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  • I just bought the app Easy Cut Studio and it's incredibly handy for all my vinyl cutting signage! Set it up in my iMac 27' on High Sierra, plugged the Roland PNC 1000 to the USB port with an adaptor and it recognised it straight away. ECS has this incredible and accurate image TRACE function that works better than Illustrator's one.

  • Using a vinyl plotter conveniently also requires an easy cutting software solution. ECS works awesome with my Roland CAMM-1 cutting plotter. Its auto image tracing, powerful editing tools and advanced rhinestone features make it the perfect choice for vinyl cutter software.

  • Very happy with software so far. I am learning your software and looks like its really easy to navigate and use compared to other vinyl cutter software that I have tried.

  • I am using your cutting software for my Graphtec vinyl cutter and its great as its really simple and easy to use and does exactly what i need it for. If you have a cutting machine, I really highly recommend this software.

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1. About XYZware
2. System Requirements
3. Installation Instruction
4. Quick Start
5. Print Setup
6. Other related software

XYZware is a brand new application introduced by XYZprinting for designing, customizing and printing digital 3D Models. It can import objects in “*.stl” file format and create realistic simulated objects.XYZware is also used with the da Vinci 3D printer series, introduced by XYZprinting to quickly print outreal products.

XYZware removes the technical barriers of traditional production resulting in an enriched “Creative Life” for the modern Digital Family.

XYZware supports two operating system which is the Mac OS and the Windows. Mac OS users may find compatible software on the master CD supplied with the printer or the website.

For information of latest version or technical support, please go to XYZprinting website:

Software Requirements

  • Windows 7 (x86/x64), Windows 8 (x86/x64), Windows 8.1 (x86/x64), Windows10(x86/x64)
  • Mac OS (10.10/10.11/10.12)

Minimum Hardware Requirement

  • Memory: 512MB
  • Storage: 100MB or More
  • Monitor Resolution: 1024 x 768

Recommended System Requirements

  • Memory: 2GB
  • Storage: 500MB or More

Other Firmware and Other Third Party Software Considerations

Standard common VGA driver on a computer operating system or a graphics card that does not support OpenGL 2.1, may cause unknown error in XYZware.

About .Net Framework

On a Windows operating system; XYZware software uses it to improve stability and smoothness. Our XYZware Beta testing has indicated that using older versions may cause install failure and/or software malfunction. It is strongly recommended that you use the latest available version; 4.0 and above. Please refer to the Microsoft website for more information about .Net framework.

Online Registration

XYZware software will request that you register your da Vinci 3D Printer 1.0 series when it is first connected to the PC. We recommend that you take the time to register your product. Periodic updates are made available through the XYZware software and the internet. Registration will permit any updates to complete automatically.

Installation Instruction

Before working with your printer, please first install XYZware. You can find the installer with the bundled disc. For additional information, system updates and technical support please refer to the XYZprinting online resources: http://

XYZware Setup Wizard will then appear on your screen. Please follow the on screen instructions to finish the installation. You can also setup the program manually. Open the file explorer and search Setup.exe shown below in your disc drive. Double click Setup.exe.

Use this document as a guide to the 3D printing process. Before running the XYZware software on your PC; it is recommended to connect the USB cable from PC to printer.

3.1 Print Single-Color Model(s)

In order to print a Single-Color object you just need to click on the “Import” icon first to select files to be 3D printed. Then you can edit the object size and position by using the toolbar (icon on the left hand side). The last process is click the Print.

3.2 Print Dual-Color Model(s)

To print a dual-color model from da Vinci 2.0 Duo series, it is necessary to import 2 separated .stl objects that made up a complete model. By default, all .stl files will be printed from extruder 1. You may assign one object to be printed from extruder 2.

3.3 Functions

In this chapter we will explain the function of the icons on the left hand side

3.3.1 View Alternative

Switch the views by clicking and dragging the mouse.

3.3.2 Move Alternative

Move the 3D object by holding ALT key, then click and drag the mouse.

3.3.3 Rotate

3.3.4 Scale

3.3.5 Info

This is where you can find the information about the object selected. For example is the dimension and the position of the object.

3w Object Information
This window shows the printing settings while exporting the file. To change any printing settings of the file , please import the original .STL and export to *.3w with a new set of print preferences.

User Manual Creation Software Mac Free

3.3.6 Remove

To delete model(s) from the virtual print bed, simply select the object(s) and click “Remove”. To choose multiple objects, press Shift key while selecting. (Remove only works with STL imported objects. *.3w imports are locked and can’t be removed.)

3.3.7 Reminder – Out of Boundary

The XYZware will automatically find any inappropriately positioned object and mark it with a distinguishing color, this prevents the object from being printed off the print bed.

Setting up the XYZware to print an object is very easy, you will just connect the printer to your PC and then import the object that you want to print. XYZware also supports different printers like da Vinci 1.0, da Vinci 1.0A, da Vinci 1.0AiO, da Vinci 2.0, da Vinci 2.0A, da Vinci 1.1plus, da Vinci Jr.1.0, da Vinci Jr.10w, da Vinci Jr.3in1, da Vinci mini W, da Vinci miniMaker, da Vinci Jr.2.0Mix.

4.3 Quality

Print quality will impact the estimated time it will take for an object to print. For example, high quality prints will take longer to make than low quality prints as each layer printed is thinner creating a more detailed finish.

4.4 Raft

Printing thinner and longer objects require more attention due to the shapes physical instability, the object may buckle or twist under its own weight. When printing long thin objects consider increasing the area of contact between your object and the print bed by checking the “Raft” box. Rafts create stability and can be removed after your object has been printed.

4.5 Support

The supportive structures are printed according to the objects features. Support is used to create structural strength and ensure that your model does not collapse during the printing process.

Model with support (rear view) Support is removed

4.6 Advanced

Settings Click on the “Advanced” button for more printing options.

Software User Manual Example

4.7 Profiles

Add or select saved printing preferences through the “Profiles” pull-down menu. Different printing preferences can be created, saved and applied to different models depending on the project requirements.

4.8 3D Density

Before printing, users may use this function to adjust the print density of the object(s). The default printer setting on the da Vinci 3D printer will create the internal structure of the object(s) based on honeycomb structures. Using the 3D density pull-down menu, you can adjust the honeycomb structure density from hollow to high to create desired strength requirements.

NOTE:Available 3D densities Hollow, fewest and scattered honeycomb structure Low Medium High Solid.

4.9 Shells

Shells are the outer layer of the object. How to run jar app. Thick shells end in better printing quality but take longer for printing. Thin shells shorten the duration of printing but may be vulnerable to break.

The strength of the object is affected by the setting of 3D density and shell. To ensure the sustainability of objects of different size, shape and purpose, different density and shell settings will be required.

Here are some suggestion on density and shell settings:

4.10 Layer

Height By setting different layer heights, you can alter the thickness of each layer that your printer creates.

NOTE:The printed layer thickness can be adjusted between 0.1mm – 0.4mm. For best results,we recommend 0.2-0.3mm layer printing.

4.11 Speed

Use the printing speed adjustment to change the settings based on the size and precision of the object. In general a better object quality is accompanied with a lower printing speed.

NOTE: Printing speed settings Slow is the best quality.

5. Other Functions

Once you have finished customizing your object to your preferences, it can be 3D printed or saved for future use.

5.1 File Saving

You can save your files with different settings using the save function of XYZware.

5.2 File Export

Select “Export”, the XYZware will save the file as a *.3w format. .3w is the specific file format that is developed solely for the “da Vinci” series 3D printers. Programs like XYZware will make slicing calculations from STL files and store the printing profile within .3w file, which will speed up your next 3D printing project.

5.3 Settings and Update

5.3.1 Switch Language

The XYZware supports multiple languages. You can use the pull-down menu to select a language for your XYZware. After selecting a language preference the change will be instant.

5.3.2 Preview Printing Color

The settings enable the preview of the filament color from each extruder. Please note that the color is for preview only. It may be different from actual color.

5.3.3 Printer Type Setup

Please select the printer in use from the drop-down list. The size of print bed will be changed according to the selected printer.

5.3.4 Auto Position Objects

Enabling this function when printing with da Vinci 1.0 series, XYZware will cause the imported objects to shift where they land on the print bed to avoid landing on top of each other. It is recommended to disable this function when using da Vinci 2.0 series 3D printer thus landing both imports at the center of the print bed and combining to become one dual filament object avoiding having to reposition the objects after importing.

5.3.5 Object lists

Object list will help you to select a single object or multiple objects to adjust the value of the function.

5.3.6 Firmware Update

For the best 3D printing experience, please keep the software and/or firmware updated. Updating is simple: click “About” icon and XYZware will check for updates. If the XYZware finds a newer version, click the “Software Update”/”Firmware Upgrade” button for updating.

5.4 Monitor Mode

Temperature of print bed and extruders can be accessed by clicking “Monitor” icon on bottom right side. This function is disabled when the USB cable to printer is removed.

5.5 Maintenance reminder

Over time, carbon deposits or filament dust buildup on the nozzle may decrease its performance. It is advisable to clean the nozzle after every 25-hour of printing. After every 25 hours of printing interval, XYZware pops up a reminder as shown below. You may click on “Yes! Tell me how” to watch the tutorial video of nozzle cleaning or refer to the product manual for detailed instructions.

Other related software