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On the Internet these days, the best way to react to things is to use GIFs. You know, those reaction GIFs for your 'OMG,' 'LOL,' and even 'WTF?!?' moments. And while you could just search Google for those GIFs each time you need them, it's actually easier to have a GIF app on your iPhone or iPad so you can browse and save your favorites in your very own repertoire, ready-to-go when you need a GIF to show your love, admiration, disgust, excitement, or whatever other reaction to something you see on the web. Some of them even let you create your very own GIFs, in case you want something more personalized for you. Here are some of the best GIF apps available on the App Store for all of your GIF-ing needs!

Here you can use up to 50 images to create a single GIF. The app has a GIF collage feature enabling you to collage up to nine photos. A video can run up to 25 seconds in this app. People have reported frequent crashing of the app. Supported formats: All formats.


One of the best apps for GIFs on iOS is GIPHY, hands down. With GIPHY, you are getting access to the world's largest library of animated GIFs and stickers, and the app itself is blazing fast.

With GIPHY, GIFs autoplay as you browse, making it easy to find what you want to use at a glance. However, if you're on a poor connection, the autoplay feature can be turned off. GIPHY allows users to search the library with keywords or even emojis, because why not? You'll get results instantly, and GIPHY covers pretty much everything you could ever need, from popular pop culture to more obscure references, it's all here. And if you want to make your own GIFs, GIPHY features the built-in GIPHY Cam that lets you shoot your own GIFs with your camera.

Once you have the GIFs you want, you can save them to your Camera Roll or copy them to the device clipboard. You can share your GIFs through text, email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever else. You also get the GIPHY Keyboard, letting you search for GIFs from any app, and there is an iMessage extension as well.


Want to add a dash of personalization to your GIFs? Then GIF X - Best GIF Video Maker is a great option to consider.

WIth GIF X, you can browse and download unlimited GIFs from GIPHY, or you can import from your own Camera Roll. You can customize your GIFs by changing various elements, such as opacity, size, and even masking out specific areas of the GIF. Even another GIF can be added as a layer to your GIF, because 'yo dawg, we heard you like GIFs so we added a GIF on top of your GIF!' Need some audio for the final touches? GIF X lets you add music to really bring it all together. Your final customized GIF can be saved as a GIF or movie, and then you're able to share it with all of your family and friends. If you want some inspiration, GIF X also has a section of featured GIFs from the community.


If you're a GIF connoisseur, then GIFWrapped is the app for you.

GIFWrapped is the app that helps you create and access your very own GIF collection that also syncs across multiple devices via iCloud or Dropbox. Searching in GIFWrapped is simple and fast, as it's all powered with GIPHY. You can save your favorites for quick access whenever you need them, and GIFWrapped allows you to drag and drop batches of GIFs to and from the app. Yes, that's right! GIFWrapped lets you even import your own GIFs from your Photo Library, and this works for Burst and Live Photos.

GIFWrapped is free to download and use, but there is also a Premium subscription available for $3.50 a year. This removes ads, lets you bookmark searches, reuse and recycle search history, turn off embedded watermarks in new GIFs from Burst and Live photos, and more.


Do you take a lot of Burst Photos because you're trying to get the perfect action shot? Then you should consider turning them into GIFs, and Burstio does just that.

With Burstio, it will automatically detect Burst Photos in your Camera Roll. Once you import them into Burstio, the app will play the sequence as a video. You can then trim the sequence to your preferred frames, set the playback speed (slow down or increase frame rate), and change the playback direction (forward, reversed, back and forth). When you're done with your creation, just export it at either a video or GIF to your Photo Library, and then share it with friends and family. It's simple and intuitive to use!


Gboard is the Google Keyboard, and while it can do a lot of things, one of the best aspects of it is the instant access to GIFs. Because GIFs are life.


With Gboard installed, you'll be able to call upon the power of Google no matter what app you're in. Just search for your reaction keyword, find the GIF you want, and then select it. The GIF gets copied into your clipboard, and you can simply paste it into your messages, emails, social networks, or whatever else. You can see the trending GIFs, what you've already seen, categories, and more. No matter what app you're in, you can simply bring up Google and search for the perfect GIF reaction.

GIF Keyboard

If you've seen GIFs on Facebook, they're either from GIPHY or Tenor. And GIF Keyboard comes directly from Tenor, so it's a pretty good tool to have around.

With GIF Keyboard, you will gain access to Tenor's GIF library right in your keyboard, accessible from anywhere. Search tens of millions of GIFs for the one that suits your reaction to something right now, and then tap on it so it gets copied to your clipboard. Then you can paste it in your messages, emails, or other apps and networks that let you paste in images. If you're browsing the web and find a GIF you want to save, you can with GIF Keyboard's share extension. GIF Keyboard also lets you favorite GIFs with a double tap for easy reference later, and you can customize GIF Keyboard with your top GIFs.

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Create Gif From Images Mac Apps

The iMessage app for GIF Keyboard allows you to access favorites, uploads, create stickers, capture your own GIFs, and everything syncs with the keyboard. It's a must for all GIF lovers!

GIFs, GIFs everywhere!

We love GIFs, and these apps help us find new and existing favorites, and keep everything together in one place. Heck, you can even make your own with some of these apps! What are your favorites for GIFs on your iPhone or iPad? Let us know in the comments!



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Create Gif From Images Mac Application

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