themes, including black.

Light mode mac certain apps download

Opera Touch is much simpler. Open the three-dot menu at the top right of the browser, then select Settings. Toggle the Dark theme switch to on.


The popular recording app Otter allows you to switch between a default white theme and a dark mode. Tap your user profile and go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Dark Mode before activating the switch to turn the feature on.


Microsoft has finally added dark mode to the Outlook app. On Android, tap the hamburger () menu and select Settings. Tap Theme and choose between Light, Dark, or Set by Battery Saver. On iOS, tap the menu on the top left, select the gear icon () on the bottom left, and toggle the Dark Mode option to on.


Periscope allows you to watch live video with a night theme makeover. To enable it, tap the people icon at the top of the screen and select the profile icon in the right-hand corner. Scroll down and tap Settings, then toggle Night Mode on or off.


On Android 9.0+, Pinterest will go by what your Battery Saver theme is set to by default. But for dark mode all the time, navigate to your user profile and select the Settings icon in the top-right corner. Tap Edit Settings > Set by battery saver > Dark. On iOS, you'll need the system-wide dark mode offered by iOS 13.


When you use Pocket to save articles for later, you're likely to return to them at night, so a dark mode makes sense here. To enable dark mode on Android, navigate to your profile, tap the three-dot icon () on the top-right and select Settings. Tap Change Theme and select Dark in the pop-up menu. On iOS (pictured), navigate to your profile, tap the gear icon () on the top-right, and tap Theme. In the pop-up menu, select Dark.

Pulse SMS

The Pulse SMS app offers many different customization options, which include multiple dark themes. Open the () menu and choose Customization settings. Tap on Theme and you can choose between several colors, including light, dark, black, and day/night. Other colored details in the app can be customized using hex color codes.

Reddit App

There are two ways to turn on dark mode in the Reddit app. The easiest way is to tap your user profile in the upper-left corner and select the moon icon in the bottom of the pullout menu. This will set the theme to black.

Reddit also offers several different color scheme choices, and dark mode can be found there as well. If you want to take the long way around, tap on Settings > Theme to choose between Alien Blue, Mint, Night, Pony, and Trees color schemes.

There are other theme settings that can help optimize your dark mode experience. You can also select Auto Night Mode to change things based on time of day, and AMOLED Night Mode, which removes all accent colors. A dark theme is also available for the web version by clicking your username and toggling Night Mode to on.


On Android, Shazam will go by what your Battery Saver theme is set to by default. For dark mode all the time, navigate to your Library and tap the gear icon in the top-left corner. Choose Themes > Dark Theme.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal keeps your messages secure; make sure they look cool, too. To do this, tap your profile in the left corner, then select Appearance and Theme to swap between light and dark.


Your favorite collaboration tool now has an easy-to-enable dark mode. Open the option menu from the top-right corner of any chat, tap Settings, and scroll down to Dark Mode. Then just toggle it on (iOS) or tap to enable (Android). After you do that, here are some more tips for keeping your Slack feed organized.

Telegram SMS

In Telegram, tap the () menu and select Settings > Chat settings. Enable Auto-Night Mode and select a theme change based on time of day or select Theme > Dark to make it permanent.


The Twitch app makes it super easy to enable dark mode. Just go to your user profile, click the gear icon () in the right-hand corner, and tap Enable Dark Mode from the drop-down menu.


To enable dark mode on Twitter, tap your profile icon and select Settings and Privacy. Tap Display and sound > Display and sound > Dark mode, and toggle it on (iOS) or select whether you want it on, off, or set to automatic (Android). If this dark blue theme is not dark enough for you, iPhone and iPad users also have a Lights Out option than makes things black. Android users will have to make do for now.


Make Waze go dark by tapping the magnifying glass then hitting the gear icon to open the Settings menu. Tap Map Display, then choose either Night to give everything a dark theme, or Auto so the colors change between night and day.

Weather Underground

On the Weather Underground app, open the More menu, choose Settings, and select Dark Mode under Visual Style.


WhatsApp doesn't have an official dark mode like the other apps here, but since it allows you to customize the wallpaper for each chat window, you can create your own dark theme to get the job done. You'll have to do it for individual conversations, but it's still possible.

Open the settings window and tap wallpaper. There will be several different options to choose from, but the simplest way to get the job done is to select Solid Color, choose black among the color pallet options, and tap Set to finalize.

Wikipedia App

To go dark on Wikipedia, tap the () menu, choose Settings, then App theme, where you can choose between light, dark, and black. You can even preview the different themes right from the menu.


Spare your eyes as you watch video after video on YouTube. On Android, tap your profile photo up top and select Settings > General > Dark theme and toggle it on. On iOS, tap your profile photo up top and select Settings > Dark theme and toggle it on. A dark theme is also available on the web. Click your profile picture and select the Dark Theme option.

How to Stop Blue Light From Disturbing Your Sleep

Blue light emitted by your iOS, Android, or Windows 10 device can trick your brain into thinking it's daytime even when it's not. Here's how to filter out the blue light.

One of the downsides of using a computer, or any device with a screen, is the effect it can have on both our eyes and our circadian rhythms. While eye damage is unlikely and eye strain somewhat contentious there’s much more research that shows the effect of certain colors of light on our brains at different times of the day.

The blue-ish light emitted by most computer and mobile device displays can cause tired eyes to struggle at night, and it fools our brain into thinking it’s daytime, even when it’s late at night. The solution Apple has come up with is to allow displays on its Macs and iOS devices to shift color automatically at certain times of the day. The screen goes from blue-ish color during the day to warmer more yellow tones in the late evening. That yellowish color is supposed to take less effort to view on the part of our eyes and is less likely to make our brains think it’s still daytime. As you would expect, you can control when and if Night Shift is invoked.

What is Night Shift?

Night Shift doesn’t need a separate app, it is a feature of macOS that uses your Mac’s clock and your geographic location to determine whether it’s day or night where you are. It then uses that information to set the color temperature of your display — colder during the daytime and warmer in the evening.

The idea is that by making colors warmer, it won’t disrupt your body’s circadian rhythm, or the body clock that controls them, to the same degree. Night Shift can be turned on and off manually, or you can set a schedule for specific times.

What does Night Shift do?

Your body clock controls circadian rhythm, which has been shown to be key to a number of health conditions. It controls when you feel tired or how you sleep. Disrupting it can be a factor in both physical and mental health problems. So it’s important to go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day. By making your Mac’s display show warmer colors at night, night shift reduces the chance it will interrupt your sleep.

Light Mode Mac Certain Apps 2017

How to enable macOS Night Shift

  1. Go to the Apple menu and choose System Preferences.
  2. Select the Displays pane.
  3. Click on the Night Shift tab.
  4. Click on the Schedule menu.
  5. Choose Sunset to Sunrise to have Night Shift turn on and off automatically when it thinks it’s night time where you are.

How to set your own Night Shift schedule

  1. In Night Shift preferences, click on the Schedule menu.
  2. Choose Custom.
  3. Type a start time and finish time into the boxes.

How to control Night Shift manually

  1. If Night Shift is off, go to the Night Shift tab in System Preferences>Display and check the box labelled Turn on until tomorrow.
  2. If Night Shift is on, click on the Schedule menu in the Night shift tab and choose ‘Off.’
  3. Use the color temperature slider in the same window to control the degree to which colors change when Night Switch is turned on or off.

You can also turn Night Shift on or off manually from Notification Center.

  1. Click on the Notification Center icon in the top right of your Mac’s screen.
  2. At the very top of the window, in either Today View or Notifications, is a switch labelled Night Shift. Toggle it to switch the feature on or off.

The easiest method of all — ask Siri

You can ask Siri to turn Night shift on your Apple device on and off.

  1. Click on the Siri button in the menu bar. If you don’t see it, go to System Preferences then click the Siri pane and make sure “Enable ask Siri’ and ‘Show Siri in menu bar’ are both checked. Alternatively, press fn + spacebar.
  2. Say “Turn on Night Shift.”
  3. To switch it off, activate Siri again and say “Turn off Night Shift.”

Night Shift works with external displays if your Mac is connected to one (or more). However, it doesn’t work with projectors or televisions.

Night Shift stuck? Here’s how to fix it

Light Mode Mac Certain Apps Free

Occasionally, usually when a Mac goes to sleep while it’s on, Night Shift can become stuck in the “on” setting. When this happens, turning it off then on then off again doesn’t seem to have much effect. Samsung xpress m2835dw software download mac. There is a solution, though.

  1. Go to System Preferences and choose Displays then click the Night Shift tab.
  2. With Night Shift on, make sure “Turn on until tomorrow” is unchecked.
  3. Slide the warmth slider all the way to the left, then all the way to the right again.

Light Mode Mac Certain Apps Download

That should fix it and you should now be able to switch Night Shift off.

If that doesn’t work, try running macOS maintenance scripts using CleanMyMac X. These maintenance scripts can fix problems with files on your Mac that can cause all sorts of problems. CleanMyMac makes it very easy to run them.

  1. Download CleanMyMac for free here.
  2. Launch the app.
  3. Click on Maintenance.
  4. Check the boxes next to Run Maintenance Scripts and Verify Disk Permissions.
  5. Press Run.


Night Shift can be great, particularly when your eyes are tired – the warmer light is much less harsh on them than cold blue light. However, it does make colors look different. So you wouldn’t want to have it on while you’re editing photographs or video. Also, you can’t deactivate it for specific apps or Mission Control desktops — it’s all or nothing. For tasks that involve writing, or working with spreadsheets, however, it’s excellent.

Night Shift is a very useful feature than can make it easier for your eyes to focus on your Mac’s display late in the evening. It also reduces the risk of disrupting your body clock and interfering with your sleep, which can lead to health problems. It’s very easy to use and there are options for how warm the screen becomes when it’s on, as well as for scheduling when it starts and stops.

Light Mode Mac Certain Apps List

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