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Convert Quicken Interchange Format to Quicken for Mac financial data. We have found one software suitable in our database for this conversion. If any kind of qif to qdfm conversion is possible, it would be done with some version of Quicken for Mac, considering.qdfm files come from macOS / OS X version of this accounting software. Oct 23, 2019 Quicken Interchange Format - QIF files Quicken for Mac products older than 2007 are not supported for conversion; we recommend that you open a new data file in the latest version of Quicken, for stability.

'Quicken could open source the QFX file format and I'd be able to write my own conversion routine.'

That comment makes it clear that you do not know what you are talking about, and are not here to provide any help to the original poster.

'This isn't rocket science.'

No it certainly is not: but the QFX format is most definitely 'economic science'. The QFX format exists because Quicken wants to be paid for supporting downloads - which they deserve, since it costs them to provide such service.

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'I never thought I'd encounter a company still employing proprietary formats to hold customers data hostage in 2019'.

And you are not encountering one here.

QFX is not a 'proprietary format' (see below); and you're not a 'hostage' (you can leave anytime and take your data with you, to many other personal financial software products). Try sticking to the facts.

'A proprietary format is a file format of a company, organization, or individual that contains data that is ordered and stored according to a particular encoding-scheme, designed by the company or organization to be SECRET.' [Emphasis added]

There is nothing SECRET about the QFX format; which is proven by the fact that there is software out there (software not owned or controlled by Intuit or Quicken) that will convert non-QFX data to QFX data.

In fact, QFX data is 100% compatible with the OFX specs; which can be easily proven by importing a QFX file (with its Windows extension changed to .OFX) into MS Money or any other product that 'only' imports .OFX data.

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1st Method: Open it in another program.

Software To Open Qif File On Mac Free

When you double-click QIF files, your computer attempts to open it in a program associated with QIF files. If there’s no program associated with QIF files on your computer, the file won’t open. To open the file, download one of the most popular programs associated with QIF files such as DESQview Compressed Font Archive, Quicken Interchange Format, or QuickTime Image.

2nd Method: Take a hint from the file type.

The QIF file extension usually indicates it's under the umbrella of Data Files. However, if it’s another file type, it might not open with one of the programs listed above. Take the following steps to find the file type:

  1. Right-click the file.
  2. Click “Properties” (Windows) or “More Info” (Mac).
  3. Locate the file type under either “Type of File” (Windows) or “Kind” (Mac).
Software To Open Qif File On Mac

3rd Method: Check with the developer.

So you’ve tried using a different program, you’ve confirmed the file type, and your QIF file still won’t open. Even if these methods were unsuccessful, you might still be able to reach out to a software developer for help. Use the chart below to find the developer for each of the programs mentioned above and contact them directly for assistance.

SoftwareDeveloped By
DESQview Compressed Font ArchiveSymantec Corporation
Quicken Interchange FormatIntuit Inc.
QuickTime ImageApple Inc.

Software To Open Qif File On Mac Pro

4th Method: Open it in a universal file viewer.

If the developer isn’t able to help, a universal file viewer probably can. File Magic (Download) and similar programs are designed to open a wide variety of file formats, including QIF files. Some aren’t compatible and will only open in binary. Download File Magic now to open you QIF and hundreds of other file types with one program!

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Qif File Format

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