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Montage is a screenwriting software that allows everyday people to take those movie ideas they have and make them a reality. Melding the theory that a simple user interface, combined with powerful and intuitive features, provide the best writing experience, Montage makes it easy to create, edit, and manage screenplays on your Mac. Montage was designed and developed solely for Mac OS X by a long-time developer whose commitment to Apple technology is reflected in the feature set. Montage is Intel-ready and fully supports accessibility features for users with vision disabilities.View your script from every angleViewing your script from different perspectives is critical. Montage for Mac is the professional screenwriting application for the Mac and is designed to automatically structure your writing. Templates are included for almost every genre: TV, film, theatre, musical, comic book and more. Montage provides multiple views such as the Script View so you can see your script page by page.

Minneapolis, MN – August 9, 2006 -Mariner Software, developers and publishers of professional and personal software for the writing and creativity markets, today announced the release of Montage version 1.0.1., the only professional screenwriting software exclusively developed for Mac OS X. As a follow up version to last month’s Version 1 release, Version 1.0.1 addresses several speed enhancements, feature additions, and bug fixes. That list includes:

Apr 01, 2020  Get Montage: Windows Mac ($29.95) Verdict. In conclusion, the above screenwriting software is all the best each in its way. Therefore, the best screenwriting software for you depends on where you are regarding your writing career, how much work you are handling and the need to be collaborating with producers and other writers and sharing content.

-Added performance improvements for the Scenes view (5x).
-Added further refinements to more and cont’d/keep with next.
-Added a preference to disable automatic scene splitting.
-Montage now performs extra cleanup before checking the serial number.
-Added the ability to select a template on import.
-Added a preference for smart type — “selects closest match.”
-Added default status items that now have colors pre-assigned.
-Added support for UTF-8 filenames for import.
-Improved error handling during import.
-Importing text files now eliminates leading and trailing space runs and tabs.
-When importing text the default element is now Action.
-Fixed a bug which could cause duplicate scenes in scenes view on PPC.
-Fixed a problem where “Undo Insert Title Page” would crash Montage.
-Fixed a bug which caused “any” smart views to apply improperly in some cases.
-Fixed issue with Indent more & continued, such as character elements.
-On text file import, dialogue after a parenthetical is properly set as dialogue.
-On text file import, dialogue after a character (V.O.) is properly set as dialogue.
-On text file import, space runs are cleaned.
-Fixed a bug where the insertion point sometimes moved to the wrong place after a “split scene.”
-The About window is now centered on screen.
-Fixed import issue where white space was being reduced after a period.
-(MORE) and (CONT’D) are now removed during import.
-Removed final traces of the police station from BBC templates.
-Fixed spurious text in name text field adding location.
-Fixed a FD Import issue and now it correctly handles capped words.
-Fixed a problem where Scenes view would not filter under certain circumstances.
-Fixed a problem where Scenes view Smart Views would sometimes switch themselves to Outline views.

Montage provides screenwriters with a live script outline, a view of scenes, characters, locations, tasks, research, and more. Several pre- formatted templates, including film, television, and theater, automatically format the user’s script to industry standards. Montage Smart Views allow writers to visually filter the script to the desired content, based on criteria. When the script is completed, Montage even includes the ability to create, submit, and track query letters, a script synopsis, and script submissions to hundreds of included industry contacts.

Mac computer software programs. Montage also imports Final Draft, text, and RTF documents.

This is a free update for all Version 1 customers. The shipping version of Montage will initially be offered in English and sells for $139.95 USD. Support for other language versions is expected in the near future. Montage requires Mac OS 10.3 or above and is fully accessible and Universal Binary. For more specific information on Montage, visit the Mariner product page at http://

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Availability and Requirements
Montage is available today as a 30 day trial on the Mariner Software web site at Montage and other Mariner products can also be purchased online at or through various retailers such as: The Apple Store, CompUSA, Office Depot, Amazon, or Fry’s Electronics.

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