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The Geeetech Prusa I3 Pro C (Kit) is a desktop DIY 3D printer made by Geeetech, a manufacturer based in China. The Prusa I3 Pro C (Kit) features dual extruders. Geeetech Prusa I3 Pro C (Kit) price. The Geeetech Prusa I3 Pro C (Kit) is available at the manufacturer price of $340.

3D Printing

The Next Industrial Revolution
to rock the world

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  • * Good parents know how to spend quality parent-and- children time by involving their children in activities that are both educational and fun, that’ s why 3D printers are becoming the new favorite of modern families.

  • * Clever teaching teachers know how to light up his class by introducing 3D printer into classroom to encourage them to make their aids, science projects, crafts and much more, giving them openness to think originally and express their ideas in 3D printing.

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  • * Smart shop / restaurant owners knows how to impress their customers by giving away meaningful collections and souvenir for them made by 3D printer and attract more to come.

  • * innovative companies will start off new business models built on 3D printing, flourishing as a generation of innovators, hackers and “makers” take advantage of the capabilities of 3D printing to create new products or deliver services to the burgeoning 3D printer market.Come on and join the revolution of 3D printing.

  • * Creative designers of architecture can take advantage of this burgeoning 3D printing technology to produce more amazing and unthinkable works.

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