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Enable extensions in Chromium (or Chrome) 11 comments Create New Account
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Extensions are enabled by default on the developer version of Chrome, which you should probably be running anyway if you want the latest features, as this version has the latest updates. The extensions (like AdBlock Plus) install automatically if you download them. Then you can go to chrome://extensions/ in your browser to enable/disable the extenstions or to change options. Go here to download:

I can barely tell the differences between normal window and incognito mode with the dark mode. I like my MacOS be on the dark theme, but not Chrome though, unless there's a way to make incognito mode. 2 days ago  Magic Mouse 2 easy switching between Windows & Mac I have searched, and it looks like the one app that came up was Synergy, however I only have one monitor so this will not work for me. I have a windows laptop and a Mac mini. This just opens Chrome in 'regular' mode for me – Daniel Springer Jun 3 '18 at 15:47 1 the reason this works sometimes: chrome isn't already running, so it's being passed the arg in a form that works. For Windows 10/8.1/8/7 32-bit. For Windows 10/8.1/8/7 64-bit. This computer will no longer receive Google Chrome updates because Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported.

Unfortunately, as of the latest Dev-build (, extensions and scripts are disabled again. See the release notes:
ARRGGHHH!!!!! Why is Google constantly shorting us Mac users?

Both the beta release (on 12/8/09) and the dev releases of the Google Chrome Web browser at this time have extensions disabled.
The above script won't work since 'Google Chrome' is the name, rather than 'Chromium'. I haven't had luck changing the name in the script. I tried escaping the space with a ' ' but that didn't work, either. For instance: Google Chrome

Chromium disabled Exensions on MAC on revision 33490:

# [r33490] Disabled extensions. (Issue: 29086)

read here:

what we can do ?

Install older version:

use the script in this article.
( i used this exec: exec /Applications/ --enable-extensions --enable-user-scripts ) Instagram app for mac 2018.

drag the 'AdSweep.crx' from in the browser window.

look at chrome://extensions/

now the Chrome Browser is usable !

Thanks to mameso for this info !

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Terminal Mode Mac

for AdThwart: download the source from and extract the zip and use 'Pack extension' on chrome://extensions/

App Mode Windows 10

I hear extensions will be enabled for Mac's Chrome soon, so this is just a stop-gap but try this:
1) Go here:
2) Drag the Enable Extensions bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar
3) Go to Google's extensions gallery:
4) When you get to the main page of an extension you want to install, click the bookmarklet. It will enable the blue INSTALL button
5) You can figure out the rest..
Note that I've only tested this in build 34084.

Another way: 1) Download developer build Index of /buildbot/snapshots/chromium-rel-mac 2) And use Google Chrome Extensions If you want disable automatic spelling check: 1) Open ~/Library/Application Support/Chromium/Default/Preference 2) And put inserted lines:

Rather than trying to change the script, try renaming the app to which worked for me. Then if you want, change it back to Google

How do I save this script in Terminal as Rob G directs?

Chrome App Window

# Patches the Google Chrome application installation with command line arguments to enable extensions.
set -o errexit
cat >$app/Contents/MacOS/Chrome.wrapper <<EOF
exec $app/Contents/MacOS/Google Chrome --enable-extensions '$@'
chmod 755 $app/Contents/MacOS/Chrome.wrapper
defaults write $app/Contents/Info CFBundleExecutable Chrome.wrapper
to get this working correctly under google chrome use this code and place it as a text file in the shared /Users/Shared/ folder with Smultron
now set it as executable, I used batchmod for this, and using batchmod again check that the ownership of google chrome app is set to an admin
As I use a separate account for admin duties (as everyone should do) so unless your logged in as such, go to step one. if you are, go to step 3
1. login 'adminname' enter
2. password enter
3. drag the script file into the window. enter
job done. I would keep this here for convenience as future updates will overwrite the changes it has made. As an added bonus if you want to add more flags in the future, open the chrome.wrapper in the google chrome/contents/mac os/ folder in smultron add the flags, save and authenticate.

Windows 10 Default App Mode

this is broken as of 5.0.307.9 beta I have no idea why it isn't working as the flags still work if used via terminal

When I try to save this in Applescript editor it tells me 'A identifier can't go after this identifier.' and it highlights 'o errexit' from the 3rd line.
Help anyone? I'm a code noob.