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  1. E-Closing was designed by a panel of leading title professionals and is used nationally to handle both residential and commercial real estate closings. With E-Closing you have one piece of software that allows you to receive orders from your lenders, provide accurate quotes using our built-in fee calculator, create all closing and title related.
  2. Jan 02, 2020  If you’re a new agent, or even an experienced agent looking to free up some cash for Zillow Premier Agent or Facebook ads, finding awesome free real estate software isn’t easy. Luckily, we have you covered. We put together this list of the best free and affordable real estate software and apps available for Realtors in 2020.
  3. It was a big step forward for real estate technology, but not the last. In May, HousingWire reported North Carolina had pushed forward and executed the first 100-percent eClosing, with no wet signing at all. The lender, North State Bank, executed the closing, while a Chapel Hill-based title company office insured the digital mortgage.

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Real estate accounting software is the driver that enables the performance monitoring, performance data analysis, and reporting and dashboards. In addition to traditional accounting software features, these systems offer new easy-to-use efficiencies for closing real estate sales, logging the sale info in a database for future analysis,. Legal task management software is used to organize, allocate, and collaborate on tasks at your law firm. It also helps with the estimation and scheduling of tasks, so you can make decisions when changes in priorities are necessary.

Finding good real estate software is hard enough, but if you’re a mac user then it’s almost impossible!

Until now, real estate software has been stuck in the stone age with clunky desktop products that require downloads, steep learning curves, and Microsoft Windows. Because Mac users are a minority in the business world, most real estate software companies have ignored them completely.

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PropertyMetrics is web-based, simple to use, affordable, and 100% tablet compatible. This of course means that our real estate investment software is fully functional on the Mac. In fact, you won’t just be able to use our real estate software for the Mac, but also on the iPad too!

Our real estate software helps you build a cash flow projection, run investment metrics such as a discounted cash flow analysis, and generate presentation-quality PDF and Excel reports. If you’re looking for real estate investment software for the Mac, rental property software for the Mac, or property development software for the Mac, then you’re in the right place. Give our service a test drive today with a free trial.

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Enjoy a simple and intuitive user interface that just works. No steep learning curves to climb, and no expensive week long training classes required. Get started instantly.

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Easily model complex lease structures with expirations, reimbursements, rent escalations, leasing commissions, tenant improvements, and more. Plus, automate complex financial analysis such as internal rate of return (IRR), net present value (NPV), financial ratios, a maximum loan analysis, and even a full sensitivity analysis.

Real-Time Interface

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Understand your deal better with our real-time interface that lets you see your projections instantly as you input assumptions. Quickly try out “what ifs” on the fly to gain clarity and insight.


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Say goodbye to expensive upfront license fees, annual support contracts, and costly in person training requirements. Our real estate software for mac is very cost-effective, and all updates and support are included.