Mac Auto Adding Apps To Dock

On OS X, the Dock gives you a handy way of launching applications that you use the most frequently with a single click. To organize them, you can click and drag them around however you like. What you can't do, at least not directly from within the Dock's preferences, is divide up the apps using an easy visual separator. Fortunately, there's a workaround — if you're comfortable using the Terminal command line.

I've set up spaces to separate the apps I use: My Internet apps are all grouped together, as are my writing tools and creative apps, all with spaces in-between them. The other apps I still want access to are there, but out of the way.

Spaces break up the apps I use visually by function and makes it easier for me to locate them at a glance. 3d modelling software for mac free app. As a result, I spend less time scanning through the Dock and more time working.

Jun 23, 2019  After upgrading to macOS Mojave, you may notice that extra icons appear and remain in your Dock even after you quit the applications. This is due to a new feature in Mojave that Apple hopes will make accessing frequently used applications easier. But if you prefer to manage your Mac's own Dock and don't want extra icons cluttering it up, here's how to turn recent application icons off in Mojave. Jun 01, 2017  New Mac users might wonder how to put often-used apps, documents, and folders down into the Dock for quick access. Luckily, it’s quite easy. How to Add an App Icon From the Mac Dock. 1.) Open the Applications folder and find the icon of the app you wish to add to your Mac’s Dock. (This also works with folders and documents.) 2.). Add New App to the Mac Dock. Click on Applications in the sidebar. Scroll down to where you can see your new app. Drag the app down to your dock and release it once you have placed it where you want. Repeat for all apps you desire to have on your dock. Jul 13, 2015  Drag Application to Dock. (While button is down move to desired position, making sure to drag all the way down so that the icons on each side separate to make room. Once the adjoining icons have moved release button. Caution: make sure not to release button until set in the Dock. If you release too early will either move application to Desktop.

How to add a space to your Dock to separate your apps

This handy little Dock organizing trick requires the use of Terminal.

  1. Click on an empty space on your Home screen to ensure that no program is selected.
  2. Make sure that Finder is displayed in the far left corner of the menu bar.
  3. Click on Go.

  4. Select Utilities.
  5. Scroll down and double-click on Terminal when the Utilities window pops up.

  6. Type defaults write persistent-apps -array-add '{'tile-type'='spacer-tile';}'; killall Dock and press return.

(You can copy the text above and paste it into Terminal if you'd prefer not to type it out.)

That'll create a single space in your Dock. Click and drag that space wherever you'd like it to go, just as if it were a standard app icon. (But notice that if you click on that space, nothing happens — it's truly just a space.)

If you want additional spaces, just repeat the same command in Terminal. Each time you do, another space will be created.

If you decide you don't want the space, just click and drag the space out of the Dock in one fluid motion; after a couple of moments, you should see a 'remove' popup appear. It's the exact same process if you were removing an app from your dock.

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