Windows Lumia Software For Mac

We like using Windows operating system on our computer for its simplicity and ease. The same user friendly features can be found on Windows smart phones. Nokia is one of the oldest mobile companies that produces smartphones with Windows OS. Their range of Lumia mobiles are selling like hot cakes in the market. With a wide budget range, Lumia category has Windows smartphones for every kind of person. You can carry out various tasks like browsing net, using apps and messaging services, playing and emailing using Windows features.

23 hours ago  Panasonic Announces the Release of Firmware Update Programs for LUMIX G Series Cameras, 'LUMIX Streaming (Beta)' for Mac and the Development of 'LUMIX Webcam Software' for Windows/Mac News provided. Before you do anything else, you’ll need to download and install Windows Phone App for Mac. It’s a great utility that allows your Lumia to talk to your Mac, offering a variety of software syncing options, which we’ll delve into, and the ability to browse your Lumia for individual files. Talking to iTunes. Whether you’d like to use Windows for the apps, to play a PC game, or to run professional software that is not Mac compatible, Windows 10 for Mac computers will provide you with everything you need. Gone are the days of being tied to one Operating System based on whether it’s a Mac or PC. With Windows 10, we’ve got you covered.

It makes perfect sense if anyone wants to gain control of their phone using their Windows and Mac PC. This can be done by installing a program called PC Suite from the internet. You will need it to sync and move files between your phone and PC. Various functions of the phone like calling, texts can also be controlled by some of such programs. It can manage your phone and take necessary backup when required. In this article we will talk about 2 PC Suite for Lumia that you can use.

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Part 1: Free Download PC Suite for Nokia Lumia

It is the default PC Suite for Nokia Lumia phones. Using this you can quickly connect your Lumia phone and PC. Then you can synchronize information of applications like Windows Outlook and office, transfer files, update phone software and get trending apps. Information about the phone can be viewed after it is connection is established. The tasks are laid out as icons for easy access. It is even able to edit calendar and task list. The Lumia phone can be used as a modem to connect the PC to internet. Visit this website to download Lumia PC Suite.

Main features

Mac Software For Windows 10

  • The connection between PC and Lumia phone can be made through cable and Bluetooth.
  • The programs feels like using any other Windows application. User friendliness and simplicity of Windows is present in it.
  • It has the ability to restore and backup profiles.
  • It supports a wide range of Lumia phones.
  • Helpful Wizard feature that provides step by step guide to install and sync your phone.

Part 2:The Alternative Mobile Phone PC Suite for Nokia

Wondershare MobileGo

This PC Suite for Lumia from Wondershare is the best way of hooking up your smartphone with PC. Wondershare MobileGo PC Suite is a multi application power tool which gives access to everything on your phone. Like Nokia Lumia PC Suite it can transfer and create backup of files and contacts, manage photos, videos and messages and edit phonebook. But it does the job in a more efficient manner. Beside this you can also use the countless features of Mobilego to handle your phone.

Unique Functions and Features

Windows Lumia Software For Mac

Take backup in one click

This PC Suite is a comprehensive application which efficiently manages your phone data. The ability to take backup with one click of the mouse is a revolutionary feature. It controls everything like necessary apps, contact list and audio and video files. You don't have to attend to each app separately. It can batch install or uninstall multiple apps at one go.

Easy way to synchronize

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Windows Lumia Software For Mac Windows 7

Mobilego PC Suite gives the option of using Wifi, USB and Bluetooth for hassle free syncing of PC and Lumia phone. The program provides essential information about the phone like system RAM, processor details and appearance settings once the connection is secured. It also shows space taken up by applications separately under headings like pictures, music, videos and apps. You can also view the free space on internal storage and SD card.

Tools to improve mobile performance

You can better the performance of your Lumia phone using the performance optimization tools in the PC Suite. System RAM can be freed by using the RAM boost widget on the home screen. It increases the phone speed by deleting unnecessary junk files, clearing cache and getting rid of unwanted background processes.

Amd radeon software for mac. Inbuilt File converter

Sometime we encounter problems while transferring files and using them due to unsupported file formats. Mobilego takes care of this by offering a built in file converter. It can convert audio and video files to other formats which can be used Mac or your Windows phone. It enables you to interchange formats between Windows, iOS, Blackberry and Android.

App Mirror to run your apps on PC

The special App mirror feature makes all the apps operational on your computer. You can play Lumia phones games right on your PC and use Whatsapp too.

Advanced features

Data Erase

This feature helps you to erase all data like contacts, messages, chat history and personal information in case you want to sell or discard your phone. The data cannot be retrieved using any software.

Data recovery

Worry no more if you have deleted or formatted your phone. This advanced option recovers the lost data and contacts, call history, Whatsapp history, photos and multimedia files.


Part 3: Which PC Suite is better?

We believe that you have already made up your mind. It is Wondershare Mobilego which tops the list in our preference. Lumia PC Suite is useful for basic transfer and sync. But Mobilego is far advanced with its unique offerings like App Mirror, One click restore and backup and Mobile pros section where users share FAQ and troubleshooting tips. It is almost bug free and works like a charm. So go ahead and get Mobilego on your computer!

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  • One click to download, manage, import & export, transfer your music, photos and videos.
  • De-duplicate contacts, switch devices, manage your app collection, backup & restore and send messages from your desktop
  • Mirror your android device to send messages, and play Android games on your computer
  • Transfer Files among your mobile devices without limit
  • Optimze your device on the go with the MobileGo app.