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Video overlay is an often-used technique to create slick and professional videos. It is a beautiful trick that unlocks creativity doors wide open in the video editing world. You can add pictures to videos, combine and play two or more video clips at the same time, you can add effects, etc. However, you need software to edit your videos and create killer projects. In this article, we will cover some of the best free video editing software for you.

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OneStream Live is available for $444.00/year for the Standard plan, and $996.00/year for the Professional plan, But, through our website, THE Software Shop, you can get the lifetime access to OneStream Live for just $59.00/Standard plan and $118.00/Professional Plan. This offer is available for a limited time! Jun 04, 2020  Vidblasterx is a versatile video production software solution for capturing and streaming everything from webcasts to live events. Source: VidBlasterX Overview: Next up in our video streaming software review here is VidBlasterX. First, note that VidBlasterX is both a software encoder and a live. Transform your computer into a professional live production control room with Livestream Studio. Input multiple feeds, add graphics, master audio, and stream in one robust, easy-to-use package. Download to Get Started. Here are some of the top video overlay software for Mac that you can consider using: #1. Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro is a video overlay software with a very intuitive interface and strictly designed for Mac. This professional video editor is outstanding for its user-centered design, a fact that has led to it being considered as the top amongst.


Video overlay, also called picture in picture effect, is very easy to use and imply. Basically, video clips share the same display screen while one bigger video or image joined by a smaller one. Video editing software allows you not only to combine videos but also to give other editing options like adding texts to video clips, logos, etc. Now let's take a look at some of the best free video editing software and how to add video overlays step by step.

EaseUS Video Editor

EaseUS Video Editor is one of the best video editing software for both beginners and professionals. Software is very intuitive, and it supports most of the popular video formats from MP4 to MKV. This video editing software allows you to create great videos in a short amount of time.

Key Features

  • A simple interface enables users to understand and operate
  • Toolbars are brief and to the point
  • Include hundreds of effects and elements
  • Other editing options, such as video trimming, mosaics, etc
  • Directly upload to social media platforms Youtube, Tiktok, etc
  • Compatible operating systems are Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10

How to overlay a video or picture on video by using EaseUS Video Editor

Step 1. After you launched the software on your computer, the first step is to import video files by simply dragging to appropriate are or clicking import file to add media library. Then click 'Add to Project'.

Step 2. After adding a video file to the project. Click 'Overlays' on the left, This will direct you to another window where multiple overlay options are available. You can choose whichever you want to apply to.

Step 3. Select a material and right-click 'Add to project' to apply the effect. You can also click + on the bottom right corner.

Step 4. After you add the overlay to the video, it will appear on the video, and then you can choose where to apply overlay video on the other video by dragging it to left or right. It is easy to adjust the length.

Step 5. After you overlay a video, you can customize video speed, rotation, saturation, etc. You can also add texts to the video or picture in the next section. You can preview the video clip on the right screen tab.

Step 6. When you finished your video overlay and editing click 'Export'. In the export window, you can customize video format, name output folder, and settings, and you can directly upload it to social media platforms as well.

Your video clip is ready.


Blender is the free and open-source 3D creation suite. It is another good video editing software for PIP. It is quite possible to manage high-end results by using Filmora. This software has many comprehensive editing tools, and it is easy to apply video overlay in high quality.

Video overlay software free


  • Easy to use overlay video editor
  • User-friendly, suitable for beginners
  • Include multiple effects
  • Allow you to upload directly to social media platforms


What software comes installed on macbook pro. Apr 14, 2017  iPhoto no longer exists. It was Replaced by Photos, which is installed by default. For the rest of them, they are not pre-installed. They must be downloaded form the Mac App Store. If you are not getting them for free, sign out of the Mac App Store, and sign back in. That usually makes them be available for download for free. Jan 19, 2018  But, one of the best things about using a Mac is how easy it is to install software. And removing most software packages on macOS is just as easy. Apr 04, 2012  For some reason I can't seem to find a list of the software that comes pre-installed on the iMacs. For example, do they typically come with a word processing program (Pages, for example) pre-installed? I don't know why I can't find this info on the Apple web-site. May 25, 2015  Basic: Visit the /Applications/ Folder in OS X to See Installed Mac Apps. The simplest approach to see what apps are on a Mac is to visit the /Applications folder, this will show all apps that users have installed through the App Store, that came bundled with the Mac, and that have been installed through most package managers, and by user drag & drop. Pre Installed Mac Programs – iPhoto. IPhoto is the much loved photo organizer that comes with every device that runs the Mac OS X. The key features of using iPhoto include integration with iCloud as well as other iOS devices, auto-downloading of photos as well as the ability to organize photos by events. Pre Installed Mac Programs – Notes.

  • The free version leaves watermarks on the edited video
  • Limited editing functions on the free version of the software

Final Cut Pro

Video Overlay Software Free

Final Cut Pro is an excellent video editing software for advanced users. The software requires a certain amount of editing experience, but it is a quite user-centered design and practical. It is very useful for complex tasks, and it makes quality results possible.

Photo Overlay Software


  • The very detailed and functional interface
  • Multi-task process capacity
  • Possible to view while editing
  • Has a proven track record of accomplishment


  • Hard and complicated for beginners
  • The free version has some limits of time and functions
  • Only supported operating system is Mac

Shotcut Video Editor

Shotcut video editor is another free video editing software that can be used for video overlay. This software does what it needs to do, and it is very simple to process. It supports most of the popular video formats and provides lots of other editing options as well. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of the software.

Live Video Overlay Software Mac Pro

ProsApp for gifs mac visualize.

  • User-friendly and suitable for beginners
  • Multiple editing options
  • Support most of the video formats
  • Display and monitor options


  • Lack of some advanced editing features
  • Take time while exporting edited video
  • Shotcut is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems, so it has a large user group


iMovie is an outstanding video editing software that enables users to perform editing tasks additional to video overlay. This software is very suitable for creating great videos. Additional to video overlay, iMovie has other editing functions as well.


  • Fix the shaky videos
  • Support 4K videos
  • Audio editing options
  • Multifunctional


  • Hard to view menus while working on a small screen
  • A bit slow while uploading a video to social media
  • Limited to two video tracks
  • Not as flexible as others

iMovie is designed for Apple users and compatible with Mac and iOs


Increasing trends of stories and social media have made video overlay very popular over the last years. Therefore video editing has become more and more significant. Everyone wants to upload eye-catching, professional, and creative videos. Video overlay is one of the best tricks to create those kinds of videos. Therefore in this article, we have covered five of the best free video editing software available on the market for video overlay. Each of them has unique features compared to one another, so you can choose one which is more suitable for you to start creating amazing videos.

Live Video Overlay Software Mac Download

EaseUS Video Editor probably is the best in terms of editing functions and key features. It is very easy to use for both beginners and pros. Multiple editing options such as adding text to video clips, video trimming, filters, mosaics, and other elements are available and help you to make great videos.