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  • I bought Topo US 24K West 010-D1456-00 and Topo US 24K North Central 010 D1457-00. I bought them to use them on my Mac in BaseCamp. Can I do this or did I spend money on something I can't use.
  • Mac viewer is a free downloadable application that works with their TOPO!
National Geographic TOPO! Mapping Software
Entire States, Nearby Areas of Select Cities, or National Parks are Covered by the National Geographic TOPO! Products:
National Geographic TOPO! State Series and Weekend Explorer 3D Series offer incredible value to the outdoor enthusiast that desires the quality and accuracy that only comes from USGS topographic maps. Trails Illustrated 3D combines the highly detailed National Geographic Trails Illustrated trail maps with TOPO! software, with packages covering National Parks and other popular areas. The TOPO! State Series sample map shows the level of detail available with each title, which together cover the entire United States:
National Geographic TOPO!:
Since 1995 the National Geographic TOPO! Map Software has aided thousands of outdoor enthusiasts plan, design, and print custom maps. The TOPO! family of software products continues the path of innovation, offering new features designed to enhance your outdoor experience. The TOPO! software has evolved over the past years into a full-featured, outdoor recreation tool. It is available in 28 individual state and multi-state packages covering the entire United States, or 21 city and nearby areas. In addition, the National Goegrphic TOPO! software powers the Trails Illustrated titles for major National Parks. The software is compatible with PC, Mac, and most GPS receivers. Here's a sample of the Trails Illustrated Explorer map:
Seamless Topographic Maps for the Entire United States:

Every National Geographic TOPO! package includes maps in five levels of topographic detail:

  • Two National Geographic Atlas levels of detail for the big picture.
  • USGS 1:500,000-scale topographic maps to help you hone in on your destination.
  • USGS 1:100,000-scale topographic maps, which are ideal for planning and visualizing long trips.
  • USGS 1:24,000-scale topographic maps for finest detail commercially available on the market today.

The National Geographic TOPO! map database uses genuine USGS topographic maps, scanned at high resolution and seamlessly tiled together. This unique process creates the highest detail possible, essential for quality prints, navigation, and outdoor safety.

National Geographic TOPO! is the Software That Brings Maps to Life:

The National Geographic TOPO! software is the flexible tool that works with the underlying set of topographic maps for the specific state or area. With TOPO! you can:

  • Connect to your GPS, and transfer routes, waypoints, and tracks between TOPO! and the device, and between the device and TOPO!
  • Draw your own trails, calculate distances, and visualize terrain.
  • Customize your maps with photos, symbols, and text.
  • View your trail in 3D to see the lay of the land.
  • Keep your map database updated, with a free built-in service.
  • Print detailed maps, with your customization, scale bars, and navigation aids.

These are just a few of the features included with National Geographic TOPO! Black ink art software mac. Many others are outlined on the National Geographic products pages of our website.

Complete Compatibility with the Magellan Triton Series Handheld GPS:
Two of the TOPO! software series, the TOPO! State and Weekend Explorer 3D, are fully compatible with the Magellan Triton handheld GPS receivers. This means that you can not only transfer waypoints and routes to and from your handheld device, but also detailed maps, down to the 1:24,000 scale. This is a first for the National Geographic products, and provides the most detailed maps on a handheld device that are available to the general public.
Incidentally, the Weekend Explorer 3D software is essentially a subset of a specific TOPO! State title. It is limited in coverage to an area around a major metropolitan center, as this sample coverage map of the Weekend Explorer Denver Area illustrates:

We have all of the National Geographic TOPO! products available for purchase, as well as select Magellan Triton models. You can find more information about each product and make your purchase on the following pages:

  • Magellan Triton Handheld GPS.

Topo Software Download

National Geographic TOPO! Explorer Deluxe U.S. Map Digital Download (Windows or Mac) (25 Credits). Instant access to topo maps, aerial photos, map tools, and map prints/downloads from any Web browser. Only $29.95/year! Learn more or buy a Map Pass subscription » Powerful Professional Mapping. Terrain Navigator Pro combines USGS topographic maps, aerial photos and our most advanced software tools. Terrain Navigator Pro is fast becoming the. We show you 2 quick ways to download USGS Topo Maps. How to Download Free USGS Topo Maps with the National Map Viewer. Currently, the most recent version is published as “US Topo” and stored in digital format on the TNM Viewer. Depending on your needs, you can choose “US Topo” or “Historical Topographic Maps” in the TNM Viewer.