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Kuvva automatically rotates high definition wallpaper in your Mac’s desktop

When it comes to desktop wallpapers, I am very picky. I just can’t work if I do not like the wallpaper on my desktop; I also have this habit of rotating wallpapers every few days, use a quotable or something close to design or typography. I don’t know whether this is wallpaper obsession or something but my mind and eyes keeps asking for something new, every other day.

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Ever since I switched from a pc to a MAC, I have fallen in love with Kuvva wllpapers. Kuvva is a brilliant wallpaper rotator for MAC which lets you automatically download high resolution wallpapers from the internet and sets it as your mac’s desktop background. I must say that the wallpapers Kuuva selects are very modern, different and interesting. All wallpapers that Kuvva selects are specially curated by some of the World’s best photographers, designers and illustrators.

The one thing I really like about Kuvva is that it does not save each and every wallpaper in your Mac’s hard drive. The app just downloads one wallpaper file, sets it as your desktop background and deletes the file when the wallpaper is rotated. So my computer’s hard drive never clogs with unnecessary downloads, it stays clean while Kuvva automatically rotate wallpapers in mac.

You can choose to stream wallpapers of a featured artist or choose to stream the “Popular” stream, which contains popular wallpapers from every category. Kuvva also allows you to create an account, so you can customize your selection, create lists, build your own wallpaper collection, select specific artists and browse the entire Kuvva store for interesting and happening wallpapers for mac. However, if you like simplicity and dont have the time to do all the tinkering, you can let Kuvva run in the background, automatically download high resolution wallpapers on mac and set each as your mac’s desktop background.

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If you’re not a fan of apps and want to keep things simple, there is a default way to rotate wallpapers in mac.To do this, right click on any empty area of desktop, choose “Change desktop background”, select the folder where you have saved all your wallpapers and choose an update interval. By default, mac lets you rotate wallpapers every 5 seconds, every minute, every 5 minutes, every 15 minutes, every half an hour, every hour or every day.

Rotate Desktop Mac

Kuvva on the other hand gives you fewer options to rotate wallpapers – manually hourly, daily and weekly. But that’s fine, you can always choose the manual option and quickly switch to a new, fresh wallpaper by clicking Kuvva’s one click rotate button from mac’s menu bar.

Rotate Desktop Background Mac App

Rotate Desktop Background Mac App Free

Kuvva is available for free download on the Apple App Store for Mac and iPhone.

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Rotate Desktop Background Mac App Download

There are a couple of downsides though, First, you can’t save the current wallpaper in your computer, there is no way to find the location of the file in your mac HD. Next, if you have an MBP with retina display, some of the wallpapers may not fit properly (for retina display, it would be better if you use Interfacelift instead). Third, if you use multiple monitors in your current worksation, you can’t set different wallpapers in each monitor. Kuvva will set the same wallpapers across all displays, which might not be a very good idea.