Mind Mapping Software Both Mac And Ios

Getting your ideas out there, think creatively and fast is a need for today’s world. And as we know, there’s pretty much an app for everything these days. Is it possible to Store your ideas so that you can get back to them in the manner you thought of them? Well, yes! Thanks to mind mapping apps for iOS, your productivity can reach new highs and never again would you need to sloppily jot down ideas at the risk of losing them.

That's what we love about mind mapping: it is a tool to first focus your mind and then to make actually doing work faster. MindNode 5.1.3 is free to try on the Mac App Store or the iOS one. Choose a mind mapping software and start right now. Check out mind map tool list and features comparison. Since it is an activity that is both analytical and artistic, it engages your brain in a much, much richer way, helping in all its cognitive functions. Mindnode (Mac & iOS).

But which Mind Mapping App should you choose for your iOS system though? With so many options popping up on the App Store quickly, it can be a tedious task to go through every app. That’s why we have done all the work for you, and all you have to do is select the app you like.

Let’s begin!


  • 1 Top Mind Mapping Apps for iOS

Top Mind Mapping Apps for iOS

In this article, we have compiled the best mind mapping apps available for you in iOS. Note that these are not in any particular order, and you should check these out and see what suits you.

So without further ado, here are the apps;

1. MindNode 5

Getting your thoughts in order and in sync with the flow of your head has never been easier. MindNode5 is one of the most mind mapping apps available on the App Store. You have the liberty to enter any type of content you want, including text, images, links and so much more. The very interesting Smart Layout Feature will let you know your ideas in a simple, graphics and easy to understand manner. Additionally, it supports DarkMode, which is quite high in demand in apps these days! Not to mention it is completely free.

Get MindNode5here.

2. MindMeister

This is another one of the most popular mind mapping app for iOS. It has been known to be extremely simple to use, and you can create aesthetically pleasing intricate mind maps for yourself. You can easily export the maps in either PDF or PNG formats, for a high-quality image. The Pro version supports the ability to export your mind maps to some other services, however, the free version is simple and one of the best in the market as well.

Get your hands on MindMeisterhere.

3. Total Recall

What sounds like the title of an action video game, is actually one of the best applications for iOS available on the App Store. It has basic features that let you create intricate mind maps, even though it does not have some premium features as described in the apps above. You do have the option of having your maps in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to see what suits your needs. The app offers you an automatic layout for your mind map and hence greatly reduces efforts on your part.

The only catch is that with the free version, you can only create 3 mind maps after which you will have to upgrade to the pro version. We do recommend it, given its high simplicity. Get Total Recallhere.

4. Fly Mind

Just like its name, your thoughts are allowed to fly freely with this amazing application. It is very simple and easy to use. Not to mention it sports over 50 different aesthetic themes to easily capture your ideas. You can sort and organize the maps as per your will, and save your mind maps as photos, and share with your friends. And it is completely free!

Try Fly Mindhere.

5. iMindQ

iMindQ is highly popular among users and arguably one of the best mind map apps for iOS that you can get your hands on. It easily lets you visualize whatever is inside your brain quickly and efficiently. There are tons of formats that you can use to make your mind maps look visually appealing. It is free but also has a paid version. However, we highly recommend it along with its many satisfied users.

Get iMindQhere.

6. Connected Mind

Another great app for iOS, Connected Mind can be tailored to your needs however you like it. Just like any of the other best apps of its kind, Connected Mind does an exceptional and quick job at getting your thoughts in order. The designs are particularly beautiful on this app, and it sports a very cool finger drawing technology that has definitely caught the attention of a lot of users. It also boasts more than 30 cool fonts!

Definitely worth a try, get Connected Mindhere.

7. Mindly

A highly rated app and appreciated by tons of users, Mindly satisfies all your needs. Mindly helps you visualize your ideas in any manner you want, with a very colorful format and you can save it in PDF, image formats. You can also very easily share your mind maps with your friends and colleagues. Not to mention, it also supports iCloud.

Get your hands on Mindlyhere.

8. Mind Vector

Mind Vector is an app that is a classic example of what a mind map app should be. Thinking visually is something that a lot of mind map apps strive to achieve, and Mind Vector passes with flying colors. You are completely free to exploit the different themes, colors and fonts this app has to offer you, and it gives you visualizers that help collect your thoughts. You can also easily save and share your mind maps in a long list of formats like CSV, PDF, PNG and more for high quality. Additionally, it has iCloud support.

Try Mind Vectorhere.

9. SimpleMind Pro+ Mind Mapping

Now, this is a paid application, but you get your money’s worth on this. SimpleMind proves extremely smooth, aesthetic and effective in letting you organize your thoughts. For $7.99, you can add photos, videos, notes and so much more extremely smoothly. It has Google Drive and iCloud support as well and allows you to share your mind maps in high-quality formats wherever you go.

If you don’t mind spending money for this app, it’s one of the giants in the market. Get it here.

10. Taskade 2.0

A user favorite, Taskade lets you create tasks, notes and even video chat to your heart’s content. It lets you organize your thoughts and ideas in whatever manner you prefer, and also provides you an aesthetic nested tree outlook so that you can easily collect your thoughts when necessary.

Try Taskadehere.

10 Best Mind Map Apps for iPhone

Here is a list of the above mentioned best mind mapping apps for iOS. Pick what suits your needs:

  1. MindNode 5
  2. MindMeister
  3. Total Recall
  4. Fly Mind
  5. iMindQ
  6. Connected Mind
  7. Mindly
  8. Mind Vector
  9. SimpleMind Pro +
  10. Taskade 2.0

You can choose the app of your choice and start organizing and collecting your thoughts into a mind map now!

Final Take

We hope that by reading this article you were able to select the best mind mapping application for iOS as per your needs. If you have any further queries regarding any of the apps mentioned here, you can drop us a comment and we’ll do our best to get back to you with a relevant answer. Keep on reading more interesting articles on our website.

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Mind mapping is a visual diagram for users to organize ideas surrounding a center topic. It enables users to brainstorm and create a visual representation of views for deeper understanding. As mind mapping is widely used in note taking, meeting minutes, presentation, and task management fields, there is an increasing number of companies designing software to draw mind maps with PCs and mobile-ends. With many mind map software appearing on the market, it is hard to choose which one matches your requirement most. Now let us compare features of top 10 user-friendly mind map software for Windows, Mac and Linux for your precision selections.

Edraw MindMaster

MindMaster is a branch of Edraw Max which positions precisely on mind mapping. There are abundant templates for users to choose from, which include almost all the mind maps you have ever used. Numerous categories of clipart libraries provide unpredictable materials for users to draw closer to their minds. And presentation mode of MindMaster combines creative mind maps and traditional slides display which offers a good experience for both presenters and audiences. In addition, the Gantt chart is the highlight of the free mind map tool which makes project management effectively and efficiently.

Features: Exquisite UI, Abundant templates, Gantt chart view, Slide-by-slide presentation mode
Prices:Free version & Pro version from $9
Platforms:Windows, Mac, Linux


Novamind focuses more on color and graph to stimulate the thinking ability of users compared with other mind mapping applications. And it is stable on both Mac and Windows system with powerful layout engines exporting to PDF, PNG, Word, PowerPoint, MindManager file, text, OPML and MS Project files, etc. Novamind also has a good social ability which is easier for interaction and discussing. Currently, 8 mainstream languages are provided to utilize.

Features: Colorful, intuitive & team priority
Prices:$7 for monthly, $72 for annually
Platforms: Cross Platforms


Mindnode has good visual experience in creating a mind map and it is simple and powerful for mind map beginners to enter brainstorming world. The extension of its mind map depends on how much you can put forward without any limitation and boundary. Moreover, Mindnode files can be stored in iCloud and Dropbox and synced with OS X Yosemite and iCloud drive as Mindnode can only be used in Apple devices of Mac, iPad, and iPhone. For Apple users, Mindnode can give you unforgettable using experience.

Features: Visualization, Apple store, Simple-to-use
Prices:$29.99 for Mac $9.99 for iOS
Platforms:Mac & iOS


Mind Manager is a highly efficient mind map software which is launched by Mindjet. It emphasizes more on information control and task management. Mind Manager allows utilizing in Windows, Mac and mobile devices which let users drag and drop anywhere. And features of more intuitive and logical layout offer businessmen a perfect tool to capture their ideas logically. Therefore, Mind Manager has a general export function which gives viewers who do not install an opportunity to experience. It is also integrated well with more than 700 cloud-based applications via Zapier.

Features: User-friendly, Business Priority, Logical layout
Prices:Windows: Free, €179, €349 Mac: Free, €89, €179
Platforms:Windows, Mac, Linux

Sorry.I’m pretty sure that a lot of you will now advocate for Siri or the in-built free dictation software on iOS or Mac OS X.So, I picked an excerpt from and then turned on dictation in iOS (on iPhone) and Google Docs (on the web) at the same time.Here are the results:Note: While dictating on Google Docs, it was typing “period” or “full stop” as it is instead of inserting one. But it never worked for me. Free voice dictation software. But again, it doesn’t offer a voice dictation on Windows Phone or elsewhere that works (correct me if I’m wrong!).And then there’s Siri. Oh yeah, it works perfectly when you see its demo on an Apple Event.

Mind Mapping Software Both Mac And Ios 11



XMind is a premier mind mapping tool with three versions of “Free, Plus & Pro”. There are abundant themes, icons and symbols in its library for users decorating and freestyling their mind map works. Not only is icon library powerful, but the toolbox is strong to add whatever you need so as to accelerate your process. XMind also brings better presentation experience with the darkened background when you present and detailed part of branch slides. Besides, XMind supports syncing files across multiple systems like Mac, PCs, and Linux and can be saved to Evernote. However, it does not support mobile devices.

Features: functional, presentation-friendly, good adaptation of different systems
Prices:Free, $79, $99
Platforms:Windows, Mac, Linux


IMindMap, a useful mind map software without any free version, is powerful in image and icon library with abundant resources. The obvious differences among those mind mapping applications are that IMindMap has a 3D view and hand-painted function which starts multiple perspectives for viewers. Those features are popular among young people so that IMindMap is widely applied in the educational field. Home & Student version can only be used on one Windows system computer while the Ultimate version supports Windows and Mac systems. However, if users intend to utilize on multiple devices including mobile devices anytime and anywhere, they should pay for the Ultimate Plus version.

Best mac web design software. Best Web Design Software in 2019. If you are a web developer or learning web development, and want to know – how to build a website quickly in an easy way, then you should use one of best web design software and tools described below. Do you want to create a beautiful website using the best web design software in 2019? Most of the professional and experienced web developers have their own. Mar 27, 2018  The only prerequisite for this is an appropriate software, such as the Web design software for Mac, The biggest advantage of this software is the very easy handling. All functions are not only directly accessible, but on request also provided with a corresponding explanation. Best web design software - at a glance. Adobe Dreamweaver CC. A web design juggernaut. Abode Dreamweaver CC. Customize your design. Quick, easy and powerful website creation. Huge range of powerful features. Yet still highly. The web site builder or design tool you use for creating your website on your Mac depends on your needs. If you prefer to work with an app then Squarespace or Sparkle are your best choices. If you like to work online then Weebly or Wix would work for you. Jan 16, 2020  13 Best Web Design Software You Don’t Want to Miss. WordPress is a free and opensource software that lets you build any kind of website with ease. Over 30% of the web uses WordPress. Constant Contact Builder. Gator Builder.

Features: Features:3D view, hand-painted & powerful icon library
Prices:$100 – $235 – $315
Platforms: Windows & Mac


Mindomo is a powerful idea management tool fitting almost all systems like Android, Linux and iOS, etc. One of the most attractive features of Mindomo is that it provides a smart guide for users to be instructed in learning Mindomo fast enough. And it is convenient for a team to collaborate, in the meanwhile it can sync real-time to memory what you draw. Also, there is an amusing social function which each part of mind maps have an icon-labeled comment “Like” and “Dislike” for viewers to judge.

Features: Good adaptability, icon-labeled comment, team collaboration
Prices:$36 – $90 – $162 (6 months)
Platforms: Cross Platforms


SpiderScribe is different from other mind map software that it is all based on the cloud. It enables you to organize your idea combining with files, notes, google map positions and even calendar tips to handle multiple inputs in designing your mind map. One of the most attractive advantage for SpiderScribe is that it is convenient for a team to collaborate and share with high efficiency and bring co-workers participating in the task.

Features: Cloud-based, Google map & calendar available, teamwork
Prices:$5 – $19 – $25 for monthly
Platforms:Web, iOS


Mindmeister is a premier mind map software which supports 12 languages. What attracts users most is concise tutorials. Five tutorials of “Getting Start, The Slide Bar, Teamwork, Presentation Mode and Powerful Task Management” courses instruct users to enter mind mapping rapidly while eye-catching UI and icon library arrest attention of users. You can have a trial of three mind maps freely, but for more, you will need to pay.

Features: User-friendly, Innovative, Useful tutorials
Prices:$4.99 – $8.33 – $12.49
Platforms:Web, iOS, Android


Mind Mapping Software For Mac And Ios

Popplet is a simple-to-use brainstorming and mind mapping software. It is not a heavy duty application with various functions but it emphasizes still the essence of a mind map. It helps users to collaborate with their coworkers to capture ideas and generate a mind map. Two parts “For School” and “For Work” show their main target users are people in school and at work. Educational version and business version are enhanced and developed initially from Popplet’s designer minds.

Free Mind Mapping Software Mac

Features: basic, compact interface
Prices:Free – $4.99
Platforms:Web, iOS