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- Is there a way to enhance video quality?

- Can I change video resolution after shooting to enhance video experience?

- ..

You might wish to improve video quality from various aspects like resolution, audio, sound, etc. according to your own specific needs. However, the facts have proved that lots of users cannot find an effective way to improve the quality of a video for viewing, uploading or sharing. If you're also troubled by this issue, you can end your step here because this post is going to teach you an effective way to enhance volume, resolution, sound, elements, etc. on video.


The advanced?

5 different video quality enhancer are analyzed and listed in this post. You can compare them and pick up the best one to enhance video quality on Windows or Mac computer.

Now, let's get started..

  • Part 1. Filmora Video Editor - Best Way to Improve Quality of A Video[Recommended]
  • Part 2. 4 Video Enhancer Alternatives for Beginners and Professionals[Free & Paid]

Filmora Video Editor - How to Enhance Video Quality from Different Aspects

You have the best choice for enhancing your video with ease once this software is among your top choices. With Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac), you will be up to enjoying some of the best and advanced editing tools as well as features that any software program can have. It will help to transform your video into a real masterwork with varied editing tools like rotating, cropping, cutting, etc. If you want to enhance your video with effects, Filmora Video Editor also has eye-catching options like filters and effects as well as transitions and intros/credits.

Let's have a brief look on the main features of this Filmora Video Enhancer Software:

Free Mac Cleaning Software 2019
  • You can import video, photo and audio in any format and support to export 4K video for making high resolution video.
  • You can change video resolution, adjust video volume, mute or detach audio from a video, mix audio, color correct video, etc. by using Filmora's built in basic or advanced editing skills.
  • You can choose form 1000+ video effects to make wonderful videos.
  • Directly save video to popular format, devices, video sites.

Free Mac Cleaning Software 2019

[Tutorial] How to Improve Video Quality with Filmora Video Enhancer?

Generally speaking, Filmora Video Enhancer allows you to enhance a video quality through different aspects. You can adjust factors like brightness, volume, contrast, 3D LUT, etc. to make a high-quality video.

Now, let's check the detailed steps as follows:

Step 1. Download, install and launch Filmora Video Enhancement Software on your Windows or Mac computer. Then directly enter the video editing window, and click 'Import Media Files Here' to load the video you want to improve into the program.

Step 2. Drag and drop the video into the timeline, then it's time to start your video improving process. This program can works as:

- Video Enhancer

To create an awesome video, you need to make sure the video's contrast, brightness, tint, saturation, etc. have the right or ideal value. So, Filmora Video Enhancer allows you to adjust a video's contrast, saturation, brightness, speed, etc. to apply 3D LUT effect to your video to meet your demands.

If you don't want to change these factors one by one, you can tick the option of 'Auto enhance' to perform an automatic video enhancement.

- Video Audio Enhancer

Too much noise in the recorded video? Or want to change a background music? Take it easy, Filmora Video Editor help you to mute video, detach audio from a video, change background music, equalize audio, or set fade in or fade out effect in the audio.

- Video Sound Enhancer

Want to make video louder? Or want to create a sound mixing effect? Well, Filmora Video Enhancement software's Audio Mixer can help you reach the goal. And you can also apply the built-in sound effect to your video as you like.

- Video Effects Enhancer

As one of the most important features, Filmora Video Editor provide users with 500+ built-in effects, including music, text, transitions, filters, overlays, elements, etc. With these effects, you can create a customized video in the shortest time. And if you want get more personalized effects, Filmora's Effects Store provide you more options.

Best Free Mac Cleaner Software 2019

- Video Resolution Enhancer

If you want to change the video's resolution, or want to get a high-quality video than the original video, you can change the settings by click 'Export' > 'Settings' button.

4 Advanced Video Enhancer Alternatives for Beginners and Professionals

#1: Windows Movie Maker

You will like the video enhancement work done by Windows Movie Maker. Apart from enhancing, you can come up with your new video from this software program and have them published on sites like YouTube. Use the program to import videos as well as edit them with ease. The many effects and transitions available with this software make it well suited for enhancement. Titles are animated with texts to make them catchy with an additional feature of picture-in-picture.

#2: Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is another of the effective video enhancer software programs that you cannot disregard when enhancing your video. It comes in very many versions from which you will have the freedom of choosing a suitable one to use. Pinnacle Studio has stability, speed and responsiveness that very many programs miss. It is the right choice for you in case your target is a faster and creative program. Thousands of transitions and effects are offered so you will never fall short of options for enhancing your video.

#3: Avidemux

You will enjoy multithreading in both decoding and encoding when using Avidemux to enhance your video. That is its biggest advantage coupled by its support for multiple file formats including FLV, MKV, AVI, WMV, MOV, OGM, MPEG and MP4. You don't have to worry about compatibility. Sit down, relax and your video will attain the highest levels of quality and appearance with Avidemux.

#4: Adobe Premiere

Getdataback recovery software for mac. You must use the timeline when enhancing your video with Adobe Premiere video enhancer software. It has support for high resolution videos editing so don't fear enhancing yours regardless of its resolution. Consider using the after effects of Adobe Premier as they have been proven good for video enhancement. The Photoshop feature is another one that makes editing on Adobe Premier easy.

Now, It's Your Turn!

After viewing 5 advanced video enhancement software, which one are you ready to try first?

In my opinion:

Filmora Video Editor could be the top 1 video enhancer that worth to try. Because it can help users to enhance a video quality from almost all aspects you want to. And the built-in editing design help you to apply the effect at seconds. So this program is fully compatible with beginners and semi-professionals.

Be an advanced video editor? If your editing needs is complicated and professional, Adobe video editor could be a nice choice for you.

Free Mac Cleaning Software

Anyway, you can click the below icon to get the Filmora Video Editor or Filmora Video Editor for Mac for a free trial. After that, you might can end your searching here.

Real Free Mac Cleaning Software 2019

If you have more suggestions, welcome to leave a comment in the below comment section.

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